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Liu Kang is a character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. He is one of the few original characters, debuting in the first Mortal Kombat arcade game. He serves as the protagonist of Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat 3, Mortal Kombat 4, Mortal Kombat (2011) (co-protagonist), Mortal Kombat 11, the live-action films and the original comic book series. He became the Grand Champion of Mortal Kombat throughout the first four tournaments, a title that remained undisputed in the original timeline.

In the alternate timeline, he only became the Grand Champion on two occasions, due to the fact that a third tournament did not take place during the invasion of Earthrealm. Although Liu Kang appears in every main Mortal Kombat game, he is not playable in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, as he was killed by the Deadly Alliance.

Theme songs[]

Official theme song: Liu Kang (Born in China) - The Immortals

Fanmade theme songs: Prepare to Fight - Paul Unfaces | Mortal Kombat 2 OST (2023)

Shaolin Monks theme: Choosing - Paul Unfaces | Mortal Kombat 2 OST (2023)

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, Part II[]

Liu Kang would have some minor roles in this fic. After Kung Lao assisted Liu Kang against Shang Tsung, Kintaro, and Shao Kahn respectively, Raiden assured he has freed his ancestors of their inability to save Earthrealm by working together. Kitana congratulated him on his victory, and he wondered what shall happen. He meant between him and the Edenian, who turned him down and decided to rebuild her kingdom under his true father's wishes.

He headed and stayed at the Wu Shi Academy as he celebrated and mingled with the other monks; little did he knew that he and Kung Lao were carrying an everlasting curse much like the Great Kung Lao did...

Kung Lao took the fight to the stragglers from Outworld involving Komodai and the Saurians. He reunited with him and noticed Aiko fully grown. Before they should reintroduce themselves, as her younger self was sent away permanently by the time Shao Kahn was overthrown, Raiden offered them to return to their hidden base, and Liu piloted a Dragon Jet with Kung Lao and Kitana riding it.

Liu Kang was mingled with the other Kombatants at the base's main deck. He remembered the young Aiko as being the heart and the mouthpiece of the team, aside from Nightwolf, always resolving internal conflicts, and wanting him and Kitana to stay together since their bond began to grow during the last trimester. He was also flattered Aiko referred to him and Sub-Zero as the odd couple as they both had opposing elements. When Raiden decided to give the heroes some leeway, he was given the task to scout for some suspicious activity in Outworld, and Kitana decided to bring him along.

They made it close to Kahn's Keep and saw numerous corpses from the Shokan, Centaurs and Tarkans, but no sign of Jerrod's top-ranked knight, Asgaarth, He sworn to kill Shao Kahn for good since none of his fallen shall be brought back to life, not even his brother, and put an end to his destructive regime. If Kung Lao had done it in the last tournament, while Liu was successful in the first one, then perhaps he can do it again.

He and Kitana soon spotted Kano, who was struggling to walk. Before he made a move, though, all three Kombatants were paralyzed as Outworld began to merge with Earth!

He wound up inside the abandoned Bell Tower. The light of the full moon made him come to, and he realized he'd been separated from Kitana, and Kano as well. He wandered the place, but he was ambushed by Rain! He stated he was about to offer her as a sacrifice to Kahn, whom he'd eventually be his successor; he didn't mind having Mileena at his stead, even though she'd mostly stick with Baraka. Liu fought him off, but it was a tough battle considering his hydrokinesis canceled his pyrokinesis, even when he summoned lightning thru the ruined roof to stun Liu! As he conjured more, Liu strategized to draw the sparks closer to the active gears, disabling the chute suspending Kitana over the spikes! Because he was able to dry himself internally from his thermal energy, Rain eventually got electrocuted! He continued to look for Kitana and found her inside a lift descending into the basement filled with spikes! He was able to destroy the contraption, stopping it in time! There was a sudden, violent shake and Rain fell down several stories to the bed of spikes below! The warped foundation made the Tower collapse, though the Dragon Jet piloted by Jax and Sonya riding shotgun was able to lift them joined by Asgaarth!

