Kamen Rider: Gamer Warrior
Number 27
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Excite(Kamen Rider: Ex-Aid theme)
Adapted from:

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Original airing: ?
Producer: Adness Entertainment
Toei Company
Production Order

Kamen Rider: Phantom Warrior


Kamen Rider: X Changes

Kamen Rider: Gamer Warrior is an American adaption of the Japanese tokusatsu Series Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, the twenty-seven installment of the Kamen Rider Series.


Dr. Ken Scorpion is a young man who became a doctor working at this hospital and was sent to our patient turned into a virus by the game program called the orange viruses, also described as gambling disease as a type of computer virus.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Gamer Warrior Ken Scorpion
Kamen Rider Excalibur Hugh Roth
Kamen Rider Sniper Luis Woods
Kamen Rider Cycle Ross Raider
Kamen Rider Game Combatant Dan Tarko
Kamen Rider Game Combatant Level X Zombie Combatants
Kamen Rider Enigma
Kamen Rider Rose Crisis Rose
Kamen Rider Chronicle Gem
Kamen Rider Heroic Excalibur Hugh Roth (Virtual World)
Kamen Rider Shinobi
Kamen Rider Shinobi
Kamen Rider Another Enigma
Another Enigma


Player‑Rider Player Riders
Player‑Rider Nico Nia Oliver

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Legend Riders

Another Mystica II Cedric
Kamen Rider Spade Warrior Ray Agema
Kamen Rider OOO
Ethan Watanabe
Kamen Rider Quadronaut Guy Armstrong
Kamen Rider Ringzard Hunter Barrowman
Kamen Rider Armor Warrior Dylan Lavigne
Kamen Rider Baron Baron Tomsen
Kamen Rider Marika Emma Tao
Kamen Rider Drive Dash Roberts
Kamen Rider Phantom Warrior Venk Tanner
Kamen Rider Phantasm Fighter Rey Fenton
Kamen Rider Dominate Fury Alan
Kamen Rider X Fusion
Nathan Curie
Kamen Rider Cross Flare Zev
Kamen Rider Time Traveler
Zeke Katano
Kamen Rider Time Omega
Cade Hirano
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