Kingdom Hearts UXP Infinite Galaxy Storm: The Legendary Keybalde Civil War Between Light & Darkness, Battle For True Peace or Absolute Supremacy- Fight For The Future Of All Worlds is a fan fictional story base on Kingdom Hearts, Sailor Moon, & Transformers.

The story focuses on The Legendary Keyblade Civil War.

This is a massive semi-crossover series


Keyblade Order Of All Worlds / Grand Council Of All Worlds

Head Masters / Grand Masters

  • Xehart Light
  • Selean Licht

Keyblade Masters

  • Master Yen Sid
  • Master Eraqus
  • King Mickey
  • Master Aqua
  • Master Riku
  • Princess Miranda

Keyblade Warriors

  • Terra
  • Sora 
  • Ventus

Grand Coucil Of All Worlds

Worldy Allies


Sailor Senshi Civilization

Sonic Heroes


Justice League

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Digi-Destined / Digital Royal High Council

Time-Space Administration Bureau / T.S.A.B.


Televsion Shows


Video Games


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