Kirby's Childhood is a fanfiction story written by MarioFan65. It is a fanfiction based on Kirby's childhood on how he escaped from the baby mommies and ended up on Planet Popstar in Dreamland. It was released on April 27, 2020 to accommodate Kirby's 28th anniversary.


  • Kirby
  • Mommy Kirby
  • Baby Mommies
  • Rick
  • Coo
  • Kine
  • ChuChu
  • Nago
  • Pitch
  • Gooey
  • King Dedede
  • Waddle Dees


(In the stars of the universe, we came across to the planet of Kirb, a planet where puffs all over the world fly with their warp stars. A small little pink puff fly with his warp star high as fast through loop-dee-loops with a extreme handsome package.)

  • Kirby: Yay!

(Kirby fly through the forest and into people's homes. He landed in his home, waking up the big mommy as the baby land on the ground and laugh. Mommy Kirby is like a Furby, if it big and fly in the sky to eat marshmallows.)

  • Mommy Kirby: *concerned* Kirby, someone could have seen you in the sky.
  • Kirby: *hold a flower to his mommy* Ah.
  • Mommy Kirby: *endeared* Aw. *look outside and realize the brown human-like bears called baby mommies came sneaking in the house on the branches* Get down! *hold Kirby and slam the door as the baby mommies throw rocks in the house*

(Turns out with great power comes great power-hungry bad guys. And it led them right to the pink puffs. When the baby mommies run to the house, one of them break the window as a baby mommy came by the window, growling with teeth. Kirby hop on to his mommy as Mommy Kirby break into the ceiling and escape from the baby mommies throwing rocks at them. The baby mommy continue to fire, eventually hitting Mommy Kirby and Kirby into the ground, rolling and crashing to a portal, ending up on another planet as the portal shuts off. They barley got out of their home planet. Mommy Kirby knew his son's power may be the biggest target in the universe. The only way to keep Kirby safe is to keep him hidden and a dinky backwater planet was the best bet. Where did they end up? You guess it. Planet Popstar of Dreamland. When Mommy Kirby and Kirby fly over to the forest, they set up a campfire while they got strawberries to eat with.)

  • Mommy Kirby: Listen carefully Kirby, this is a alien world like no other planet in the universe. Danger could be anywhere and we must be extremely cautious when big forces come near to our hidden place.
  • Kirby: Ah.
  • Mommy Kirby: I brought you some strawberries if you like.
  • Kirby: *eat the strawberries*
  • Mommy Kirby: You don't have to eat all of it if you wanna save it til dinner.
  • Kirby: *inhale all the strawberries*
  • Mommy Kirby: *annoyed* Anyways, i found this big squishy white fruit i never seen before. It may not be a cotton, but trust me, there's a little amount of sugar inside.
  • Kirby: *eat the marshmallow and run fast*
  • Mommy Kirby: Kirby!
  • Kirby: *run all over the forest, running through logs and falling on a cliff*
  • Mommy Kirby: *fly in the sky as she saw Kirby and reach down to grab her son on the feet*
  • Kirby: *laugh*
  • Mommy Kirby: You're lucky you have me.

(Over the years, Kirby play with the leaves as the mommy brought in a bunch of apples to share with her son. Kirby swim in the pool, inhaling all the fishes and the water in the pond.)

  • Mommy Kirby: Kirby, where is the pool? Mommy need some water to swim.
  • Kirby: *spit out the water and fishes*
  • Mommy Kirby: Ha ha, very funny.

(Kirby play with the leaves during dinner while Mommy Kirby was about to eat her chicken wing just to comfort Kirby on the leaves)

  • Mommy Kirby: Kirby, stop playing with the leaf. Just eat your food.
  • Kirby: Ah. *eat the grilled chicken nuggets*
  • Mommy Kirby: You never talk, do you?

