At the palace of Cartoonia, the back doors slammed open, and an angry Justin stormed into the room, grumbling, "Well, I've never been so insulted in all my life!"

He then stormed past a long brown-haired man wearing a brown shirt, brown pants and black boots. He was the king of Cartoonia, Anakin Skywalker.

"Prince Justin, you're not leaving so soon, are you?" Anakin asked with concern.

"Good luck marrying her off!" Justin snapped, storming out of the room. Anakin spotted the hole in Justin's coat and pants, revealing Justin's white boxers with the red hearts on them.

Anakin then groaned, and turned around to go into the courtyard, assuming that the incidence had something to do with Lilo.

When in the courtyard, he walked around, calling, "Lilo! Lilo!"

Anakin then spotted an eight-year-old Hawaiian girl sitting on the edge of a fountain. She had long raven-black hair, a red dress with white Hawaiian leaves on it and dark blue sandals. This must have been Anakin's niece, Princess Lilo Pelekai.

"Lilo!" Anakin exclaimed, and walked towards her until two little koala-like creature came up and snarled at him. The first creature had bat-like ears, blue fur, a light blue chest and stomach, and big black eyes. His name was Stitch, Lilo's best friend.

The second creature looks exactly like Stitch, only a little smaller and had long antennae, pink fur, a light pink chest and stomach. Her name was Angel, Stitch's girlfriend and also Lilo's best friend. In Stitch's mouth was what looked like a white sheet with little red hearts on it.

"Oh, confound it, Stitch!" Anakin scolded, pulling the sheet out of Stitch's mouth, only to fall on his own back. He then looked at the little sheet in his hand, and realized that it was a piece of Justin's underwear. "So this is why Prince Justin stormed out."

"Oh, Uncle Anakin. Stitch and Angel were just playing with him." Lilo smiled to Anakin, and then said to Stitch, "Weren't you, guys? You two were just playing with that over-dressed, self-absorbed Prince Justin, weren't you?"

She then giggled with Stitch and Angel, and she looked up to see Anakin giving her an intent look. Lilo then cleared her throat, and stood up.

"Lilo, you must stop rejecting every suitor who comes to call." Anakin said as he followed Lilo over to a birdcage, "The law says you…"

"…must be married to a prince…" Lilo and Anakin said together, the former saying it in annoyance, as if she heard it many times.

"…by your next birthday. Besides, you only have three more days left." Anakin finished.

"Uncle Anakin, that law is wrong." Lilo said, and she walked back over to the fountain as she continued, "Besides, if I do marry, I want it to be for love."

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