Kamen Rider 10 Years is adapted from Kamen Rider: Decade. It is made by Toonz Entertainment.


Crazy things are going on. A photographer, Chuck Yuou, one day is hired by Yuou Studios, where he became a photographer. But one night, when thunder was happening, Chuck dreamed of all Kamen Riders fighting, it was strange because he was a Kamen Rider called Kamen Rider 10 Years. And his photo taker isn't a regular one, it makes him transform into Kamen Rider 10 Years. Now he has to go to different worlds of the Kamen Riders to stop a villain named Maluiyougupi.


Yuou Studios

Chuck Yuou

Chuck Yuou is a memoryless man, but remembers stuff of Yuou Studios and his father. As a photographer, nothing goes right until he becomes Kamen Rider 10 Years.

Chuck Yuou is played by Jerry Trainor .

Clare Knight

Clare Knight is a worker at Yuou Studios. She believes that there are such things as Kamen Riders. When she hears that the world's under attack, she takes Chuck on a journey.

Clare Knight is played by Jamie Lynn Spears.


  1. Battle of the Riders
    • The beginning.
  2. Scropian's World
    • Chuck meets Kamen Rider Scropia.
  3. Transformation
  4. Second Try, Kamen Rider Bat
    • 10 Years travels to Bat's World.
  5. A Vampire's Decisions
  6. Dragon Knight's World
    • Kamen Rider 10 Years battles Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. A new rider, Kamen Rider Hole, comes.
  7. Wing Knight's Trick
  8. Blade Dangerous
    • 10 Years and eNd fights Kamen Rider Ninja.
  9. The Blade Battlefield
  10. Kamen Rider Electric's High School Phantom
  11. ReSearchers and a Treasure
  12. Project Adventurer
  13. Tornado
  14. Red Restart
  15. A New Battle
  16. Beetle Ruckus
  17. Grandma's Challenge
  18. Unknown Ninja
  19. End
  20. Dark Riders
  21. A New Rider-Record
  22. Wanted: eNd
  23. End of eNd
  24. Arrival of Samurai Strike, Part 1
  25. Arrival of Samurai Strike, Part 2
  26. Masked Rider's Attack
  28. Africa, Friend!
  29. Unknown Reasons
  30. End of the Battle
  31. Protect
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