This is a list of the sketches featured on the show Random Klips.


  1. Adrien Helps Marinette Out Of a Jam
  2. Adventure Time With Finn's Puberty - Finn becomes a man and Jake gives him "the talk".
  3. Alex Trebek
  4. Allen runs to his Friends
  5. Amara and Michelle's Agreement
  6. Amy Gets Mad
  7. Anti Amy
  8. Anna Challenges Elsa to a Ninja Duel
  9. Ariel tells Mowgli to go to Sleep
  10. Arthur Acts like a Monkey - To get out of being class president, Arthur Read fakes Monkeyneucleosis.
  11. Ash and Delia's Dinner
  12. Ash and Serena's Love in the Bed
  13. Ash's Kidnapped Mom
  14. Ashley's Solo Escape
  15. Avengers Convention


  1. Bad Guy Anonymous
  2. Bart and Lisa Make Out in the Closet - On Halloween, everyone is in costume, and when the two get picked to play a kissing game in the closet, they wind up with each other.
  3. Bart Kicks Sideshow Bob
  4. Bart Simpson's Story
  5. Battle of the Songs
  6. Benson's Cat Launcher
  7. Big Hero 6
  8. Billy's Breakfast Machine
  9. Birth of a Cooper
  10. Birthday Telegram from Queen Elsa
  11. Bod by Benson
  12. Brian Returns as a Wolf
  13. Bring Your Gaming Sidekicks To Work Day
  14. British Peppa Pig Meets American Peppa Pig
  15. Bubble Puppy Cuts the Power
  16. Buster in the Hot Dog Eating Contest


  1. Candace's Sadness
  2. Catboy Scoots on Romeo's Carpet
  3. Catwoman Kisses Batman
  4. Charmy didn't finish the puzzle
  5. Cheerleading Routine
  6. Chief Wiggum Teaches DARE
  7. Chris and Roberta's Wedding
  8. The Chris McLean Appreciation Day
  9. Clyde and Lincoln Ruin the Ballet Recital
  10. Clyde Sleeps Next to Syd
  11. Conker and Banjo Grossed Out - Conker and Banjo watch a disturbing viral video.
  12. Connor and Amaya Kiss
  13. Connor, Amaya, and Greg have moved on
  14. Creepy Crawly Rap
  15. Curious George Robs the Stash N' Hoard


  1. Dad and Dee Dee Beat Up Bullies and Bad Guys - Part 3
  2. Dad and Dee Dee Beat Up Mandark - Part 2
  3. Dad and Dee Dee's Workout - Part 1
  4. Daddy and Mummy Pig Get Drunk
  5. Darth Vader Robs a Bank
  6. Delia Tempts Ash
  7. Demon Dog
  8. Dexter Walks Away
  9. Dipper's Fantasy
  10. Dipper and Robbie are Bird Watching
  11. Dipper saw Wendy Naked
  12. Dimsdale Elementary School Hostage
  13. Doofenshmirtz the Evil School Teacher
  14. Donkey and Puss Destroy an Abandoned Castle
  15. Duck Twacy


  1. Eat Your Peas, Louise - Featuring the Belchers from Bob's Burgers.
  2. Eda and Grunkle Stan's Reunion in the Log Cabin
  3. Elma Runs Away from the Team
  4. Elsa, Can You Not? - Anna gets fed up with Elsa's shenanigans.
  5. Everybody Hates Jimmy
  6. Every Hero For Themselves
  7. Everything's Fine, Mabel


  1. Fight Like a Girl Club
  2. Flerz is a Huge Crybaby
  3. Follow My Rainbow -  Murray chases Sonic the Hedgehog in the team's van ala "City Escape".
  4. Fourth Wall Rehab
  5. Fred and GoGo Fall in Love
  6. Fred Brainwashes Honey
  7. Fred's Mansion
  8. Fry and Leela Needs a Baby
  9. Fun Dancing with Johnny


