Kim Possible: The Supreme Dragon Queen of The 10 Commandments is a fan fictional story based on Kim Possible.

it is also a crossover series with High School Evangelion DxD, Neo Sailor Moon, Ghost In The Shell, Looney Tunes Zero, Transformers, Kingdom Hearts, Digimon Fusion Kai, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Pretty Cure, Jackie Chan Adventures, Bayonetta, Naruto, American Dragon: Jake Long & Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

Kim wields The 10 Commandments Sword from Rave Master.

The 10 Commandments Sword is a High Tier Longinus, Rivaling The True Longinus, it also houses The Spirit of The Supreme King: King Haiku.


Team Possible

  • Kim Possible
  • Ron Stoppable
  • Rufus
  • Wade
  • Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze
  • Prince Haiku
  • Princess Mizuki


Fallen Angels



Sector 9

Neo Soldiers


Sonic Heroes

Pretty Cures

Digi Destined

Holy Knights


Section 13 & The J-Team


  • Prince Haiku & Princess Mizuki are sent by The Dragon Council and their parents to watch over and protect Kim from the forces of darkness.
  • Naruto is trained from the Yamanouchi School as a ninja, he is a member of Team Possible as their martial arts expert.
  • Prince Haiku & Princess Mizuki's dragon forms are more powerful than all other dragons.
  • Princess Mizuki & Prince Haiku's mother is a legendary wizard. Mizuki is a all powerful wizard, her magic is as powerful as her mother's.
  • Haiku and Mizuki are the greatest influences to all young dragons, inspiring many dragons to take their training seriously, even Jake and Haley.
  • Haiku and Mizuki are legendary Dragon Masters, because they mastered their powers at a young age.
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