Kirito's Weavile

Weavile is Kirito's first Pokemon he has caught with some help from Mitsuki. He made its debut in "Sword Heart Online!" as a Sneasel. During a battle against Team Rocket, it evolved into Weavile after grabbing the Razor Claw and reaching nighttime.

As a Sneasel

As a Weavile, he is very energetic and is willing to protect Kirito in any way. He has great instincts and is very loyal to Kirito, and has no problems listening to Kirito indicating he is very obediant to him.

In "Lopunny Fights Back", he is shown to be very noble to its allies, when he shielded Azusa's Lopunny (aka. Lola) from Bisharp's Brick Break and blocking the attack with a Shadow Claw.

Weavile's known moves are: Shadow Claw, Night Slash, Ice Punch and Swords Dance, and his ability is Pressure.

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