This article shows the relationship between Lightning and Yukari in Hollywood World.

Yukari is Thunder

Yukari starts secretly training her newly-acquired Gothita with Lightning and his Electrode. After a while, Lightning comes to realize that he has started caring for someone other than himself (Yukari) and is actually in love with Yukari. Upon realizing this, he confesses to her after their next battle. Yukari is flustered by his confession, and after talking with her friends and thinking about this for a while, she agrees to start going out with him.

Rock and Roll Prince

Yukari and Lightning are in a happy least, that's how it seems at first. On a date, Yukari finds a picture of Anne Maria fly out of Lightning's pocket. She later confronts Lightning, but he refuses to tell her anything regarding Anne Maria.

Love is War

When Anne Maria and Lightning go to Pizza Hut together, Yukari follows them there, pretending that she was just there by coincidence. Suddenly, Yukari witnesses them kissing and runs off crying. She is then comforted by Tsukune. Later, Yukari gets up to the top of a lighthouse and sings "Love is War" by Hatsune Miku, making sure Lightning hears her, and announces through the megaphone that they are through once she is done singing.

Mischievous Kiss

Yukari still has lingering feelings for Lightning which makes her regret dumping him. Tsukune and Moka try everything to try to cheer her up, but they fail. Later, Lightning and Yukari bump into each other, talk for a bit, and eventually decide that it's better if they just be friends. However, while Yukari is satisfied about that, Lightning still seems guilty about something.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Pokemon Tournament! Part 2

When Yukari comes backstage to wish Lightning luck in the rest of the Hollywood Remembrance Pokemon Tournament, Lightning finally explains to Yukari that he never meant to cheat on Yukari. He just lost a bet with Sam, and as a result, he had to go on a date with Anne Maria, which was where the picture came from. However, Anne Maria kept insisting on going out with him more. After hearing all this, Yukari forgives Lightning, and they get back together, much to Anne Maria's irritation.

The Final Scene

In one of the pictures from the photo shoot, Yukari and Lightning are seen together, with Yukari kissing Lightning on the cheek.

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