Fan Fiction
Fan Fiction

This about Class 1-A, Class 1-B, other students, L.O.V., and adults watching the multiverse.

Rated: A.


  • Character Bashing: Katsuki Bakugo, Mineta Minoru, Togaru Kamakiri, Endeavor, and Overhaul.


  • 1: Polygamy will be allowed in the theater room because the main character Izuku Midoriya would have a hard time picking and is going to be dating two girls in the beginning.
  • 2: Izuku's adoptive kids will have a seperate mother. Eri is adopted by Ochako and Kota is adopted by Setsuna.
  • 3: No fighting, that means you Bakugo and Endeavor.
  • 4: No prejudice words towards quirkless, other races, or sexualities.

Prologue: Izuku at Dagobah (Harem)

In the morning, Izuku woke up in his bed and yawned in a cute way which woke up his two girlfriends Ochako Uraraka and Setsuna Tokage.

"Good morning, honey." said a smiling Ochako.

"Let's have some breakfast, babe." said a smirking Setsuna.

They then wake up the kids Eri and Kota.

In the dining room, they ate some breakfast with their family but saw his bullies Momo, Jiro, and Kodai smirking at him.

"Good morning, Miss Yaoyorozu, Miss Jiro, and Miss Kodai." said a kind Izuku.

"Morning to you too, Deku." said a smirking Momo.

"I hope you like your breakfast." said a smirking Jiro.

"Now where's our good morning kiss?" said a smirking Kodai.

He blushed but complied. He kissed them and the girls.

In Class 1-A, Izuku was getting nervous because he is suddenly in a all-girls class room. The girls won't stop staring at him and he just wanted to leave. The only girls who ever show a little respect are Ochako Uraraka and Setsuna Tokage but they also look like they will do something to him.

At Lunch, he is once again given the looks and is sitting with a female version of the Dekusquad, consisting of Ochako Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui, Itsuka Kendo, Ibara Shiozaki, Setsuna Tokage, Himiko Toga, Camie Utsushimi, Melissa Shield, and Mei Hatsume. They invited Eri and Kota to eat with them.

"So girls, you like the Dekusquad so far?" asked a smiling Ochako.

"Yeah, it's great." said a smiling Itsuka.

"We're glad to be with my fiance." said a happy Setsuna.

"Anyway, how's school going for you two?" asked a smiling Izuku.

"It's great, daddy." said a happy Eri.

"Yeah, me and her fought bullies and protected that kid Katsuma." said an agreeing Kota.

"Good job Eri, I'm proud of you." said a proud Ochako.

"You too, Kota." said an agreeing Setsuna.

However, Izuku is purposefully knocked on the head by Katsuki Bakugo, making the girls and kids at the table glare.

The boys and girls from other tables saw this too and were glaring as well.

"Watch where you're sitting, freak." said a smirking Bakugo.

"Why don't you watch you're going, jackass?" asked an irritated Itsuka.

"Why don't you just fuck off, bitch?" asked an arrogant Bakugo.

"What the fuck did you just fucking say, fuckhole?" asked an angry Setsuna.

Before they can argue, Kirishima held Bakugo back and Izuku held Setsuna back.

At the table, Setsuna was saying some curse words about Bakugo but Itsuka and Ibara had Izuku tape Setsuna's mouth to avoid hearing them.

"Setsuna, that tape will be there until you learn to have a clean mouth." said a stern Ibara.

Setsuna growled at her but then sighed and cuddled Izuku.

Then they are called to go to the auditorium and Izuku just ran out of there, making the girls angry.

'We'll have you, our little Deku/Dekiru!' thought the angry girls.

When they all are seated in comfortable theater seats and are in normal clothing, Izuku sits in between Ochako and Setsuna, making them smirk at a nervous Izuku. They both agree to share Izuku but he was more nervous about Setsuna's clothes.

They see the boys from Class 1-B and Izuku gave a fist bump to his best-friend Shoto Todoroki, who returned it and sat behind Izuku.

"Why does Tokage have tape on her mouth?" asked a worried Shoto.

"Kachaan made her mad and they got in a cursing fight. I'll take it off." said a nervous Izuku. He then went to her and prepared to take it off, "Hold still, okay?"

Setsuna nodded and the tape was taken off, making her flinch.

Izuku notices this and kisses her mouth to make it better.

She blushed but smiled at him.

Principal Nezu showed up and some other adults or students from other places.

Hisashi and Inko hugged their son.

Ochaco reunited with her parents.

Setsuna hugged her older sister Suna, who looked like her but in her 20's and wearing adult clothing.

