(Theme Song)


(LazyTown: The Next Generation Logo Appears In the screen)

Valerie Narrating: “LazyTown in Japan”

(Cuts to the courtyard)

Ziggy: Tell me more about Japan!

Stephanie: It’s a country where every electronics are manufactured.

Pixel: Ooh!

Stephanie: It’s where the tree’s leave is pink instead of green, there are blossoms everywhere.

Stingy: Am I supposed to be excited?

Trixie: Yes, you are! What type of tree is pink?

Stephanie: Cherry Blossoms.

Valerie: Steph?

Stephanie: Oh! Hi sis. I was telling about Japan.

Valerie: Don’t forget kids, it’s where Samurais, Kabuki, Anime are?

Ziggy: Valerie? What’s an anime?

Valerie: A Japanese Version of cartoons. If you want to learn more, I’m taking the rest of LazyTown to Japan. Even Robbie Rotten.

(Cuts to Robbie Rotten)

Robbie Rotten: You’ve got to be kidding me. I have to leave town for Japan? You know, I can’t be ditched again like the last time.

(Cuts to the train station)

Stephanie: Is everyone ready?

Milford: All packed and ready to go. I can’t wait to see my sister in law.

Bessie Busybody: Can’t wait to eat the sushi!

Robbie Rotten: Wait!

(Robbie runs to the train station)

Sportacus: What are you doing here?

Valerie: It’s okay, I invited him.

Robbie Rotten: So, we’re going to Tyukia… Tokua…

Valerie: Tokyo.

Stephanie: You should study the country of Japan more often.

(Train arrives)

(Train opens door)

Valerie: Every noncitizen of Japan has to have a ticket.

Robbie Rotten: I forgot! Wait a minute.

(Robbie uses dark magic to bring the ticket)

Robbie Rotten: Ready!

Stingy: This ticket is mine!

Milford: Can’t wait to see my brother.

Stephanie: Let’s go.

(Everyone goes in the train and the door closes)

(Cuts to the train)

Trixie: So, tell us more about Japan! What kind of music they make!

Valerie: I’ll Show you.

(Oto no Kuni Plays and Stephanie and Valerie are singing it)

(Train Arrives at Japan)

Valerie: Well, we’re here.

Sportacus: I’m gonna rent a car for half of the LazyTowners.

Valerie: Me too.

(Cuts to Valerie’s car)

Valerie: Were passing through the rainbow bridge.

Stingy: Ooh!

Valerie: Tokyo is an Asian version of New York City It has the latest technology of the world.

Pixel: I’m watching anime now. I’m watching Naruto.

Valerie: No! Don’t! Some of these Anime have stuff not suitable for younger viewers.

Pixel: Just ruined my fun! Party pooper!

Valerie: What did you just say?

Pixel: Nothing.

Valerie: And here we are, the cherry blossoms. My neighborhood is 3 miles near of it.

(Stephanie takes pictures)

Trixie: I need a cherry!

Valerie: We’re here.

Ziggy: Oh Boy.

(Cuts to Inside of Stephanie’s Childhood Home)

(Stephanie Opens the door)

Stephanie: Well, this is my house before my LazyTown residence.

Stanford: Milford!

Milford: Stanford!

(Stanford gives Milford a brotherly hug)

Bessie Busybody: Stan! It’s been a long time!

Ashley: Valerie!

Valerie: Hi Sis!

Ashley: How was college!

Valerie: It was good!

Harumi: Darling!

Stephanie: Mother!

(Stephanie hugs her mother)

Harumi: How was my big girl doing!

Stephanie: Good!

Sportacus: Has anyone seen Robbie? He disappeared!

(Cuts to Robbie Rotten)

Robbie Rotten: Gotta see what sweets they have! I’m hungry!

(Robbie opens the Fridge)

Robbie: Ramen, Low men, Sushi, what do they have?

Stanford: Looking for sweets? We have less sweets because my wife only eats healthy!

Robbie Rotten: Oh!

Stanford: Don’t worry, I have Chocolate.

(Stanford gives Robbie a chocolate)

Robbie Rotten: Thank you.

Stanford: This was supposed to be Valerie’s but I have more.

Valerie: Did you gave Robbie my chocolate?

Stanford: Don’t worry, Here’s one.

(Stanford gives Valerie chocolate)

(Stephanie Enters)

Stanford: You want chocolate too?

Stephanie: No thanks, I’m here for sushi.

Stanford: Valerie! Stephanie! Come to the backyard!

(Cuts to the back yard)

Stephanie: Wow, a training course!

Valerie: Amazing!

Stephanie: Ashley, wanna show me your strength?

Ashley: Yeah Sure!

(Training Bots appear)

Ashley: Lets fire these things up!

(Ashley shoots fire at the bot)

(Stephanie shoots electricity at the bot)

(Stephanie and Ashley use their Super Cyclone)

(Bots attack)

(Stephanie summons her staff)

(Ashley summons her sword)

(Stephanie and Ashley both attack the bots)

Stanford: Good Stephanie! Good Ashley!

(Stephanie Eats an Apple)

(Stephanie gains energy)

(Stephanie combines electricity with super speed)

(Ashley combines Superstrength with Fire to make Earth power)

(Stephanie attacks Most of the bots)

(Ashley Punches the bots one by one until tired)

Stanford: Fantastic Stephanie!

Stephanie: That was some good training! Huh Ashley?

(Ashley gets angry)

(Ashley’s power reacts)

Stephanie: This isn’t good!

Ashley: I won’t lose to my sister!

Valerie: It’s time to calm down! It’s over!

(Fire meteors fall from the sky as a nearby Volcano erupts)

(Valerie protects herself with her ice powers)

Stephanie: Valerie! We need to get to the volcano!

Valerie: On it!

(Valerie puts on her Superhero Mask)

(Valerie stomps on the ground to make the floor ice)

(Valerie slides on the Ice)

(Cuts to the volcano)

Valerie: Must stop this volcano from erupting!

(Valerie freezes the volcano with her ice powers)

(The volcano calms down)

(Valerie Faints)

(Cuts to Stephanie’s childhood home)

(Valerie opens her eyes)

Valerie: What happened?

Sportacus: You used too much of your power. When that happens, you faint!

Stephanie: Where’s Ashley?

Stanford: She’s asleep. Harumi is calming her down with a special chi! You know, you can all stay for the night.

Kids: Yeah!

(Bing Bang starts)                                                      

Stephanie: “Bing Bang Digerigerdong!私が踊っているときに私が言う変な言葉! Bing Bang Digerigerdong!なんでもいい愚かな言葉!さあ、ダンスをする時間です。足で起きるのはとても楽しいです!だから、私たちは上へ、上へ、ジャンプをしなさい!動き回って一緒に手をたたいてください!ダウン、ダウン振り向く!楽しんでることがすべてのポイントです。”

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