Kingdom Royal Guardian Neo Sailor Moon Online Prime Imperialistic Mega Crystal Millennium Extraterrestrial, Supernatural, Spiritual & Cybernetic Generation DxD Revolutionary Tri Genesis: Legend of The Strongest & Most Powerful Warriors in All Existence is a fan fiction story remake of the sailor moon anime.

This i a complete deconstruction & reconstruction of Sailor Moon which the additions of excessive violence and crude humor.

The story begins with a alternate take on The fall of The Silver Millennium.

The Neo Soldiers are the sole survivors of the fall of The Silver Millennium.

This is also a multi-crossover story.

The Neo Soldiers are Princess Serenity's bodyguards and the true princesses of The Solar System.

Princess Serenity has a massive personality change after the fall of the Silver Millennium. She no longer believes in peace or sees the goodness in others.

Queen Nehelenia is a good guy and The Queen of The Moon Kingdom & The Silver Millennium

Sailor Galaixia is a good guy in this story too.


Sailor Team

Neo Soldiers

  • Princess Serenity / Neo Sailor Moon
  • Princess Solaria / Neo Sailor Sun
  • Princess Gaia / Neo Sailor Earth
  • Princess Elizabeth / Neo Sailor Mercury
  • Princess Hikari / Neo Sailor Mars
  • Princess Juno / Neo Sailor Jupiter
  • Princess Freya / Neo Sailor Venus
  • Princess Kalani / Neo Sailor Uranus
  • Princess Amphitrite / Neo Sailor Neptune
  • Princess Maraget / Neo Sailor Pluto
  • Princess Gothel / Neo Sailor Saturn
  • Princess Nyx / Neo Sailor Nemesis
  • Princess Yuna / Neo Sailor Charon
  • Kagome Higurashi / Neo Sailor Archangel
  • Rias Gremory / Neo Sailor Devil
  • Medaka Kurokami / Neo Sailor Fallen Angel
  • Kazarina Kamiki Jurai / Neo Sailor Jurai
  • Princess Vega / Neo Sailor Vegeta


Holy Knights

Soul Society


Fallen Angels



Mythological Deities

Deviluke Clan

Jurai Royal Family

Section 13 & The J-Team

Chosen Children / Digi Destined

Keyblade Warriors / Light Guardians

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