Mineta stared at her but Kaminari shocked him into unconsciousness out of annoyance. He might be a pervert but even he gets annoyed by Mineta.

Izuku and Setsuna saw Mineta's reaction and angrily wanted to kill him but were relieved that Kaminari intervened before they could.

Sir Nighteye, Nana Shimura, and Magne were brought back to life.

Some guest stars show up and it's other main characters: Naruto, Hinata, Rock Lee, Minato, and Kushina from the Naruto series, Percy Jackson, Artemis, Thalia, and Apollo from the Percy Jackson book series, Cody, Bridgette, Dave, Junior, Harold, Sammy, Ezekiel, Izzy, Ella, and Dawn from Total Drama, the cooking club from Seton Academy, the golden trio and their friends from the Harry Potter series, Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Padme, Bail, 501st Legion, 212th Legion, and Bad Batch from Star Wars, Jaune, Ruby, Sun, Velvet Ozpin, and Glynda from RWBY, Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye from the MCU, Batman, 4 Robins, 2 Superboys, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash from the DC Universe, Kimihito and the monster girls from Monster Musume, Ayano, Budo, Taro, Osana, and Raibaru from Yandere Simulator, and others out there.

They were introduced to Izuku and they really like him.

Then a screen pops up.

(Our video starts with Izuku in his bed, looking at his phone and having a texting chat with his friend Shoto Todoroki. They are secretly friends but Izuku doesn't know how to tell him and the guys that he is creeped out by the girls.)

The male main characters nodded in agreement to him.

Peter would've agreed but Wanda cuddled him.

The girls were upset and wonder why he's creeped out.

Eri wonders why her daddy is nervous around her mommy.

Kota was confused.

(Every guy would be creeped out if the girls just stare at him like a piece of meat or keep on calling him their precious cinnamon roll.)

The nicer girls don't mean to creep him out.

The guys are shocked that he is creeped out but the male students and main characters who have lived with females their whole lives felt bad for him.

The popular girls and female students are offended and think that he should be honored about it.

Eri now understood because she saw it too and it also creeped her out.

Kota shivered because the 1-A girls creep him out too.

"Despite being seen as a playboy, I could agree that's creepy." said an agreeing Tony.

"Oh trust me, that's not worst than Sierra." said a shivering Cody.

"Who's Sierra?" asked a worried Jaune.

A explained who that was and everyone felt bad for Cody.

"Cody, we should talk to Courtney and ask her to get a restraining order on that crazy girl." said a worried Bridgette.

"Oh yeah, I should also help Sun get a restraining order on Blake." said an agreeing Jaune.

"Why is that, man?" asked a worried Sun.

"Because she's been cutting a hole in the men's locker room." said an annoyed Jaune.

"WHAT?" yelled a horrified Sun and the disgusted males.

"I'll deal with it soon." said a disgusted Ozpin, not happy to hear this.

"Where is she? How dare she peep on my little spider?" asked an angry Wanda, not liking how someone stalked her sweet innocent Peter Parker.

"What's your relationship with Spider-Man?" asked a curious Izuku.

"He's my adopted little brother." said a smiling Wanda.

(To make things worst, he is called the harem prince because of how teenage and adult girls are always giving him attention.)

The females are angry. Not only at the filthy rumors but because of some hussies getting in on their territory.

Ochako and Setsuna doesn't like how their husband/fiance is getting stalked by some adults and those horrible rumors.

"Which one of you dead pigs made that rumor?" asked an annoyed Artemis.

The all-boy class pointed at Mineta and Kaminari, the former was scared and the latter was guilt-ridden.

(Also, they take showers with him and he tries not seeing them.)

The females are now annoyed that he doesn't want to please them.

The males felt bad for Izuku and understand that it's technically sexual harassment.

(However, Todoroki could tell what his friend's going through and had been secretly responsible for getting the locker room hole covered up or convincing the teachers to have co-ed rooms.)

The girls glare at this and Shoto flipped them off.

'I'll get you for this.' thought a vengeful Ochako.

'You're going to pay for this.' thought a glaring Setsuna.

"That was you?" asked a shocked Izuku.

"Yep." said a snickering Shoto.

"But why?" asked an annoyed Toga.

"Because the shower part is technically sexual harassment." said a glaring Shoto.

(Both Class 1-A and 1-B girls along with Toga, Camie, Mei, Nejire, and Melissa are having a sleepover in Itsuka's room. They're having fun until they decide to reveal their crush.)

The girls look worried about revealing it.

