"Hey Lazlo! Hurry up with those dodgeballs!" Edward shouted at Lazlo. Lazlo's arms were filled with dodgeballs as he was walking to the gym closet. "I can't believe he put us together to clean up the darn gym." Edward's voice said with disgust, but not entirely. Edward had a secrete. He actually have feelings towards this annoying, happy-go-lucky monkey. So he was a little tingly. 
  Edward's thoughts were inturupted with a bang of the gym closet. Edward just raised an eyebrow. 'I can't belive the knob broke!' Lazlo thought. When he putted away the dodgeballs the door accidentally closed. When Lazlo tried to open the door, the knob broke off. That's why Lazlo was banging on the door.
  Edward opened the door and steped in the closet, he saw Lazlo looking for something. "All right, what's takin' so long?" he demanded. Lazlo turned swiftly, "Edward, the-" Too late. The door closed again, leaving the platipus and the monkey locked in. "door..." Lazlo frowned. "What? What's wrong?" Edward reached for the door knob, but then he realized it was missing. "Lazlo... where's te doorknob?" Edward asked. Lazlo smiled akwardly and help up the knob. "... HELP! HELP!! GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!" Edward was banging on the door that it might of broke down. "Edward, calm down." Lazlo said. 'Calm down? CALM DOWN?! HOW CAN I NOT PANIC WHEN IM STICK INSIDE A CLOSET WITH YOU?!' Edward thought angrilly. "Calm DOWN?!" Edward stepped away from the door. "I don't know about you, but I'm getting outta here!" Edward kicked the door, but failed to break down.
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