Legend of The 5 Queens of The Sun & Moon Kingdoms & The True Rulers of The Milky Way Galaxy-- The Fall of The Silver Millennium & The Rise of The Crystal Millennium

This is a alternate deconstruction and reamke of Sailor Moon.

The Silver Millennium shall fall as it did in the anime and the manga, but with major alterations.

Princess Serenity is The New Queen of The Moon Kingdom after her mother's death.

The Silver Millennium was destroyed during The War with The Dark Kingdom.

Serenity has 4 sisters who are co-rulers of The Moon Kingdom and The Sun Kingdom.

Serenity's court are The Neo Soldiers,who are The true princesses of The Solar System.


The most advanced magical and technologically era in the universe fell cause of a war against a dark force because of the foolish mistakes of its former queen. This war drove The New Queen, her sisters & her court into exile. Thousands of years later that same evil has returned. The same who fought and defeated that same evil have returned as well. They must defeat it, return to their rightful place among the stars and create a new kingdom based on freedom, justice, peace, independence & hope.

Sailor Team

Sun Soldiers

  • Queen Serenity / Neo Solar Sailor Moon
  • Queen Equaminity /Neo Solar Sailor Sun
  • Queen Equability / Neo Solar Sailor Solar
  • Queen Conformity / Neo Solar Sailor Sol
  • Queen Tranquility / Neo Solar Sailor Solaris

Neo Soldiers

  • Princess Naruko / Neo Sailor Earth
  • Princess Elizabeth / Neo Sailor Mercury
  • Princess Hikari / Neo Sailor Mars
  • Princess Juno / Neo Sailor Jupiter
  • Princess Freya / Neo Sailor Venus
  • Princess Margaret / Neo Sailor Pluto
  • Princess Kalani / Neo Sailor Uranus
  • Princess Amphitrite / Neo Sailor Neptune
  • Princess Gothel / Neo Sailor Saturn
  • Princess Nyx / Neo Sailor Nemesis
  • Princess Yuna / Neo Sailor Charon



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