(They all yelled it out together and the reveal was shocking.)

  • Girls (together): (yelling) "DEKU/DEKIRU!"

(They were shocked by this.)

Izuku blushed about all the girls liking him but looked nervous.

The girls didn't mind that their feelings are revealed but are offended by how he's feeling.

Eri was happy because she gets to have more than one mommy.

Kota was blushing at how much girls his dad is attracting.

"Absolutely not, polygamy is illegal." said a stern Iida.

"Not in here, it ain't. Also, your friend Izuku is married to his classmate Ochako Uraraka, engaged to 1-B student Setsuna Tokage, and is dating the villain Himiko Toga." said a smiling A.

"Wait fam, we can share Izu-Poo?" asked a happy Camie.

"Yep, he's all yours." said a smiling A.

Izuku groaned in annoyance and gave their new friend an annoyed look.

(They took turns revealing how they developed a crush and wonders who will win his heart. They then get the idea of going to the beach with him.)

"Oh yeah, I can't wait to show off my swimsuit." said a purring Setsuna.

"Izuku is the only angel that has ever won my heart. He's allowed to break my maiden vow." said a smiling Ibara.

"Me and Reiko even find him attractive or whatever." said the usually neutral Kodai.

(The next day, Izuku yawns and looks tired because he hasn't slept due to fear of getting molested.)

The girls now want to do something but are saddened by his fear. They do love him and are wanting to take it easy on him.

Eri understood because Overhaul did that to her but she shakes her head of those thoughts, trying to forget that monster.

Kota shivered because the female pro-heroes he lived with used to cuddle with him but he got nervous from it.

Ochako and Setsuna were saddened.

(He doesn't want to date a girl because they only see him as a piece of meat. He prefers being the little brother of 1-A.)

The girls pouted and wanted him.

(In the kitchen, he sits at the table and looks like he wants to go to sleep but Uraraka scolds him and tells him to eat his breakfast. It's his favorite food Katsudon, which he started eating happily and was having a good talk Eri and Kota.)

They smile at their time with their daddy. Then Kota hugged Eri and called her big sis while she called him little bro.

Izuku smiled at this and hugged his children.

The people of the other world smiled at this.

(The other girls gave her thumbs up but they were rudely interrupted by Bakugo, who barged in and purposefully shoved Izuku as the girls saw and glare.)

All females groan in annoyance, hating that explosive bastard.

'Ugh, why does he have to show up?' thought the annoyed girls.

The adults were disappointed in Bakugo for his lack of manners.

"He did the same thing earlier, didn't he?" asked an annoyed Setsuna but was secretly gonna get Bakugo in trouble.

"Yeah, he did." said a nodding Itsuka, catching onto the plan.

"Wait, what?" asked a confused Aizawa.

They told him everything and he glared at a nervous Bakugo.

"Who the fuck is this asshole?" asked an irritated Sun.

"That's Katsuki Bakugo, Izuku's former childhood friend turned bully." said an angry A, not liking Bakugo at all for his bullying.

"And I thought Flash Thompson was worst." said a scowling Peter.

"Who's Flash Thompson?" asked a confused Izuku.

"A racist prick who terrorizes my little spider and targets mutants as well." said a sneering Wanda, holding Peter close to her.

(Bakugo sat at the table and faced Ochako, who looked like she wanted to castrate him.)

  • Bakugo: (glaring) "Where's my breakfast, women?"
  • Ochako: (frowning) "Eat a waffle."
  • Bakugo: (angry) "Oh, so you gonna serve a worthless Deku over a true hero like me? You bitches must be crazy."

(Izuku gulped in fear, knowing that Bakugo shouldn't have said that.)

All females in the room glare at Bakugo and plan on harming him later.

The males shake their heads at him for digging his own grave.

"He's digging his own grave, isn't he?" asked an annoyed Ezekiel.

"Yep." said an agreeing Cody and Dave, also not amused by this.

"It's not wise to insult a girl's senpai." said a serious Jaune.

"How do you know that, uncle Jaune?" asked a confused Eri.

"I grew up with seven sisters, sweetie." said a smiling Jaune, earning smile from his supposed niece.

Everyone was shocked.

"Dude, I got 10 sisters." said a shocked Lincoln.

"I got 6 sisters." said an also shocked Cody.

"I've got 4 sisters." said an also shocked Freshman.

"I've got 3 sisters." said a shrugging A, having known about Jaune's family. (actually, I have two sisters and a lot of half brothers. 1 sister is a half sibling and the other is a step sibling)

(Indeed, the girls became murderous but Izuku and the kids were taken to another room so they don't have to see it.)