While the group chanced a short respite, Liu queried where Johnny was. The Special Forces agents witnessed his death at the hands of Motaro, the leader of Kahn's extermination squads and the elitist of the Centaurs. Asgaarth explained Raiden had been hospitalized inside the Sky Temple and he was assigned to protect the Jinsei chamber. Liu stated it was the secret of the Shaolin Monks, aside from protecting a small portion in the Dragon Grotto. The knight prayed for the Champion's success before the group got some shuteye.

By dawn, the quartet arrived at the Bridge. Liu Kang retorted to Jax he should be grateful for their survival thus far as the Agent thought giving his nine lives won't be enough for the salvage mission. He also recognized a hissing noise that didn't belong to any Earth dweller. He had his answer and recognized Mileena and Baraka, with the former he and Lao defeated at the Tower though she escaped leaving a dead Jade behind, and the latter whom the monks assassinated as they destroyed the Soul Tombs. He came to the Edenian's defenses from the Tarkatan's threats and dealt with the lethal swordsman! He was fortunate he decided to wear the black and red armor and the gauntlets, which the latter was passed down by the Great Kung Lao aside from his headband. After he rose his body temperature, his pyrokinesis was eventually powerful enough to melt the arm blades! As Baraka was vulnerable, Liu made his famous Bicycle Kick backing away to the guardrail, until finally ending with a wound-up Flying Kick sending him off the Bridge to the murky river 50 feet below!

After Kitana defeated Mileena, she and he urged the group straight to Kahn's Fortress.

He led the group beneath the abandoned subway tunnels and reunited with Kung Lao with his posse! They caught up, even mentioning that the Jinsei Chamber at the Sky Temple was being protected and time is of the essence; if the realms completed their mergers, Raiden would be forever powerless and close to death while both worlds wilt. The guys then conjured up their inner strength as they progressed to uncertain death...

Shao Kahn sent out more of his extermination squads consisting of the usual Tarkatans, Shadow Priests and Centaurs. The enemies were suddenly ambushed by each of the heroes' own Animalities, even Liu Kang's own famous Dragon form! Over half of the invaders were assassinated by them, until they gave away from enduring too much damage reducing them to their human vessels, though Liu Kang was one of the lucky ones to carry out for so long. Kitana was the first to break free, seeing Sindel; she gave chase and Liu Kang followed her to Kahn's Fortress.

Sindel let out a deafening shriek which stunned all the advancing Kombatants!! Aiko was barely able to use her cardiokinesis, expanding Sindel's heart just enough to exhaust her and seize her banshee screams! Liu Kang and Kitana were the first to infiltrate Kahn's Fortress, with the latter desperately looking for her mom. They wound up inside the Temple floor, and the monk was disgusted on how Kahn perverted it to something so unholy! Sindel made a surprise attack from above!! Kitana tried to talk some reasoning into the evil queen, but she never budged, always belittling Kitana that Milenna was her true daughter, and she was glad she was able to reunite with Kahn, forgetting about Edenia and Jerrod, etc. Liu Kang urged Kitana not to take her slander to heart, so it was against the two royals!

Kitana fought the best she could, but Sindel was more enduring than she was. At one point, he screamed over the shrieks on Kitana deflecting the soundwaves back at her, then Sindel incapacitated Liu Kang as he intervened, however, thanks to the numerous candles, they empowered his pyrokinesis to the point on combusting Sindel's hair!! He even greeted her with a sudden boot to the face!! He then ran to the princess' side and gave her mouth-to-mouth till she was resuscitated! Liu became emotional, and his worries and pure heart really warmed Kitana up to him...

Just then, Kung Lao and Nightwolf rushed in, and for once Lao wasn't fazed of Liu's and Kitana's relationship. The Matokan sensed the immense darkness ahead, and Liu offered to stay with the women for a while.

Just as Nightwolf was about to use his conjured electricity within his axe, Sindel implored him to stop! Liu Kang and Kitana met up with them, and she convinced Sheeva as she'd resume her role as Sindel's bodyguard; she confessed that she'd work for Kahn, despite belittling her kind as inferior, in order to protect her race. Liu was outraged, as a heartless Emperor never caring for the Shokan, just using them as tools, even working under the Centaurs. Eventually, due to being outnumbered and wounded, Sheeva backed down.

