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Template:Infobox seriesME Guy And His World(Original Name:Le gars ME et son monde in Quebec French) is a fictional animated series created by Mc1231 with ME-Mation Studio.It is preceded by Mc Etson's New Venture


ME Guy is send to a world which he can control.But a bad guy and his troops want to takeover the world.ME Guy and his friends need stop him before he takeover it.


List of characters of Mc Etson(series)


Season 1 (January 28,2010-August 19,2010)[]

Season 2 (January 27,2011-August 18,2011)[]

Season 3 (January 26,2011)[]

Early Concept[]

Video Games[]

A video game named ME Guy And His World:Da Video Game will be released on MacTech GameBooster HH addons for Nintendo 3DS and Sony Playstation Vita and MacTech GameBooster HC addons for Nintendo Wii U as a pack-in game.

Characters from ME Guy And His World will also appear on ME-Mation Racing.

Music Video[]


  • The series is very different to the earlier shows