Izuku and the kids sighed in relief.

"At least the children won't hear the anger." said a relieved Cap.

(Ochako and the girls make threats.)

  • Ochako: (glaring) "We'd watch that shit-eater you call a mouth if we were you."
  • Setsuna: (also glaring) "You ever say shit like that again to us or our precious Dekiru again, nobody will find your fucking body."
  • Bakugo: (smirking) "Like you bitches can scare me. How about you fuck me instead of him? Maybe if I give you my load, I'll make you all feel better. Deku is just a weak bastard. He should've jumped off the roof of the building like I once told him to. I even said to him if he wants a quirk so bad then he should pray to get it in the next life and take a swine dive off the roof of the building."

(He chuckles sinisterly and ignores the evil glares that the girls are giving him for telling their crush to commit suicide.)

"Did he really say that?" asked a pissed off Nezu.

"Yes he did." said an angry A.

He showed the video and the audience were beyond pissed.

The girls now wanted to murder Bakugo.

'You will pay for hurting our poor little Deku!' thought the vengeful Class 1-A girls along with Toga, Camie, Mei, and Nejire.

'How dare he hurt our sweet Dekiru?!' thought the enraged Class 1-B girls along with Melissa. Even Ibara, Pony, and Kinoko wanted to murder Bakugo for saying that.

'I'm gonna kill him.' thought the pissed off adult females, mostly Fuyumi.

'Nobody will find his fucking body!' thought the furious other universe girls, including Ruby.

'Dude, that was not cool.' thought the angry boys, mostly Shoto and Sen, who had to be restrained from killing Bakugo.

Hisashi and Inko both glare at Bakugo.

Masaru and Mitsuki were disappointed in Bakugo.

Even Endeavor was angry at this and his wife Rei was agreeing with him.

Ruby had to be restrained by Jaune and Sun from killing Bakugo, despite them also wanting to kill the bully.

Anakin had to be controlled by his wife and their allies from killing Bakugo for saying that, despite them also being angry.

Pretty much everyone wanted to kill Bakugo.

"Katsuki Bakugo, I'm very disappointed in you. You are suspended for eight months." said an angry Nezu before he looks at the girls, "You can do whatever you want with him as revenge for what he did to the boy you care about."

The girls smirk at that but then focused on Izuku and saw him wincing at what he once heard.

Ochako and Setsuna gave him a hug.

(The girls beat the oh holy shit out of him and gave him a penis branding mark on his ass.)

The girls give an evil smirk, agreeing with that.

(When they asked Izuku about why he didn't tell them, he claims that they thought he had a good life. When they now listen, he told them about when he went to a heartless doctor and was diagnosed as quirkless, he was hated by Bakugo and the class for being useless. The male students would beat him up and the female students would take advantage of him. The teachers purposefully ignored this due to focusing on students with quirks. At end of a school day, Bakugo told him to kill himself and then the first time he met All Might, he was rejected by him out of belief that a quirkless person can't be a hero but after saving an ungrateful Bakugo from that sludge villain, he was given One-For-All by All Might and that's when he finally made his debut at U.A.)

Everyone felt bad for him.

The girls cry at how much he suffered. They start hugging him.

Monoma and Shinso feel like shit because of how they treated him. They were bullied because of their quirks.

"Midoriya, me and Shinso apologize for treating you like that." said a remorseful Monoma with Shinso agreeing.

Shoto and Sen felt bad for him.

"Midoriya, we apologize for not looking into your past. We should've set you up for therapy." said a guilt-ridden Nezu.

"It's alright but I'm just disappointed that none of the students ever found out that I was quirkless or try to give a quirkless person a chance." said a sad Izuku, earning remorseful looks from others.

Eri and Kota hugged their daddy while crying about his tragic story.

Hisashi sighed in regret for not being there for him and Inko cried at what happened to their son.

The students felt regret for never wanting to learn his past.

"Midoriya, we will sign you up for therapy with Hound Dog." said a serious Nezu.

"Don't worry, I will give him therapy." said a nodding Hound Dog, worried for the boy's sanity.

The main characters from the other universe showed sympathy for him.

Naruto sighed sadly, knowing Izuku's pain.

(The girls cry and hug him. They promise to protect him and to get revenge on those who bullied him.)

The girls scowl, wanting to find the bullies and harm them.

The teachers were disappointed in the bullies for acting like villains.

"Midoriya, what's the name of your previous school?" asked an angry Nezu.

"Aldera Junior High." said a confused Izuku.