After the Soul Chamber was decimated, shockwaves made the ceiling collapse onto it and Sheeva ordered the guys to climb up thru the new hole, even using her strong four arms to help them ascend. They were too late... Liu Kang was desperate on finding his partner, but Nightwolf sensed Lao's soul is gone... The monk was devastated... His friends, even the arrival of the remaining Kombatants, entered and kept ensuring the Champion to keep fighting and put an end to Kahn's savage dominion over Earthrealm and Outworld. By Nightwolf's axe with the souls absorbed into it, they filled up Liu with tons of energy to the point on matching Kahn's astronomical strength, at least that was what the shaman believed...

Liu's battle armor during the climax

Liu Kang arrived at the topmost floor in Kahn's Fortress, simply known as the Pit 3... He looked around and felt a bit uneasy from the sheer scale of the chamber and the sudden impact of the Emperor made the place even more nerve-wrecking!! The monk, however, was ready for action as he empowered his pyrokinesis and energy from Nightwolf's tomahawk. Liu Kang's agility outmaneuvered Kahn's brutal strength but he never gave up! The Shaolin kept on leaping multiple times evading Kahn's onslaughts and distracted him long enough to land a hit, always aiming for his head, even with a couple Dragon Fires! Both warriors soon became tired out, but as overzealous as Kahn was, he kept on his onslaughts! Thanks to Liu's armor, gauntlets, and skills, he was able to endure some of Kahn's brute strength! By the time he increased his momentum, he was able to land a few rapid blows onto Kahn, some he even blocked. Liu just conjured all his might for a remarkable uppercut sending Kahn plummeting to the abyss!! He hardly heard the rows of giant rotating spikes shredding both Kahn's body and soul into oblivion! Liu could've sworn the gigantic stone statues began to move...

However, he nearly lost his footing as the skinny pillar shook beneath his feet! That was when he knew the Tower's collapsing!! He stormed down each floor till he got to the underbelly. But as soon as he reached the exit, both he and his team noticed the rubble blocking it!! With Liu's, Jax's, and Kuai's strength, it still wasn't enough!! The monk was about to lose hope and accept defeat, until neon red light greeted him! Turned out it was a rip and never minding where it led, he immediately took it nearly tripping over himself as he touched sturdier pavement! He noticed he was out on the streets with his friends who watched Kahn's Fortress collapse into itself!!

During his recovery at the Jinsei Chamber, Lao was still dreading over Liu Kang's curse since he won thrice... He assured he can deal with it being ageless as he was still mortal.

He was lastly seen repairing Edenia, the lost kingdom overthrown by Kahn, as well as guarding over Kitana; she became more mutual with the Champion since he has proven thrice as Champion, even being compassionate to her mother. Lao didn't mind his constant absence, as he was willing to be his promising replacement amongst the Shaolin Monks.

A Date and a Destiny[]

Kung Lao and Aiko found Liu Kang packing into a dragon-shaped canoe upon the shore of the Honan providence. The couple, amongst the other monks, were startled at this act. They never expected him to leave, nor did he give any word on the matter. He said that he needed to leave for America in order to live a peaceful, democratic lifestyle and find a newer generation of monks to beef up their numbers. Kung Lao thought that Raiden told him, but it was his own decision. He assured that Edenia didn't need his help as much and were successful on rebuilding. And he entrusted Lao to keep the Academy in check in his stead, he was chosen as his second. At first Lao was reluctant, but he soon turned proud to do so. Liu also wanted Aiko to look after him as well. Everyone wished him a safe journey and bon voyage.

Mortal Kombat: Shinnok's Uprising[]

Liu was travelling back to China from America via the dragon canoe on the Yellow River. He was so relieved to finally return and relax after a strenuous couple years training a newer generation of monks. One of them he managed to bring was his most promising disciple, Kai! He led him to the Temple of Light where the Order, including his grandpa, was glad to see him. He wondered where Lao was, but before he got answers, he spotted a thin funnel touchdown onto the Wu Shi Academy. Alarmed he wanted to follow it, but after it dissipated, they also spotted a falling comet impact close to the Bayan Har Mountains.

