Legend of The Sun Quintuplets & The True Heiresses of The Solar System / Fierce Joint Sovereigns of The Radiant Platinum Millennium-- Sailor Neo Moon Solar Holy Crystal Infinite Celestial Zodiac Titan Deity Millennium War Zone Genesis DxD Storm is a fan fictional series remake of the anime series, Sailor Moon.

The Setting for this story takes place during them time of The Silver Millennium.

The Silver Millennium fell during the war against The Negaverse, which results of The Rise of The Platinum Millennium.

The Neo Soldiers are Princess Serenity's teammates and the true princesses of The Solar System.

The Sailor Wars took place after the Rise of The Platinum Millennium.

The Sun Soldiers and The Neo Soldiers wield Talismans containing the spirits of The Supreme King & The Divine Beast Gods & Goddesses.


Sailor Soldiers

Divine 3 / Universal Sailor Entities

Sailor Primes

Neo Soldiers / True Heirs Of The Solar System

Divinity Soldiers / Iron Heart Grand Council

Zodiac Soldiers

Infinity Soldiers / Sailor Soldier Grand High Council

Kinmoku Soldiers

Deity Soldiers

Celestial Soldiers

Intergalactic Sailor Soldiers

Sailor Animamates

Legendary Soldiers / Sailor Titans / Ancient Sailor God Slayers


Holy Knights

Sonic Team

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Keyblade Guardians Of The Realm Of Light And The Realm Of Darkness / Light & Dark Guardians

Time-Space Administration Bureau


Tv Shows


Video Games


  • Princess Serenity becomes Neo Solar Sailor Moon, leader of The Sun Soldiers and Neo Soldiers; she is into fighting and wants to become a greater queen than her mother.
  • Princess Serenity also gains Queen Selenity's crown making her the new queen of The Moon Kingdom. Her sisters: Equanimity, Equability, Tranquility, and Conformity are joint rulers of The Sun Kingdom after they gain King Solace's crown
  • Serenity rebuild the Silver Millennium into The Platinum Millennium, create an age of equality and harmony. The Sun Quintuplets are also the nieces of Queen Nehelenia, which means they possess the power over darkness..
  • The Sun Soldiers & Neo Soldiers, Celestial Soldiers, Zodiac Soldiers, Deity Soldiers, & Infinity Soldiers are the only survivors of The Sailor Wars.
  • The Infinity Soldiers are Queen Selenity's advisers. They are led by The Quintuplets' cousin Princess Kaguya of The Star Kingdom.
  • Motoko Kusanagi is the princess & Neo Soldier of the planet, Charon; Neo Sailor Charon. She also wields the Rainbow Magnum.
  • Kikyo is The Imperial Princess of The Andromeda Galaxy & one of the Infinity Soldiers, Sailor Andromeda.
  • The Sun Soldiers, Neo Soldiers & their fellow sailors made lots of Allies in The Autobots, The Holy Knights, The Avengers, The Winx Club, The Battle Brawlers, The Loonatics and other heroes.
  • The Dark Scouts were killed by The Sun Soldiers & The Neo Soldiers, they were reborn into The 20th century. The Dark Scouts have a massive grudge against The Neo Soldiers because they get everything they want because they are princesses.
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