(During winter time, Kirby throw snowballs at the birds as Mommy Kirby made a big snowman on the snow)

  • Mommy Kirby: This is Frosty the Kirby. Kirby, i made a new friend for you.
  • Kirby: Poyo! *inhale the snowman*
  • Mommy Kirby: Kirby, that's not food.
  • Kirby: *swallow the whole snow melting to water*
  • Mommy Kirby: You didn't realize that snow can melt into water.

(In the cave, Kirby and his mommy hide when the hurricane is pouring heavy with water dropping)

  • Mommy Kirby: Hurricanes can be very dangerous. They wipe everything apart with the biggest storms of the world.
  • Kirby: *scared*
  • Mommy Kirby: It's okay to be scared sometimes. It's not the end of the world.

(Water started moving high as the logs blocking the water break down and lead to a big wave distraction)

  • Mommy Kirby: The forest is tearing apart! Fly away!
  • Kirby: Ah.
  • Mommy Kirby: Hold on. We'll find a better place to hide.

(Kirby hold on to his mommy as Mommy Kirby fly away from the cave, escaping the forest with water crashing into the forest from a big hurricane. The lightning strikes as the two pink puffs struggle to fly from the winds and crash into the water. On the next day, the two pink puffs wake up from a beach as they see a bunch of broken trees all over the sand.)

  • Kirby: *hold a seashell and cries over his loss of his home*
  • Mommy Kirby: It's okay Kirby. We lost our home from a big wave. We'll find a new home to build and stay hidden. It's going to take a lot of time.

(Kirby and Mommy Kirby started heading to the grassy fields to build a house. After completing the house, the house look like a small, dome-shaped home.)

  • Mommy Kirby: Welcome home Kirby. This is where we are going to live for the rest of our lives.

(Years later, Kirby is now grown-up and arrive back at the house with a bunch of grapes in his feet)

  • Mommy Kirby: Ah, Kirby. You brought in a bunch of grapes for us to eat with. Let's dig in.

(Kirby and his mommy eat the grapes inside of the house as Kirby brought in a napkin to dry his hands and play with it)

  • Mommy Kirby: Son, that napkin of yours goes in the trash can.
  • Kirby: Oh.

(Outside, Kirby and Mommy Kirby sit on a hill to relax. Kirby discovered what's on the fields, animals. It includes a hamster, a owl, a sunfish, a octopus, a cat and a dark matter playing tag together. They could say hello and maybe they could be friends. They can share their world, but never let the animals see them. Kirby doesn't understand.)

  • Kirby: Huh?
  • Mommy Kirby: Animals are the are like any creature when they encounter great power, they will want it for themselves and you Kirby, you have the greatest power i have ever seen.
  • Kirby: Uh.....
  • Mommy Kirby: I believe you have this power for a reason and someday we'll find out why until then we must stay hidden. *hold a door card* These doors are our most important possession. If you are ever discovered,  use one. A single focused thought can take you anywhere in the universe *throw a door card to open a door to a plain with high rocks and grassy fields* If you must leave Popstar, this is the next safe world.
  • Kirby: Ah.
  • Mommy Kirby: *the door closed as he started to fall with Kirby holding his mom*
  • Kirby: Ah.
  • Mommy Kirby: Son, i don't feel good.

(At home, Mommy Kirby is on the bed as Kirby hold a bunch of towels to her mommy. When Mommy Kirby couldn't take care of Kirby, Kirby took care of his mommy.)

  • Mommy Kirby: Kirby, i won't be here for you. You gotta start your adventure on your own. Be careful if the animals see you flying around. They can take your power to a greater will. *cough*
  • Kirby: Ah.
  • Mommy Kirby: Thank you Kirby for everything. *sleep after taking her one last breath*
  • Kirby: Mama! *cry*

(Moments later, Kirby dig on the ground to bury his deceased mommy as the rain started pouring. At night, Kirby is sleeping in bed. Without his mommy, he couldn't even sleep along, even with the nightmare he had when he's trying to escape with his mommy from the baby mommies chasing them and throwing rocks at them, crashing to the same forest they escaped to.)