Liu and Kai went on the prowl and spotted an army of demons mangling a hapless victim in the crater! He and Kai fought them off vigilantly, before a Dragon Jet intervened. Out came Lao, Aiko and Nightwolf, but before they can make a reunion, Raiden broke the news that his old nemesis, the fallen Elder God, Shinnok, rose from the Netherrealm and was currently attacking the heavens. The Thunder God eagerly ordered the heroes to gather before he took Fujin to the Jinsei Chamber to heal.

He soon met up with Sonya, Sub-Zero and a resurrected Johnny Cage!! He was astounded of his two-year recovery! And he grew more determined than ever as he and his team entered to Edenia thru a new portal Sonya and Nightwolf generated, and accepted Quan Chi's challenge of a new Mortal Kombat tournament within the corrupt Edenian Palace.

He hardly recalled the incident of the first encounter with Quan Chi by the infectious gem of Tetsurri pointed out by Nightwolf. He led the team descending some steep hills toward the empty vicinity of the Palace as they were ambushed by the Army of Darkness. Liu encouraged Kai to do his best and remember the things he was taught, while the monk wiped out the Onis and Shadows easily. After that, Johnny questioned if he was still obsessed over Kitana in which Sonya replied sarcastically, they were. Nevertheless, Liu was an effective leader until the group were being overwhelmed by the generals! He still recognized the Archers and Warmongers from his and Lao's journey thru Outworld, even those in the Tower and Foundry! Unfortunately, in conjunction with more enemies, he declared for the heroes to split up, divide their formations to infiltrate the Palace on all sides! He urged Kai to stay with him as his friends scattered!

Liu and Kai were still taking out some of the generals, but the Army of Darkness soon overwhelmed the duo! He ordered Kai in Chinese to hide before he transformed into his fatal Dragon Animality! He was able to obliterate the oncoming wave of enemies yet one of the elites managed to break through and knock Kai to the ground! Liu came to his rescue, though his partner was still despondent, saying he wished he can be as skilled as him... Liu simply replied that in order to match the power of a Champion,

"Remember what I told you, Kai. There's more to martial arts than just fighting. You must become one with your inner spirit. Only then can you summon your real inner strength and have that power that you've only dreamed about."

Kai was still jealous, but the duo headed straight for the Palace, with Liu's angsts over Kitana driving him. They came across a nearby tomb, thinking this was the ruined place, only to be ambushed by Reiko! More of the Onis shown up and Liu took on the "young Shao Kahn." Fortunately, the Champion won over him, but...he was vulnerable on having his partner abducted and Reiko gone! He was alone and lost in Edenia, and his anxieties still motivated him! He soon met up with Tanya, who was an Edenian that escaped from the chaos; she guided Liu to a secret passageway in order to arrive to the Palace without being detected.

Liu appreciated the offer, and even Tanya wanted to see Kitana again. She led him to a cavern, then Tanya was stabbed directly in her spine! It was the emerald clad Edenian, Jade!! She warned Liu that Tanya's a traitor and an Edenian rebel, before she fought her off! Jade explained that Raiden resurrected her along with that shady egotist at the Jinsei Chamber, and while the Thunder God was busy with Shinnok, he led Johnny to Earthrealm and her to Edenia. She was irritated she remembered him and Lao killing her on the Tower a few years ago. She confessed that maybe both she and Kitana were brainwashed by Kahn serving him... But she was glad to see the Champion; she believed he had what it takes to help overthrow Quan Chi and Shinnok as Champion who won over Shao Kahn! Jade led him to the Palace yet there was a booming melee yonder! Jade knew full-on it was the palace and they charged into the fray!