"Aizawa, run a background check on that school and if any quirkless student is being bullied, please blacklist any bullies from our school." said a stern Nezu, not liking favoritism.

"You don't even have to order it." said a glaring Aizawa, also not liking favoritism.

"And detective Naomasa, interrogate the teachers and have them arrested for possible child abuse or child neglect." said a stern Nezu.

"Yes sir." said a nodding Naomasa, writing this all down.

Naruto wants to prank the bullies so bad.

The male main heroes also wanted to deal with those bullies.

(Izuku accepted an invite to the beach and was allowed to bring the kids but the Class 1-A boys and Class 1-B boys got sick.)

The girls are trying to look innocent while the boys were annoyed.

"What? How?" asked an annoyed Kaminari.

(Apparently someone put Ipecac in their food or drinks. Bakugo, Mineta, and Kamakiri got it worst because they have diarrhea, which made Izuku laugh because someone put laxative in their food.)

This made the students laugh.

"I don't really like Kamikiri. He's the exact counterpart of Bakugo and he is feared because of an incident in Mustafa where he is questioned in his hero brutality there." said a shivering Sen.

"But why does he hate me? What did I do to him?" asked a worried Izuku.

(Shoto, Koda, and Sen were spared. Shoto is visiting his mother, Koda is taking care of animals, and Sen is on a cruise ship with his older sister. Actually, Setsuna pulled a few strings and got him on. The girls are well aware that Sen and Setsuna are dating but Sen knows about Izuku and wants his girlfriend to be happy.)

"Aw, thanks Sen." said a smiling Setsuna.

(At the beach, Izuku is wearing some green shorts and his muscled chest is exposed, earning blushes from all the girls.)

Every girl from Izuku's universe and the other universe blushed at his exposed chest and Setsuna wolf-whistled at it.

Izuku saw this and decided to tease them.

"Like what you see?" asked a teasing Izuku.

The girls blushed and glared at him.

'You'll pay for that, Deku/Dekiru.' thought the embarrassed girls.

"Hey wait, that's Dagobah beach." said a shocked Kendo.

"Oh yeah, that's my first training place." said a smiling Izuku.

"Wait a minute, you cleaned it, didn't you?" asked a shocked Setsuna.

"Yes I did, why?" asked a confused Izuku.

"You're in my gratitude. My family couldn't go there because of the garbage but now we get to go because someone cleaned it." said a happy Setsuna.

"Bless you Midoriya for your good deed." said a praying Ibara.

His friends and admirers were happy to hear his good deed.

The other main heroes were proud of him.

"Nice job buddy." said a smiling Jaune.

(Eri and Kota came out, wearing children swimsuits.)

"Aw, you look so cute Eri." said a smiling Ochako as she rubs a happy Eri's head.

"You too, Kota." said a smirking Setsuna as she winks at a blushing Kota.

(The Class 1-A girls show their swimsuits: Ochako is wearing a yellow two-piece swimsuit, Tsuyu is wearing a green one-piece swimsuit, Toga is wearing a blood red sports bra and a blood red skirt, Camie is wearing a sexy black bikini, Momo is wearing a red two-piece swimsuit, Jirou is wearing a yellow bikini top and a yellow skirt, Mei is wearing a black bikini, Nejire is wearing a cyan blue one-piece swimsuit, Mina is wearing a blue bikini, and Toru is wearing a red bikini top with shorty jean shorts on. Even better, she's visible.)

Everyone was shocked to see Toru visible but Izuku covered Eri's eyes from seeing Camie's swimsuit while Setsuna covered Kota's eyes before glaring at a sheepish Camie.

(The Class 1-B girls show their swimsuits: Itsuka is wearing a white two-piece swimsuit with no straps on the top, Ibara is wearing a unique bikini top and white skirt, Setsuna is wearing a sexy green bikini, Pony is wearing a school girl swimsuit, Kodai is wearing a red sports bra and red speedo, Reiko is wearing a purple one-piece swimsuit with a black cape and black hat, Kinoko is wearing a red swim dress, and Melissa is wearing a blue two-piece swimsuit with the straps in the middle of the top.)

Izuku glared at a sheepish Setsuna for wearing that in front of kids but liked Pony and Kinoko's swimsuits because they were kid friendly.

Sen blushed at seeing Setsuna in that and Suna looked away, not wanting to see it.

(Then he tries to look away but then notices something nearby and starts blushing while covering the kids' eyes. The girls were curious and also looked but then glared.)

They recognized that look and feel anger.

