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Kingdom Hearts, Part One: Turnabout Intruder is the sixth official story in author William Raymer's Chipmunk Tour Saga series of stories (and the first installment in the three-part series-ending Kingdom Hearts trilogy). Writing on this story began and ended in 2009.

It is a cross-over between Alvin and the Chipmunks and the on-going television series NCIS.

The final scene of the story, which leads directly into the first scene of Kingdom Hearts, Part Two: What You Leave Behind, was inspired by the crash of the saucer section of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D in the motion picture Star Trek Generations.


The story begins with an alternate version of the final scene of More Than Meets The Eye: Rebecca Hawkins observing a break-in in a building across the street from the hotel the staff of the "Chipmunk Adventure 20th Anniversary Tour" is staying at before their Washington, D.C. tour stop.

The next morning, agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service speak to both Alvin Seville and Rebecca-we here learn that a Marine Corps Chief Petty Officer was murdered during the break-in. An object was stolen during the incident: a sliver of an object known as the All Spark.

NCIS' Major Case Response Team is placed on detached assignment to assist the Toon Force Rangers in their own investigation. A lead on the culprit behind the break-in is discovered, leading the MCRT to leave the Astro MegaShip, leaving two of its members on board.

Suddenly, out in space, the United Galactic Federation Starship Enterprise is attacked and destroyed-but not before two crewmembers escape. They are later rescued by the Tour staff. However, they too are subsequently attacked by Galvatron, a servant of the evil Unicron.

The Tour staff evacuates to the Astro MegaShuttle and escape from the MegaShip's remains just before they explode. However, the shock wave sends the MegaShuttle into the atmosphere of a nearby and unknown planet.


And the Saga continues...

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  • Sora: Let's seal this world's darlkness before the Hartless take over. Excuse me. Hey. Have of you any seen the big keyhole around here?
  • Zack: No. But, we did find out who Cody has a crush on.
  • Sora: What was that? What's going on?
  • Raven: Hold up, ya. I'm having a vision. If we help those weirdos find their keyhole, they'll show us how to sneak in to Hannah Montana's concert. Badda bing baba boo yeah.
  • Cody: Perfect. That plan is?
  • Zack, Cody and Raven: So Raven!
  • Sora: What is it funny? Who's laughing? Why's there laughter?
  • Zack: Hey. (Shoes them the Keyhole) It's this the keyhole you'll need it?
  • Sora: Where did you get that?
  • Zack: At the food court? What do you guys think? Bling or bling-bling. If you'll guys help us sneak into the concert. Maybe I'll let you...
  • Goofy: Holy shit.
  • Sora: Just go!

Chipmunk Tour Trivia[]

For reasons similar to chapters 5 and 6 of Ohana, Interrupted and the majority of Wildcat Spirits Forever!, Chapters 3 through 6 of Kingdom Hearts, Part One: Turnabout Intruder were edited in 2009. This was because William Raymer had severed all ties to actress-singer-songwriter Joanna Pacitti following Pacitti's disqualification from the reality television series American Idol.

Pacitti was replaced by Kylie Styles, a character from the television series Power Rangers: DinoThunder.

Pacitti is in the process of reinstatement to the Chipmunk Tour Saga-William Raymer is re-editing the C.T.S. stories for The Seville Library, a repository for Alvin and the Chipmunks fan fiction.

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