Kirby Goes to Sleep is a fanfiction short written by MarioFan65. It was released on August 7, 2020.


(It is night time. In a house, Kirby set up his bed with the Waddle Dees giving him a blanket and a pillow for him to sleep in)

  • Waddle Dee #1: Goodnight Kirby.
  • Kirby: Poyo. *play with the blanket.
  • Waddle Dee #2: Oh, that blanket is for sleeping, not for playing.
  • Kirby: *lay on the pillow*
  • Waddle Dee #3: How comfortable you are.
  • Waddle Dee #4: The cottons will make you relax and sleep.
  • Kirby: *sleep*
  • Waddle Dee #1: Is he sleeping right now?
  • Waddle Dee #2: Yes. Now he's relaxing.
  • Waddle Dee #3: Do you mind making him some hot chocolate before he sleeps?
  • Waddle Dee #4: I thought he is. Let's go make him some.

(The Waddle Dees prepare the hot chocolate with milk, cocoa and some chocolate chips on the cup. They put the mug on the microwave for one minute and take it out to give it to Kirby.)

  • Waddle Dee #1: Kirby, we got you some hot chocolate.
  • Kirby: *wake up and smell the hot chocolate*
  • Waddle Dee #2: It's all yours pal.
  • Kirby: *drink the hot chocolate*
  • Waddle Dee #3: Kirby's best friend.
  • Waddle Dee #4: Take care old buddy. You have a great day tomorrow.
  • Kirby: *continue to sleep*
  • Waddle Dee #1: Let's go home.

(The Waddle Dees leave the house as Kirby sleep for the rest of the day in his house)


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