"Oh great, who is it now?" asked an annoyed Camie.

(The adult girls are there as well: Fuyumi Todoroki is wearing a red and white bikini, Mount Lady is wearing a purple bikini top and white bikini bottom, Miruko is wearing a white furry bikini, and the female members of the Wild, Wild Pussycats (Mandalay, Pixie-Bob, Ragdoll) were wearing red, blue, and green bikinis respectively. They posed and winked.)

Izuku went red faced and the female students growled at those hussies for stealing their man.

Shoto looked away with a blush at seeing his sister in something so revealing. It was the same as Natsuo and Dabi (Touya).

The male adults just sighed at this.

"Really?" asked an annoyed Kamui.

"If I catch you trying to seduce him, you will be arrested for pedophilia and flirting with a minor." said a glaring Nezu.

(The girls glare at them.)

  • Girls (thought): (glaring) 'Bitches, what the hell?'
  • Pro-Heroines/Adult Women (thought): (smirking) 'You snooze, you lose.'

(Izuku sighed and facepalmed, asking himself why.)

The boys and men were laughing at this, even Aizawa and the no-nonsense guys.

The females were glaring at them.

"Stop laughing, this ain't funny." said an angry Itsuka.

(Tiger couldn't come because he also got laxative in his food. It was good because his female teammates were getting creeped out by him.)

Tiger growled in annoyance as his female teammates laughed at this.

(Kamui Woods and Death Arms couldn't come because of hero reasons while Natsuo and Touya were also visiting their mother. Hawks has gotten the chicken pox.)

Everyone laughed at what happened to Hawks, who just rolled his eyes.

(The male teachers were in a meeting about the girls' behavior and didn't invite Midnight for obvious reasons.)

"There's nothing wrong with us." said a glaring Momo.

"Oh really? Then why do I hear reports of missing clothing, shared shower times, and staring?" asked a frowning Vlad King.

"Because he's ours." said a scowling Kendo, earning nods from her classmates and the Class 1-A girls.

Izuku felt upset that she just declared him their property.

Everyone else also were not happy by what she said.

However, Jaune stood up for him.

"Hey, you say that you love him but you just called him yours. That sounds like calling him your property. He is no one's property but his own." said a stern Jaune.

Izuku smiled at him and the nice people clap.

(They were having fun but Eri was scared of the water, no thanks to Overhaul.)

Izuku and Mirio scowled at this.

"Who's Overhaul?" asked a concerned Jaune.

They explained and everyone was angry.

Chapter 1: Class Bullies

(Izuku was in his room sleeping as his class cuddled him like a child and cried because he just got beaten and r***d by Class 1-B (except for Sen, Kosei, Ibara, and Pony).)

Class 1-B cried because they harmed him.

"What did we do to him?" asked a crying Kendo, who loved Izuku like a little brother.

"You'll see." said a sad A.

(Shoto feels bad for Izuku and admits that Izuku's tragic life is worst. Shoto is only beaten and harshly berated by his father but Izuku is being bullied by a lot of people for supposedly being quirkless.)

Everyone gasped at this.

Shoto rolled up his sleeves to show cuts on his arm.

"Todoroki, you will be with Midoriya during counseling and we're investigating your father, is that understood?" asked a serious Nezu.

"Yes sir." said a nodding Shoto.

Izuku comforts his best friend.

(The boys of Class 1-B beat him up but when he passes out, they stop.)

They were crying at how much they're abusing him.

"How could we?" asked a crying Monoma.

(The girls of Class 1-B r**e him because they get horny around him and want some pleasure from him.)

They were crying too.

"We don't want to do that." said a crying Setsuna.

(The four exceptions were getting horrified by their classmates and were crying at what's happening. The boys would heal him and the girls would comfort him.)

They did indeed not like what was going on.

(The Class 1-B teacher Vlad King supported the bullying and also beat the kid up.)

Vlad King was disappointed in himself.

(However, Class 1-A found out and they are enraged by what's happening to their sweet little Deku. They accept him for being quirkless and stand up for him.)

A crying Izuku smiled at this and the class is glad to have him.

(Aizawa was getting angry and tries getting evidence to shut that abusive class down. Right now, Izuku was just beaten to near death but the four exceptions had enough of it and got Izuku to his room. They informed the class of what happened and they cried over what happened. Then they start feeling vengeful and swear revenge on the bullies and abusive teacher for their crimes.)

They were also vengeful.

"Despite this not being in our world, we will hunt you down if you dare harm him." said a threatening Ochaco.

(However, they were proud of him for not screaming and they call him their brave little Deku.)

