Lab Rats: GB
Lab Rats Gear Beasts.jpg
Genre Science-fiction sitcom
Format Teen sitcom
Created by Reynoman

Billy Unger
Spencer Boldman
Kelli Berglund
Jake T. Austin
Johnny Yong Bosch
Mackenzie Foy
Zackary Arthur
Samantha Bailey
CJ Adams
Kyle Harrison Breitkoptf
Reyn Robinson
Karan Brar 

Opening theme Go Go Gear Beasts
Ending theme Go Go Gear Beasts (instrumental)
Composer(s) Ron Wasserman
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10
Executive producer(s) Chris Peterson
Bryan Moore
Mark Brazill
Location(s) Hollywood Center Studios
Los Angeles Center Studios
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 23 minutes
Production company(s) It's A Laugh Productions
Disney XD Original Productions
Original channel Disney XD
Picture format HDTV
Original run February 2, 2015-
February 14, 2015

Lab Rats: GB (Gear Beasts) is a fanfictional American comedy television series premiering on Disney XD, serving as a sequel/spin-off of the Disney XD original series of the same name. Unlike its preceding series, it uses footage from the Super Sentai series Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. This makes (or would've made Go-Busters the first Sentai series to be adapted into another American series beside the initial Power Rangers series, since Go-Busters will be skipped by its succeeding series Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger as Power Rangers Dino Charge. Because of this, the series contains more action as there is humor.

The series focuses on the Lab Rats (Chase, Adam, & Bree), their billionaire father-figure Donald Davenport, & their step-brother/cousin Leo, on a totally different new mission, in which the Lab Rats receive the Gear Beast Project, which gives them new animal-based abilities, gadgetry, & amazing battle machines in their conquest against Donald's evil brother & his assistant Marcus. Later in the series, Jake T. Austin, former star from Wizards of Waverly Place, joins the cast as a new character/protagonist Danny.


Douglas Davenport, the corrupt brother of billionaire inventor Donald Davenport, & his assistant Marcus are now able to create powerful monster viruses called Viratrons & send them to cause havoc around the world in his plot to ruin Donald. To fight back, Donald introduces to his Lab Rats (Chase, Adam, & Bree) & stepson Leo the Gear Beast Project, which allows the Lab Rats to upgrade into Power Ranger-like warriors with new animal-based abilities. They also receive individual partners known as BioBuddies & gain access to amazing weapons & especially incredible battle machines to fight back against Douglas' Viratrons.


Main characters


Cheetah Chase Davenport Billy Unger
Gorilla Adam Davenport Spencer Boldman
Rabbit Bree Davenport Kelli Berglund
Beetle Danny Davenport Jake T. Austin
Stag Beet J. Stag Johnny Yong Bosch (voice)
  • Leo Dooley-Davenport (Tyrel Jackson Williams): The stepson of Donald Davenport & step-brother, cousin, & mission specialist of the Lab Rats. He is usually considered a social outcast considering his small amount of friends. Later in the series, due to a freak accident that caused the two to combine into one, Leo & Eddy are now able to telepathically control the Lion Trike.
  • Donald Davenport (Hal Sparks): The billionaire inventor & Leo's step-father. He is the uncle & father-figure to all of the Lab Rats. He usually seems self-centered, childish, & a bit selfish; however, he does care about Leo & the Lab Rats.
Alternate Reality
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Red Cheetah Ranger Chase Davenport Billy Unger
Blue Gorilla Ranger Adam Davenport Spencer Boldman
Yellow Rabbit Ranger Bree Davenport Kelli Berglund
Gold Beetle Ranger Danny Davenport Jake T. Austin
Silver Stag Ranger Beet J. Stag Johnny Yong Bosch (voice)
Green Hippo Ranger Ben TolbertLeo Dooley Reyn Robinson ► Tyrel Jackson Williams
Pink Cat Ranger Caitlin Michaela Carrozzo
Black Puma Ranger Donald Davenport Hal Sparks


