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Cover for the Show Errors: Stephanie and Sportacus's Outfit is different, Robbie Rotten has a different haircut, And Valerie was supposed to be in this cover even if she's not canon in Seasons 1-4.

LazyTown: The Next Generation is also known for Series 5 & 6 Because it is split into 2 parts; Part 1: Stephanie's arc and Part 2: Valerie's arc. It takes place after The Mystery of The Pyramid which where Season 4 left off and LazyTown Shorts. Unlike The original series, Stephanie has superpowers (Super speed, Super Cyclone and Electricity), Sportacus can fly and Robbie Rotten Has dark magic (Except for the first episode and the prior series). The air date is unknown but it will most likely be on Universal Kids. As usual, Series 5 & 6 will have 13 episodes each with the first episode of Series 5 being a full 30 minute episode.

Actors & Actress

Stephanie - Angelica Hale

Sportacus - Magnus Scheving

Robbie Rotten - Jim Carrey (Replacing Stéfan Karl Stefánsson after demise)

Valerie - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Main Character in Season 6 Only)


Stingy - Jodi Eichelberger/Julie Westwood in UK Dub

Pixel - Ronald Binion/Joanna Ruiz in UK Dub

Ziggy - Gudmundur Thor Karason/Lorraine Parsloe in UK Dub

Trixie - Aymee Garcia/Joanna Ruiz in UK Dub

Mayor Milford Meanswell - David Matthew Feldman

Bessie Busybody - Julie Westwood


Series 5

  1. "Going Butterflying" TV-Y7
  2. "The Power Within Stephanie" TV-Y7
  3. "Cursed" TV-Y7
  4. "Oh Dear Sister!" TV-Y7
  5. "Ninja Time" TV-Y7
  6. "Rainy Day in LazyTown" TV-Y7
  7. "Lazypendence Day" TV-Y7
  8. "Corrupted" TV-Y7
  9. "The Lazy Troops" TV-Y7
  10. "Stephanie's Birthday Blowout" TV-Y7
  11. "Poisoned" TV-Y7
  12. "Framed" TV-Y7
  13. "Power Drain" TV-Y7

Series 6

  1. "Time Trouble" TV-Y7
  2. "Lazy Monster" TV-Y7
  3. "Anti-Sportacus" TV-Y7
  4. "Human-Puppet" TV-Y7
  5. "The Date" TV-Y7
  6. "Vocal Theft" TV-Y7
  7. "Swapped" TV-Y7
  8. "LazyTown in Japan" TV-Y7
  9. "Mission to Mars" TV-Y7
  10. "Haunted" TV-Y7
  11. "Baby Sisters" TV-Y7
  12. "Operation Rescue Sportacus, Part 1" TV-Y7
  13. "Operation Rescue Sportacus, Part 2" TV-Y7

TV Specials

LazyTown Extras Season 2

  1. Stephanie the Elemental Mermaid
  2. Icy Side Effects
  3. The Real Fortune Teller
  4. Tomorrow Tech
  5. Wrong Crystal
  6. LazyTown's Homecoming
  7. Lazy Anime Realm
  8. Driving Class
  9. Queen Valerie
  10. Detective Valerie
  11. Grandfather's Art
  12. Number 9
  13. Training Course