Liu and Jade were taken off guard by another ambush, only to have some of the cavalry save their hides! Liu was relieved to see Kitana and Kung Lao safe, even though he was still unconfident on saving Kai. He was also alarmed Scorpion joined the cause, despite Nightwolf explaining he was told the truth of Quan Chi murdering his family! Still, he followed the Edenian women to the secret chamber, and Kitana warned they can still be rigged. He followed Kitana and Jade to find the prisoners, only to be distracted by Lao's screams! He arrived too late, and Raiden warned he and Aiko were dragged into the Netherrealm by Shinnok!! Only to lure the Champion and the Gods for one final showdown! Liu was distraught over their sealed fate, but he was more determined than ever to put the ancient war to an end!

The trio reached Shinnok's temple, the Fire Well, but they arrived too late for Lao and Aiko had their hearts corrupted. While Shinnok stunned the brothers, Liu was barely a match for the cardiokinetic and his best friend. Shinnok drew the hero close and was about to waste away his heart until Nightwolf performed a ritual that allowed his and the compatriots' strength to cross into the Netherrealm from the Edenian Palace. With Shinnok weakened by his pure memories and thoughts, he lost the Amulet temporarily by Liu's strong Kick, though Lao retrieved it via Teleport, and Shinnok attached it to the Staff! By the time Hanzo and Kuai restored the REAL Amulet at the Temple of Elements, Shinnok's powers ran out and realized he only was using the duplicate! Raiden stunned the usurped couple before taking them to the Jinsei while Liu backed the hapless Elder God to the spiked Well! Fujin pushed the monk aside before he and Raiden forced Shinnok into the massive spikes below!! The two Gods became the new Champions and escorted the hurt hero back to Edenia!

The team cheered, especially Kitana who was ecstatic to see him alive, well, and victorious! Nightwolf briefed him that he wouldn't have won if it wasn't for his shamanistic skills allowing their strength to cross over. Liu remembered of Lao and Aiko's fate and so Raiden took him to the Sky Temple. He and Johnny greeted them, and the monk forgave them for what they'd done... He stayed with them for several hours until they finally returned to China. Both Jade and Aiko wanted things to work out for Liu and Kitana, especially since he now had the chance to show the Edenians around since they offered to stay a little longer for some R&R.

Liu Kang's Dragon Amulet

A few days had passed since the end of the Netherrealm War. By the time Kung Lao and Aiko were finally out of recovery, they returned to the Wu Shi Academy with Liu, Sonya, Johnny, Kitana, Nightwolf and Kai. The Shaolin was escorting his disciple around until Kitana made a proposition for him to serve Edenia at her side. Aiko chimed in he couldn't since although he no longer has the immortal curse, his responsibilities and life still lie here. Liu knew that Raiden announced as the new Elder God, and he summoned most of his fellow warriors for a final farewell near Fujin's crater... Liu Kang, Kung Jin, and Aiko grieved for him, thinking that Earthrealm won't be the same without him...

Liu Kang's Vengeance attire

Mortal Kombat: Vengeance[]

Liu Kang was performing his training katas at the Wu Shi Arena early in the morning, just when the sky brightened into a robin's egg blue. He spotted Kung Lao outside the ring, though he paid him no mind. Little by little, he etched closer and closer, until his form changed and towered over the monk! He spotted his old nemesis, Shang Tsung!! He gave him all he had and put up a fight, that until his associate, Quan Chi, caught him off guard! Liu saw him for a mere second till he was caught in Shang's stranglehold! He struggled as hard as he could to break free, but his strength and vision were depleting rapidly! By the time Shang broke his neck, Liu Kang blacked out and his body fell! He was dead!

Just before Shang was about to absorb his soul, it rocketed straight into the heavens by an unknown source! He didn't know it was Raiden, until he came to inside a roomy space with two orb windows overlooking the Arena. He heard Raiden's muffled voice and was startled by it and his body. He noticed Aiko, Kung Lao, and Nightwolf, and the former Elder God assured he's safe in the dragon amulet he created to encase his soul. Liu Kang now has a chance to avenge himself and stop the Deadly Alliance!


  • At first, for her story, Ikran wanted Liu Kang to be voiced by the legendary choreographer, Robin Shou. But after some deep thinking, he'd have to retire eventually, so someone else had to take his stead. Instead, she decided to stick with his VA from Defenders of the Realm, Brian Tochi.