  • Douglas Davenport (Jeremy Kent Jackson): The main antagonist of the series. He is the creator of Chase, Adam, Bree, Marcus, Danny, & Emily & Donald's younger brother who is planning to capture Adam, Bree, & Chase & to ruin Davenport.
Rhinoceros Beetle/ Cheetah
Marcus Davenport Mateus Ward
  • Emily Davenport (Jonni Brianne Deakins): A new addition to the main antagonists, a bionic avatar replacement for Danny after he & Beet betrayed Marcus & joined the Lab Rats. Like Marcus, she's in charge of creating Viratrons. She creates new Viratrons using MetaViruses & to transport Viratron Upgrades. She also has a tablet computer, which functions as her way of creating Viratrons, like Marcus' laptop being his. Emily is somewhat a spoiled teenage girl who's overbearing & arrogant towards most people, though she loves Douglas like a father in more ways than one. Like Marcus, Emily has her own perception of emotionless morality yet loves to fight. In fact, unless ordered by Douglas or finding someone who can thrill her with a fight she could barely win in, Emily rarely fights.
  • Bugs: The footsoldiers/technicians created by Douglas that serve under Marcus & assist the Viratrons.
  • Viratrons
  • Baron Price Portrayed as a child by Karan Brar and as a teenager by Reyn Robinson.
  • William Robinson Portrayed as a child by Kyle Harrison Breitkopf and as a teenager by Alex David West.
  • David Rogers Portrayed as a child by C.J. Adams and as a teenager by Matthias Oliver.
  • Alexis Campbell Portrayed as a child by Samantha Bailey and as a teenager by Sicily Sewell.
  • Joey Briggs Portrayed as a child by Zackary Arthur and as a teenager by Michael Minarik.
  • Anna Pearce Portrayed as a child by Mackenzie Foy and as a teenager by Kaylee Plumb.
  • Theodore voiced by David Fielding.
  • Alpha 5 voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz (credited as Richard Wood).
  • Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier Portrayed as child by Cody Slaton and as a teenager by Paul Schrier.
  • Eugene "Skull" Skulltovich Portrayed as a child by Ross J. Samya and as a teenager by Jason Narvy.

Supporting characters


  • Tasha Davenport (Angel Parker): Leo's mom, Donald's wife, & a TV reporter. She also acts as a mother figure for Adam, Bree, Chase, & Danny, but mostly Bree, because she is the only girl in the house.
  • Eddy (Will Forte): The smart-home system (He acts like a ^- year - old tattletale) who controls the Lab Rats' house & hates Tasha & the kids but he loves Donald Davenport. He believes Tasha is hideously unattractive. Later in the series, due to a freak accident that caused the two to combine into one, Eddy & Leo are now both able to telepathically control the Lion Trike.


The BioBuddies are the Lab Rats' new individual companions, most of which can become the consoles for their Gear Beast Battle Machines.

Cheetah Nick Cheetah David de Lautour (voice) Chase's BioBuddy.
Gorilla Gregory Banana Fred Tatasciore (voice) Adam's BioBuddy.
Rabbit Ursula Lettuce Edie Mirman (voice) Bree's BioBuddy.
Beetle Beet J. Stag Johnny Yong Bosch (voice) Danny's BioBuddy who's capable of upgrading into Gear Beast Mode.
Frog Gren-O Todd Haberkorn (voice) A partner-less BioBuddy from France.


  • Principal Perry (Maile Flanagan): The principal of Mission Creek High School. It has not been revealed why, but she dislikes Leo the most. Her full name is Terry Cherry Perry.
Caitlin Michaela Carrozzo
  • Janelle (Madison Pettis): Leo's crush who apparently becomes his girlfriend.
  • Trent (Eddie Perino): The high school gym teacher & former jock bully who has an ongoing feud with the Lab Rats. He enjoys torturing Leo & the Lab Rats while teaching in his gym class, much to Principal Perry's pleasure.


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Upgrading Devices


Team Blaster


Other Devices


Gear Beast Battle Machine System

Alternate Combinations


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Season Episodes Originally aired (US dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 February 2015
  • Television SpecialGear Beasts Return: Lab Rats vs. Power Rangers: Not long after their victory against Douglas, the Lab Rats are dealing with a new threat from outer space. While they're dealing with this new enemy, they eventually find themselves teleported into an alternate universe, where they meet their alternate selves... as Power Rangers! 
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