  1. Getting Sucked into the Maelstrom
  2. Giant Shurikan
  3. Gin is Evil
  4. Gil and Molly's Alone Time
  5. Give It Up, Trixie
  6. Goku's Hot Shower Accident
  7. Goku Saw Roshi Naked
  8. Goofy's Spider Dream - Mickey spends the night at Goofy's. Later , Goofy has dreams that spiders are attacking him, and hits Mickey repeatedly with the bed.
  9. Grape Juice featuring Applebloom
  10. Grand Theft Mordecai and Rigby
  11. The Great Space Coaster
  12. The Green Family are in Theaters and Watching a Kickstarter Movie
  13. Gretchen's Death
  14. Grover Ruins Harley Quinn's Laundry
  15. Grow Up
  16. The Group Disbanded
  17. Grumpy Joins the Glooms
  18. Gym Leader Dad


  1. Hacking
  2. Hamster Wheel
  3. Hank and His Friends Eliminate The Contestants
  4. Hank and Peggy's First Kiss
  5. Harvey Beaks Sour Bubble Tape Commercial
  6. Heroes Adventure Continures
  7. HiHi Puffy AmiYumi Wedding Song
  8. Hinata Drops her Pants
  9. Hiro and Honey Just Friends
  10. Homer Ruins Mr. Burns' Roast
  11. Honey Dumps Fred
  12. Honey the Lifeguard
  13. How Mordecai Escaped from the Robot Planet
  14. How Disney's Snow White Should Have Ended
  15. How Lion King should have ended
  16. Hyrule Sword Superhero


  1. Ian and Barley are Eating in the Manticore's Tavern
  2. Ichigo's Training
  3. Iggy Izelea/Peppa Pig Musical Feud
  4. I'm Not Your Bub
  5. The Infragable Krunk
  6. Inside the Cake that Chef Made is Blaineley (fake)
  7. Inuyasha comes with a name for his Friends
  8. Isabella Gets Drunk
  9. It's My Fake Dad
  10. It's The End Of The Johnny
  11. Izzie Jumps Jake
  12. Izzy The Queen Of Mars - Izzy sings Candace Flynn's "Queen of Mars" song.


  1. Jake is Drunk
  2. Jessie's Date
  3. Joey's Mistletoe Kiss Part 1
  4. Joey's Mistletoe Kiss Part 2
  5. Joker the Evil Babysitter
  6. Justice League's Dangerous Mission


  1. Karaoke Speech
  2. Kenny Scares Satan
  3. King Butterfly Defusing a Bomb and Singing about Cutting Wires
  4. Krillin's Bachelor Party
  5. Krusty's Bar Mitzvah
  6. Kung Lao's Bet
  7. KuuKuu HaraJulian
  • Kuu Kuu HaraJulian
  1. Kyo sings Rocketman


  1. Laika Heroes
  2. Le Paradox's Phone Call
  3. Linc-tuition
  4. Lincoln as Redpool
  5. Lincoln Becomes the Time Protector with Ronnie Anne
  6. The Louds Hum 90's Theme Songs
  7. Loud House Sour Patch Kids Commercial
  8. Love Handle Saves Santa Part 1
  9. Love Handel Saves Santa Part 2
  10. Love Handel Saves Santa Part 3


  1. Mama Pikachu and her Babies - A five-second sketch showing a mother Pikachu feeding her baby Pichus.
  2. Marco's Exam
  3. Marco's Fear of the Finger
  4. Marco send Ludo to Court
  5. Marco's Sugar Rush/Crash in his Underwear
  6. Marco Tells Jackie About The Exam
  7. Margaret's Stress Eating - After finding out her two sons Jermaine and Jake are safe, she's also upset and starts eating donuts.
  8. Marge's Hair
  9. Mario and Peach are Taking a Break
  10. Martha's Story
  11. Martian's Practical Joke
  12. Mayor West!
  13. Megaman Weaponized
  14. Metal in the Shoes
  15. Michael Jersey
  16. Mickey Mouse Couch Gag
  17. Miguel's Electric Guitar Solo
  18. Milo and Hades' Time Travel
  19. Mowgli and Ariel's Vacation and Flashback
  20. Mowgli is Ready for his Journey
  21. Monster Chicken
  22. Mr Burns' Fountain of Youth
  23. Mr. Olaf
  24. Ms. DeMartino's Locker Inspection (Part 1)
  25. Ms. DeMartino Meets Lincoln in the Office (Part 2)
  26. Ms. DeMartino Visits Lincoln (Part 3)
  27. Ms. DeMartino Promotes Lincoln (Part 4)
  28. Ms. Frizzle's Mission Calling
  29. Muscle Man Crying
  30. My Black Son: Anime Domination Fathers
  31. My Little Pony Tales


