Kingdom Neo Sailor Moon Solar Online Millennium Intergalactic, Supernatural & Cybernetic DxD Genesis Storm: The Legend of The Greatest Heroes & Heroines in The Universe, Rise of The New Grand Divine Cosmic Cybertron Millennium for All Worlds is a mega multicrossover story based on Sailor Moon and Sword Art Online.

Serena gets a massive personality change; She is super-intelligent, fearless, confident, responsible & a true leader.

Sailor Galaxia is not a villain in this story. She is still leader of The Shadow Galactica, but she does not have Chaos sealed inside her.

The is a remake of the entire Sailor Moon series with majoer alternations and additional crossover from other media.

Sailor Team

Sun Soldiers

  • Serena Gunshi / Neo Solar Sailor Moon
  • Kelly Gunshi / Neo Solar Sailor Sun
  • Miranda Gunshi / Neo Solar Sailor Solar
  • Ellie Gunshi / Neo Solar Sailor Sol
  • Jasmine Gunshi / Neo Solar Sailor Solaris

Neo Soldiers 

  • Brandy Hiarrison / Neo Sailor Earth
  • Adina Bloomfield / Neo Sailor Mercury
  • Keiko Tomizawa / Neo Sailor Mars
  • Janelle Coughlan / Neo Sailor Jupiter
  • Marisol de Loneaz / Neo Sailor Venus
  • Winona Purser / Neo Sailor Pluto
  • Charlie Fletcher / Neo Sailor Uranus
  • Hannah Wesser / Neo Sailor Neptune
  • Darcy Rabasca / Neo Sailor Saturn
  • Natalie Duskstone / Neo Sailor Nemesis
  • Motoko Kusanagi / Neo Sailor Charon
  • Molly Baker / Neo Sailor Nebula
  • Suguha Kiraguya / Neo Sailor Celestial
  • Queen Erza Scarlet / Neo Sailor Fiorenia
  • Kazarina Kamiki Jurai / Neo Sailor Jurai
  • Victoria Briefs / Neo Sailor Vegeta
  • Kagome Higurashi / Neo Sailor Archangel
  • Rias Gremory / Neo Sailor Lilith
  • Medaka Kurokami / Neo Sailor Obyzouth
  • Lyssaniya Odinson / Neo Sailor Asgard
  • Queen Astaria / Neo Sailor Hyperion
  • Queen Kida Nedkah / Neo Sailor Atlantis
  • Queen Galatea / Neo Sailor Titan
  • Sango Kurursaki / Neo Sailor Star
  • Kikyo Kyuri / Neo Sailor Andromeda
  • Ritsuko Akagi / Neo Sailor Infinity
  • Misato Katsuragi / Neo Sailor Zero
  • Lala Satalin Deviluke / Neo Sailor Deviluke
  • Satellizer L. Brdiget / Neo Sailor Genesis
  • Nora Prime / Neo Sailor Cybertron



  • The Gunshi Quintuplets, Motoko, Suguha shall become Valkyrie level Sailor Soldiers in this story.
  • Kikyo is the imperial princess of The Andromeda Galaxy during The Silver Millennium.
  • Nora Prime is the daughter of Optimus Prime & Elita One and the chosen of Primus.
  • Satellizer L. Bridget is the leader of The Legendary Pandora. She is infused with the Holy Stigmata from Mairia Lancelot.
  • Galatea is the ruler of Titan and The Older sister of Thanos.
  • Suguha Kiraguya is the cousin of The Quintuplets in this story.
  • Motoko Kusanagi is the aunt of The Quintuplets & Suguha Kiraguya in this story too.
  • Serena, Jasmine, Kelly, Miranda & Ellie are The nieces of Akihiko Kayaba.
  • Motoko & Suguha are Sovereign level Sailor Soldiers along with The Quintuplets.
  • Lyssaniya is the older sister of Thor & Loki and the crown princess of Asgard. 
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