Kamen Rider Descend (仮面ライダーデセンド, Kamen Raidā Desendo), also known as Kamen Rider: The Next Decade, is a fanfic of the Kamen Rider Series. It's the sequel to Kamen Rider Decade. Its catchphrase is "Another generation, another destiny."


The Second Rider War is occuring, & Takuya Kadoya, the grandson of Tsukasa Kadoya, was chosen to be the next Kamen Rider Decade to end the war. However, someone has stolen some of the Decade Gear, so he creates brand new gear. Now Takuya will travel to all nine worlds as Kamen Rider Descend, The Next Decade!



Kamen Rider Descend.jpg

Kamen Rider Descend Takuya Kadoya
Kamen Rider Destroy ???


  • Descend Driver - Descend's henshin belt. It's similar to Kamen Rider Decade's belt
  • Descrossbow - A crossbow weapon that's formed from the Descalibur & Desniper.
    • Descalibur - A sword that's used by Kamen Rider Descend.
    • Desniper - A handgun/sniper that's used by Kamen Rider Descend.
  • Ride Booker
  • Rider Cards
  • Machine Descender - Descend's personal Honda DN-01 motorcycle.
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