Kingdom Imperial Revolutionary General Neo Sailor Moon Solar Grand Millennium DxD Extraterrestrial, Cybernetic & Supernatural Genesis Storm: The Legend of The Greatest Heroines in Existence, Rise of The New Grand Silver Millennium for All Galaxies is a fan fictional story.

This is deconstruction & reconstruction of The Sailor Moon anime.

The Sun Soldiers & The Neo Soldiers are the rulers of The Silver Millennium Moon Kingdom before The Fall.

Serena was The Queen of The Silver Millennium Moon Kingdom before The War against The Dark Kingdom.

The Sailor Team lives in Washington D.C.

The canon Sailor Scouts are nobles of their planets, they became The Dark Scouts and the cause of The Fall of The Silver Millennium Moon Kingdom.

The Sun Soldiers & The Neo Soldiers died in the war, but they were reborn into the 21st century .


The most powerful kingdom in all galaxies has fallen in a war against an great evil. The rulers have been reborn into a new time where humanity understands and accepts the supernatural. They must defend this peace while finding a way to return to their rightful place among the stars and creating a new kingdom that values the ideals of Truth, Freedom, Equality, Equity & Justice.

Sailor Team

Original Members

Sun Soldiers

  • Serena Gunshi / Neo Solar Sailor Moon
  • Kelly Gunshi / Neo Solar Sailor Sun
  • Miranda Gunshi / Neo Solar Sailor Solar
  • Ellie Gunshi / Neo Solar Sailor Sol
  • Jasmine Gunshi / Neo Solar Sailor Solaris

Neo Soldiers

  • Brandy Harrison / Neo Sailor Earth
  • Adina Bloomfield / Neo Sailor Mercury
  • Keiko Tomizawa / Neo Sailor Mars
  • Janelle Coughlan / Neo Sailor Jupiter
  • Marisol de Loneaz / Neo Sailor Venus
  • Charlie Fletcher / Neo Sailor Venus
  • Hannah Wesser / Neo Sailor Neptune
  • Wiona Purser / Neo Sailor Pluto
  • Dacry Rabasca / Neo Sailor Saturn
  • Natalie Duskstone / Neo Sailor Nemesis
  • Motoko Kusanagi / Neo Sailor Charon

New Members

  • Kida Nedkah / Neo Sailor Atlantis
  • Rachel Astarias / Neo Sailor Hyperion
  • Malitia Odindaughter / Neo Sailor Asgard
  • Kagome Higurashi / Neo Sailor Archangel
  • Rias Gremory / Neo Sailor Lilith
  • Medaka Kurokami / Neo Sailor Obzyuth
  • Lala Satalin Deviluke / Neo Sailor Deviluke
  • Molly Baker / Neo Sailor Nebula
  • Suguha Kiraguya / Neo Sailor Celestial
  • Kazarina Kamiki Jurai / Neo Sailor Jurai
  • Victoria Briefs / Neo Sailor Vegeta



Alternate Version

Kingdom Imperial Revolutionary Guardian & Destroyer Neo Sailor Moon Solar Extraterrestrial, Cybernetic, Spiritual & Supernatural DxD Online Trinity Storm: Awakening of The True Successors & Rise of The New Millennium For All Realms In Existence

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