"He didn't scream in pain?" asked a shocked Sen.

"He is being more brave." said an impressed Vlad King.

(Aizawa hugged his student and is acting like a worried father but the other students assured him that he's alright. Principal Nezu had enough of this abuse and called for an assembly tomorrow.)

"What's gonna happen to us?" asked a scared Monoma.

"We'll probably get expelled." said a nervous Itsuka.

"And I'll get fired." said a worried Vlad King.

"Not to mention, imprisonment for child-abuse, attempted murder, neglect, and r**e." said a scared Setsuna.

(The next day, the students and teachers arrive in the assembly along with the parents, pro-heroes, and other adults. Nezu came up to the stage.)

  • Nezu: (glaring) "Vlad King and Class 1-B students, it has come to my attention that you have become unworthy of being heroes. (then he looks sad at Inko) Mrs. Midoriya, I'm sorry to say this but your son has been bullied and r***d. (everyone gasped in horror) Mr. Kaibara, please show them the video footage of the culprits. (Sen nodded and played the video. Everyone was horrified when they saw what was happening and they glare at the nervous teacher and bullies. Nezu glared at them) Vlad King, you are fired and under arrest for child-abuse and child neglect. (the now fired teacher is taken away to jail but he still blames Izuku for this. Nezu glares at the bullies, who were nervous and guilt-ridden but Itsuka Kendo, Tetsu Tetsu, and Kamakiri didn't show remorse) You bullies are expelled and also arrested for child-abuse, attempted murder, and r**e. (Itsuka Kendo and her two lackeys were angry at this and blames Izuku for this but were still arrested along with her class, who showed remorse. Nezu smiled at Sen, Kosei, Ibara, and Pony) You four are off the hook. You'll be staying in the Class 1-A dorms until further notice."

(They nodded and hugged Izuku, who hugged back. The guilt-ridden students who saw this now wished they treated him better but they hadn't. However, Itsuka didn't feel bad and says that she always hated Izuku but the boy didn't pay attention to her and chose to hugs his classmates, who hugged back.)

Itsuka went and hugged Izuku.

"I don't hate you, Dekiru. I love you." said a crying Itsuka.

"It's okay, it's another universe." said a smiling Izuku.

(In the epilogue, the Class 1-A girls confessed to Izuku and he accepted them. They got into a relationship. Vlad King was sentenced to life in prison but he ended up being murdered by Stain the Hero Killer due to Stain's respect for Izuku. Itsuka and her two lackeys finally realized how horrible they were and apologized for their behavior but Izuku forgave his bullies and offered them jobs at his home. They finally made it up to him and all of Class 1-A forgave them. Setsuna was excited to adopt Kota and made Izuku the father, which he accepted. Izuku and Uraraka adopted Eri and she had kindly forgiven the former bullies after they showed how remorseful they were. They only got to be sidekicks but they were fine with it because they didn't feel worthy of being heroes.)

Class 1-B was happy to be forgiven.

Vlad King nodded in agreement that his counterpart deserved it.

Chapter 2: 2nd Year

(On the roof, Izuku was crying because his classmates were bullying him for being quirkless. However, it was a prank by them to lighten up his mood but he has PTSD and doesn't take kindly to it.)

The students and teachers were upset by this.

"We would never do that." said an upset Ochaco.

"I hope not." said a glaring Ruby.

"That prank is very harmful." said an also glaring Jaune.

"I might be a prankster but that prank is way too far." said an also glaring Naruto.

"It could lead to insanity or suicide." said an also glaring Hinata.

(Bakugo, Todoroki, Aoyama, and Koda didn't take part in the prank because the former knows about Izuku's tragic past and the latter three were somewhere else right now. Class 1-B heard about it and didn't approve of it. What really pushed Izuku too far was when his girlfriends cheated on him and Ochaco told him to take a swine dive of the roof of the building. Finally broken, he went to the roof and wanted to jump but Monoma stopped him and asked what's wrong. Monoma actually respects Izuku because the said young hero is not prejudice towards 1-B.)

"That's why you hate 1-A?" asked a shocked Kendo.

"Yeah, some students from an A-Class have been known to be prejudice and arrogant towards B-Class back in my old school. Class 1-A students get mad at us for wanting to fight them but one of their own provoked us with his comments and started the fight back before the sports festival. Midoriya's the only one who's nice to us and doesn't provoke us." said a serious Monoma.

(Izuku told him what happened and Monoma was pissed off by this. Even he knows that was way too far and not funny. He was once bullied in his home and old school for having a so-called villain's quirk to the point of having cut himself and almost going insane.)