  • Mommy Kirby: Listen carefully, Kirby. You have a power unlike anything I have ever seen, and that means someone will always want it. The only way to stay safe is to stay hidden. *throw a door card to open a door to the next world to a grassy field* This world is on the far side of the universe. You should be safe there.
  • Kirby: Ma....
  • Mommy Kirby: You must. These door cards will be your most important possession. *she looks up and gasps*

(The baby mommies has found them and chases towards Kirby)

  • Mommy Kirby: If you're ever discovered, use one. *pushing Kirby to the door* Never stop running. Now, go!
  • Kirby: *sprints through the door. At a distance, he sees Mommy Kirby, spreading her hands to protect the entrance* Mama! *scared, running back*
  • Mommy Kirby: *looks over as the door starts to shrink* Goodbye Kirby.
  • Kirby: No! *the door dematerializes, just before Kirby can jump through it* No! *shakily breathes in and out*

(Kirby wake up from a big nightmare he had last night as it was morning. Kirby sit on the same hill from yesterday as he see a bunch of animals playing catch with the ball. As the dark matter throw the ball, it went right to Kirby as the ball hit on Kirby.)

  • Rick: Are you okay?
  • Kirby: *get up*
  • Coo: We never seen you like that before. Who are you? What's your name?
  • Kirby: Kirby.
  • Kine: Kirby? I never heard of a animal named Kirby before. I'm Kine.
  • Rick: I'm Rick.
  • Coo: I'm Coo.
  • ChuChu: Im ChuChu.
  • Nago: I'm Nago.
  • Pitch: I'm Pitch.
  • Gooey: *play in the grass* And i'm Gooey.
  • Rick: Gooey always play with his tongue. You must be unique like us.
  • Kirby: Poyo.
  • ChuChu: Do you wanna play ball with us? Let's play some ball together.
  • Kirby: Ah.

(Kirby and the Animal Friends started playing ball together as they throw to one animal to another. Meanwhile, a big greedy blue penguin with his Kirby-like Waddle Dees spy on Kirby and his friends playing in the field.)

  • King Dedede: Heh heh heh. Those animals smell like food to me.
  • Waddle Dee #1: *use the binoculars to spy on Kirby as he point out to Dedede*
  • King Dedede: What? Let me see. *use the binoculars to spy on Kirby* Ah, what kind of animal is that thing? It look like a squishy marshmallow ball. If he has some food to deliver, we're gonna steal it to our castle.
  • Waddle Dee #2: *shook head*
  • King Dedede: This is what i am going to do with them.

(One day, Kirby and the Animal Friends had a picnic together with apples, cookies, oranges, strawberries, grapes and sandwiches on the mat)

  • Rick: Three cheers for having a new friend on our team.
  • Everyone: Yeah.
  • Kirby: *eat the sandwich*
  • Coo: If you need any paper towels, just let me know.
  • Kine: As long the water doesn't dry on us.
  • ChuChu: I love those fresh cookies. What are those again?
  • Pitch: Raisins.
  • ChuChu: Is it me or the raisins are just like dried grapes on the ground.
  • Pitch: It's pretty good.
  • ChuChu: *eat the raisin cookie* Tasty.
  • Gooey: *slurp the strawberries*
  • Rick: Who want some strawberry shortcake?
  • Kirby: Cake! *eat the strawberry shortcake*

(King Dedede and his Waddle Dee minions hide on the tree to spy on Kirby and his friends)

  • King Dedede: The basket will be ours. Full of food everywhere. And that strawberry shortcake taste delicious as ice cream cake. Boys, make sure i get the basket with all the food.
  • Waddle Dees: *shook heads*
  • King Dedede: It's basket stealing time.

(Rick pass out the milk to Kirby at the picnic mat)

  • Rick: Don't worry to drink if you're thirsty.
  • Kirby: *drink the milk*
  • Gooey: We got a visitor.
  • ChuChu: Kirby, look out!
  • Kirby: *look at King Dedede as he hit Kirby on the head, making the animals scream and run*
  • King Dedede: Ha ha ha ha ha. The basket's ours.
  • Kirby: *get up*
  • King Dedede: What's wrong? Are you scared of me? I am the king of this planet, not you.
  • Rick: Don't you dare think about stealing the basket.
  • King Dedede: Waddle Dees, get them.

