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Kayla Margaret The Hedgehog Is An Hedgehog With Wolf Blood And Is An Genie

Kayla's Training

Kayla The Hedgehog Who Was In Training In The Chibi Fighter's Dojo Inside Their Base She Picked Up New Elemental Powers And Abilities Such As Fire, Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning, Thunder And Electricity And She Has Those Elemental Shields

Getting An Urgent Call

Kayla Who Was Just Inside Her House Watching TV Until She Got An Urgent Call From Jonathan That Ivanna Robotina Had Been Beaten But Robotnik And His Forces Showed Up On Mobius Terrorizing It's Citizens Kayla Sprang Into Action She Put On Her Pink Outfit With Gold Armbands, Belt, Legbands And Pink And Yellow Shoes And Sped Off

Stopping Robotnik

Kayla And Jonathan Who Were Forced To Take On Robotnik's Death Egg Robot Jonathan Destroyed It In Five Seconds Kayla Then Grants Jonathan 3 Wishes One Of Them Being Her Being His Personal Genie To Which She Was Excited About


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Friends And Residents (Luna Zone)

Sally Moon-Sally Is The Commander And Leader Of The Chibi Fighters

Chibi Rose

Chibi Becky The Hedgehog

Chibi Venus The Hedgehog

Chibi Darcy The Hedgehog

Chibi Amy Rose

Chibi Jessica The Hedgehog

Chibi Esmee The Hedgehog

Chibi Skye The Hedgehog

Chibi Blaze The Cat

Chibi Classic Amy Rose

Veronique Flower Amy (Amy's Alter-Ego)

Chibi Rosy The Rascal

Chibi Agent Amy Rose

Kirsten The Hedgehog (She Is Affiliated With The Chibi Fighters)

Michelle The Hedgehog (She Is Also Affiliated With The Chibi Fighters)

Speedla The Hedgehog (Newest Member)

Kayla The Hedgehog-She Is White She Wears An Black Tanktop Which Shows Her Big Boobs And Stomach And Wears Black Jeans And Black Speed Shoes Her Hair Is Of That Of Shade's She Is Also Jonathan's Genie