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Fan Fiction

Tsumugi's Togekiss

Togekiss is Tsumugi's fourth Pokemon she caught prior to Full Moon's Full Pokemon Journey, she debuted as a Togepi in Embracing The Fall.

As a Togepi

She evolved into Togetic in "Mugi's Happiness!" during a heartfelt call from Tsumugi and learned Fly in the process allowing Mugi to help her escape the pitfall trap. 

As a Togetic

In "What's In a Nickname?", she was officially nicknamed Kissy by Tsumugi because when it evolves, she becomes a Togekiss. She even nicknamed the other Pokemon she has.

She evolved into Togekiss in "The Shiny Stone Of Friendship" because she wasn't strong enough to carry Mugi and Ui on her own, on top of that, she learned Aura Sphere in the process. She became like a mother of the group and she is kindhearted and even stopped Pokemon from quarreling by repelling the two with Fairy Wind and scolded them both being the mother-like figure.

Togekiss's known moves are: Aura Sphere, Fly, Fairy Wind, Flamethrower, and her ability is Serene Grace.