(A group of Waddle Dees comfort the animals and start a big brawl with them as Kirby walk close to King Dedede)

  • King Dedede: Ha ha ha. You can't beat me. You'll never win.
  • Kirby: *punch King Dedede*
  • King Dedede: Ow. I never seen your power ever in my life.
  • Kirby: *jump and kick Dedede*
  • King Dedede: Hyaaa! *use his hammer to slam Kirby*
  • Kirby: *dodge and kick the hammer*
  • King Dedede: *grab Kirby* You're squished.
  • Kirby: *pop out and head bump to the penguin*
  • King Dedede: Ow. My head.
  • Kirby: *furious*
  • King Dedede: Get over here. I'm not done with you yet.
  • Kirby: *run and punch Dedede*
  • King Dedede: Son of a cracker.
  • Kirby: *kick Dedede's head*
  • King Dedede: Ooh. You're going to pay for this. It's on.
  • Kirby: Poyo! *head bump on Dedede*
  • King Dedede: You're toast. *slap Kirby*
  • Kirby: *slap King Dedede*
  • King Dedede: This is what a spoiled kid always does to the parents.
  • Kirby: *bite Dedede's hand*
  • King Dedede: Ah! No. How dare you.
  • Kirby: *laugh*
  • King Dedede: I'm going to end you right here to the spot.
  • Kirby: *inhale on King Dedede*
  • King Dedede: Whoa. *enter Kirby's body* Hey. Get me out of this thing. It smell like dead fish in here.
  • Kirby: *spit King Dedede all the way to the sky*
  • King Dedede: No! How dare you. Curse you all! I'll get you for this! *crash to the hills*
  • Gooey: Whoa. Do that again.
  • Kirby: *inhale on all the Waddle Dees into his body*
  • ChuChu: What kind of power do you have?
  • Pitch: You're incredible.
  • Coo: You inhale on that big penguin. That was so amazing.
  • Kirby: *spit all the Waddle Dees away to the sky*
  • Rick: Yay. Kirby, you saved us all.
  • Kirby: *laugh*
  • Kine: Cheers for Kirby.
  • Kirby: *cuddle on Kine*
  • ChuChu: We like you.
  • Gooey: I wish i can be like you.
  • Nago: We still have the picnic going.
  • Rick: Friends lever leave til the end.

(After King Dedede's defeat, at sunset, Kirby and the animal friends sit on a hill, watching the sun to go down)

  • Rick: Kirby, how long you are going to be in the planet for?
  • Kirby: Poyo.
  • Rick: Forever? I think you should be in our side.
  • Coo: We got a new member on our team.
  • Gooey: I think i was the unique one on the team.
  • Kirby: Ah.
  • Kine: We always love you.
  • ChuChu: As long you make friends with, they're gonna love you back.
  • Nago: Friends are always friends.
  • Pitch: We got a big future coming up.
  • Kirby: *whistle*
  • Rick: Kirby, what are you doing?

(The warp star came to Kirby)

  • Kirby: Ah. *jump on the warp star*
  • ChuChu: Is that a warp star?
  • Pitch: Unbelievable.
  • Kirby: *fly with his warp star*
  • Gooey: Whoa! That pink puff is fast!

(Kirby flies with his warp star happily as he ride through the skies and swirl into the air til the brightest side of the universe. This is how Kirby's life started to begin. On Dreamland.)



  • The story is based on a deleted scene from Sonic the Hedgehog 2020 when Longclaw and Sonic escaped from the Echidna tribe by throwing a ring to crash on Earth.
    • The story also have elements from the opening scene of the movie with Sonic's new design.
  • The story borrow elements from the cancelled game Kid Kirby.
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