Fan Fiction

Know Your Stars: Sonic Editon is a story written by -sonix3- (-sonicx3- on this site) on that features various Sonic characters from the offical games appearing on the Know Your Stars show from All That. There are currently 5 episodes already written.

Characters That Have Appeared[]

  • Sonic (Appeared and starred in first episode)
  • Tails (Appeared in first episode)
  • Knuckles (Appeared in first episode, starred in the fourth)
  • Shadow (Appeared and starred in the third episode)
  • Amy (Appeared in the third episode)
  • Caliburn (Appeared and starred in the second episode)
  • Poppy (Author's character, appeared in the first episode)
  • Big (Appeared and starred in the fifth episode.)
  • Know Your Stars guy (Appeared in the first episode.)

Characters That Will Appear[]

  • Silver (Will appear in the first commercial break)
  • Blaze (Will appear in the first commercial break)

Author's Secrets[]

  • Tails plays a much larger role than you may think.
  • Both the Know Your Stars guy and Poppy will appear in their own episodes. These episodes will be the last two of the story.