Fan Fiction

The idea...


You know how Simon dies in the end of William Golding's Lord of the Flies? Well, many see Simon as a Christ figure. So, in the sequel, God gives Simon a gift, making Simon have a second life as a businesswoman. The businesswoman, who is in love with Ralph, comes and Ralph is delighted to see her. Resembling Simon, Ralph cannot believe it. Simon tells him that she came back as a gift from God for her selfless acts she committed back on the island. This is a story of romance, as if Ralph was saved by the police and everyone is civilized again. Simon is also loved by the lovesick Jack, who serves as the antagonist and Roger is the one who convinces the woman to love Jack. Ultimately, it is a failure, as Ralph manages to kill Jack and Roger, the villains, when Simon was at home, and in the end, Ralph and Simon marry, leading Piggy to come back from the dead, since he helped Ralph in Lord of the Flies. Piggy is rewarded and God gives Simon a flower crown. Everyone is happy. Samneric... they might have no role...


None since the writer did not have a account