Kinetic Neon Genesis Sailor Neo Moon Ancient Titan Bestial God Emperor / Infinity Zodiac Celestial Divine Galaxy Star Millennium / Supreme Holy Dragon King God Emperor Imperial Xi-Storm: Legendary Pretty Guardians of The Holy Light & Chaotic Darkness is a fan fictional multi crossover series.

  • This is also a rseries remake of Sailor Moon.
  • The Neo Soldiers, Infinity Scouts, Zodiac Sailors, Deity Sailors, Celestial Sailors, & The Legendary Sailors are the main heroines.
  • Kagome Higrurashi is Queen Serenity's eldest daughter & Princess Serenity's older sister.
  • the Sailors mentioned above have survived the Fall of The Silver Millennium.
  • Kagome is the leader of The Infinity Scouts as Sailor Cosmos. Sango & Kikyou are members of The Infinity Scouts.
  • Sailor Galaxia is one of The Infinity Scouts who are also The Grand Council for The Sailor Soldier Universe.
  • Sailor Chaos is not evil, she is one of the 3 Divine Entity Sailor Soldiers along with her sisters Sailor Order & Sailor Void.
  • The canon Sailor Scouts are nobles of their planets, they are under the leadership of Sailor Dark Sun & are called The Dark Scouts.


Sailor Soldiers

Divine 3 / Universal Sailor Entities / Sailor Goddesses

Neo Soldiers / True Heirs of The Silver Millennium

Infinity Scouts / Grand High Council

Zodiac Sailors

Celestial Soldiers

Deity Sailors


Primes / Prime Leaders







Pretty Cures

Max Heart

  • Cure Black
  • Cure White
  • Shiny Luminous

Splash Star

  • Cure Bloom
  • Cure Egret

Pretty Cure 5

  • Cure Dream
  • Cure Rouge
  • Cure Lemonade
  • Cure Mint
  • Cure Aqua
  • Milky Rose

Fresh Pretty Cure

  • Cure Peach
  • Cure Berry
  • Cure Pine
  • Cure Passion

Heartcatch Pretty Cure

  • Cure Blossom
  • Cure Marine
  • Cure Sunshine
  • Cure Moonlight

Suite Pretty Cure

  • Cure Melody
  • Cure Rhythm
  • Cure Beat
  • Cure Muse

Smile Pretty Cure

  • Cure Happy
  • Cure Sunny
  • Cure Peace
  • Cure March
  • Cure Beauty

Doki Doki Pretty Cure

  • Cure Heart
  • Cure Diamond
  • Cure Rosetta
  • Cure Sword
  • Cure Ace

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure

  • Cure Lovely
  • Cure Princess
  • Cure Honey
  • Cure Fortune

Battle Brawlers

Digi Destined

Holy Knights / Protectors of Looney Tune Kingdom

Keyblade Guardians / Light Guardians


Winx Club

Sonic Heroes / Sonic Team

Section 13 & The J-Team



Fallen Angels


Mythological Deities / Mythological Gods


T.S.A.B. / Time Space Administration Bureau

Extra Info

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