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Let The Rumble Begin is the first episode of Cross Rumble.


The Total Drama series has come to a close, and each of the Total Drama contestants have gone home. However, as soon as Noah walks through the door of his house, he finds his mother chasing what appear to be three fairies. He is freaked out by this, but he immediately catches the fairies and take them up to his room. The fairies introduce themselves as Sugar, Salt, and Pepper, who are Season Fairies.... from the anime "A Little Snow Fairy Sugar". They warn him about how characters from several different franchises are coming into Noah's world. Noah at first believe that's absurd, but when he finds on Facebook that other contestants of Total Drama have encountered characters that supposedly were from different franchises were leaking into their world through a hole in the sky, Noah looks at the sky from his window and discovers that, indeed, this is true. A few hours later, the hole finally closes, but the characters that fell out are still there. Panic occurs once hotels become full with reservations. Chris Mclean solves the problem by starting a program where each character is assigned to live with someone around the world. Even the former Total Drama contestants have at least one character living with them. Chris then extends the former Total Drama contestants' contracts by saying that they have to collaborate on a documentary series on these events, which he calls "Cross Rumble". Noah, of course, is frustrated, especially with a strange girl from the anime "Nichijou", Yuuko, being assigned to him and suddenly announces that she wants to be his girlfriend.


Noah (debut)
Sugar (debut)
Salt (debut)
Pepper (debut)
Chris (debut)
Saga (debut)
Yuuko (debut)
Mio (debut)
Mai (debut)
Josh (debut; cameo)
Milly (debut; cameo)


  • Along with this being the first episode of the series, this is the first episode where characters from Total Drama, A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Nichijou, and Code Geass appear.