  1. NaruHina Moment
  2. Naruto Sings The National Anthem
  3. Ned Flanders' Funeral
  4. Nicole Watterson Assaults the Crime Lord
  5. Nothing Bad Ever Happens To A Clown
  6. Now Back to The Justice Friends


  1. Old Coot Bandicoot - A look into when Crash and his friends (and enemies) are old.
  2. Old Man Cuphead
  3. Orochimaru the Evil Bus Driver
  4. Orochimaru's Technology


  1. Pacifica and Dipper Get Naked Together
  2. Pacifica's Dad saw Wendy Naked
  3. Paddle the Traitor
  4. Penn's Gift Escape
  5. Peter Destroys Quahog
  6. Peter Sings Sugar
  7. PJ Berri's Sandwiches
  8. PJ Masks' Day Off
  9. Plastic Straws Kill Sharks
  10. Phineas and Isabella's snuggle time
  11. Phineas and The Monkey
  12. Phineas' Horrible Discovery - Phineas catches Baljeet cheating on his girlfriend.
  13. Phineas' Nightmare
  14. Pinkalicious vs Fancy Nancy
  15. Professor Oak's Memory


  1. Queen Elsa Goes to Starbucks


  1. Rangiku Dressed as Chun-Li
  2. Rarity's Other Dare
  3. Rice Cakes By Stan Smith
  4. Riley's Fun Dip Trip
  5. Rock-a-Bye Avian
  6. Ronnie Anne's Dilemma
  7. Ronnie Anne's Surprise For Lincoln
  8. Rouge Kiss Shadow


  1. Sakura Returns
  2. Sally Who?
  3. Save Us, Super Cow
  4. Scaredy Punches Patty
  5. Sesshomaru finds his Scarf
  6. Sesshomaru Gets Dragged Away
  7. Sesshomaru makes Miroku to Sing
  8. Shawnie's got the Frizzies - Leshawna dances to a 70's style funk song ala "Izzie's got the Frizzies".
  9. Shego's First Kiss with Kim
  10. Si's Day Off
  11. Sierra Kiss Cody
  12. Sly Cooper and the Gang Rob KFC
  13. Snaptrap vs Larry
  14. Sofia has a Crush on Ryder
  15. Sofia Punches Cedric
  16. Sonic and Friends Basketball Game
  17. Sonic and Friends meet the Sonic Boom Voice Actors
  18. Sonic Continues
  19. Sonic Rockin' Court
  20. Sora Goes Crazy
  21. Special Agents Spies in Disguise Trailer
  22. Spongebob's Dad Revisits
  23. Spongebob's Dad Visits
  24. Spongebob Robs The Kwik-E-Mart
  25. Spongebob vs The Big Oil
  26. Squidward's New Neighbor - Steve Urkel moves in next to Squidward.
  27. Star Fox
  28. Still Alive
  29. Street Sharks Burger Brutality
  30. Super JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  31. Surge Leaves the Team


  1. Tails Reacts to "What Does the Fox Say"
  2. Thorn Quits the Team
  3. Time Squad's Not So Heroic Classmates
  4. Timmy's Mom Sings About Snacks
  5. Too Tall Stewie


  1. Unique Mew Mew Power
  2. Ultimate Sly -  Sly Cooper and the gang spoof the hit movie The Dark Knight.


  1. Vanessa sings about Ferb
  2. Vegeta Likes Bulma


  1. Wander's Show Quest
  2. Waspinator's Interrupting the Plan for Megatron
  3. Watch Out Little Dummy
  4. What to Get Baymax
  5. Where's Marco
  6. Where is Ichigo
  7. Wrestlers at the DMV
  8. Who Are You And What Have You Done With Discord?


  1. X-Men Voice Swap


  1. Yay, Candy Grass! - Inspired by Gravity Falls, featuring Vanellope and Wreck-It-Ralph
  2. Your Dad Hyucks
  3. Yugi's Bath Time


  1. Zim and the Martian Queen: Evil Love
  2. Zootopia: Change of Heart - Nick and Judy go undercover at a school as teacher and student respectively to investigate the murder of a teacher. Things start heating up, even if for a moment, when a student kisses Judy.
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