Fan Fiction


The film opens with Liz Arbour and her best friend Molly Jones walking down a road as Molly attempts to hide and prank a jock (Rod Hudson) she gets caught on a barbwire fence and is electrocuted when a guy wearing a death eater mask turns on the power.

The following day Kirk Thomas and his wife Meredith argue with Lynn Hayron. The killer cuts a chandelier and it falls on Meredith. Kirk and Lynn try to run but both their throats are slit.

Rod and Liz are called and warned to run. Kirby Mason, Julie Harper and Crista Jennings are invited to a party held by their boyfriend Toby Jacques, in the party Crista is repeatedly shot by the killer using arrows. Liz arrives just in time to save Kirby from being killed but Julie is beaten to death. Rod and Toby argue who the killer is.

News reporter Cynthia Parker and her assistant Kenny Champers are attacked by the killer but they escape. Rod, Toby and Liz attack the killer who shots Toby,Kenny and Kirby with a shotgun. The killer escapes.

Samantha Jolie is at a subway station and is almost killed but the killer pushes Cynthia onto the cable and is hit by the train. He also kills Rod by impaling him on the glass of the vending machine. Samantha thinks Rod is alive though and tries to save him but the killer snaps her neck. Liz beats the killer and assumes he is dead but he jumps up and shoots her anyway.


Molly Jones-Deceased

Samantha Jolie-Deceased

Kenny Champers-Deceased

Cynthia Parker-Deceased

Kirby Mason-Deceased

Toby Jacques-Deceased

Julie Harper-Deceased

Crista Jennings-Deceased

Kirk Thomas-Deceased

Meredith Thomas-Deceased

Lynn Hayron-Deceased

Liz Arbour-Deceased