Izuku was horrified and comforted Monoma, who was crying at his past.

His class was horrified at his tragic past and felt bad for him.

"Monoma, therapy for you too." said a sad Nezu, getting upset about hearing that his students are getting bullied.

"Yes sir." said a nodding Monoma.

(Also, he knows about Izuku's tragic past and felt bad for him. He doesn't like how quirkless people are treated and wants to beat up the students that messed with him. He helped Izuku pack up and informed the kind-hearted 1-A members about what happened. They also moved into the 1-B dorms and the 1-B students were sad for Izuku. They had him transferred to Class 1-B and the ones who hated the prank also transferred to it.)

They nodded because that prank is dangerous.

(The others in 1-A were shocked and tried to explain but Izuku called them out and told them that the prank makes them ungrateful for all the good things he's done. When confused about his hatred for the prank, he told them that he has PTSD because of being bullied his whole life and thought that his classmates would accept him but he now believes that he was wrong.)

They look down at realizing that they went way too far.

(Teachers and students were informed of this and it pissed them off that the class are ungrateful for all the good things he's done. He's actually the only one in that class that doesn't show prejudice towards others. 1 year later as the quirk test begins, Izuku notices the Class 1-B girls watching the event. He gives them an innocent smile and a wave, making them blush.)

  • Itsuka (thought): (blushing) 'He's so adorable.'
  • Ibara (thought): (also blushing) 'Such an innocent child.'
  • Setsuna (thought): (also blushing) 'I just want to fuck him.'
  • Pony (thought): (also blushing) 'He would make a good tutor.'
  • Yui (thought): (also blushing) 'He's the only one who makes me smile.'
  • Reiko (thought): (also blushing) 'He's mysterious and I love mysterious.'
  • Kinoko (thought): (also blushing) 'I hope he makes me some more mushrooms.'
  • Melissa (thought): (also blushing) 'He's more hotter than he was on I-Island.'

(Izuku then gives the call me hand sign to them and smirks at the glares from Class 1-A girls.)

The girls blushed at his new appearance.

(Izuku then began training but took breaks and hung out with the girls, mostly Itsuka, Setsuna, and Ibara. He even takes showers with them after they sneak him in.)

Izuku blushes at this.

The girls got excited at that.

"Is this true?" asked a suspicious Vlad King.

"We can confirm." said a deadpanned Monoma.

"Yeah, we see him with them all the time." said an agreeing Sen.

Chapter 3: Betrayed Izuku

(After having been cheated on by Ochako, bullied by his foster sister and classmates, neglected by All Might and Nana Shimura, and betrayed for a crime he didn't do, a tired looking Izuku sleeps besides the body of Nana after he suffocated her with a pillow for how she treated him but managed to cover it up by putting the pillow under her head.)

When his past is shown, they cried at what he's been through and don't blame him for what he did.

Nana cries because she sees Izuku as her family and hates herself for hurting him.

All Might was disappointed in himself for ignoring a worthy successor

Ochako and Iida were ashamed of themselves for how they treat him.

(His name was cleared of being a traitor because there was no U.A. traitor. Toga was spying on U.A. and was the one who reported the training camp.)

All Pro-Heroes and Teachers look down at not having come to that conclusion.

(He got visitors. Ochako and Iida visited and felt bad for how they treated Midoriya. Ochako says that she still loves him.)

They indeed were ashamed.

(Setsuna visited and put a blanket on his back before kissing his forehead in a sibling way.)

Setsuna nodded, she does love Izuku sincerely and wanted to protect him.

(Ibara also visited and prayed that Izuku feels better.)

Ibara was praying that he's fine.

(Momo also visited but only cared about his quirk and not his mental state.)

Momo was angry at her counterpart for her greediness.

(Camie also visited and apologizes to him for what she did to him during their childhood.)

"What did I do to him?" asked a worried Camie.

"You tried to r**e him after the licensing exam." said a worried A.

Everyone felt sympathy for him having to go through that.

(Shoto and his siblings also visited and gave him a cold drink.)

Shoto shrugged, he started liking Izuku.

(Bakugo also visited and apologizes to Izuku for putting him through a rough childhood.)

"By the way, Izuku was actually once quirkless and had been bullied for it his whole life. Students abused him and teachers neglected him." said a sympathetic A.

Everyone felt sympathy for Midoriya since he went through that.

(His foster father All Might and foster sister Izumi also visited because the latter confessed to having abused Izuku during childhood and encouraging him to commit suicide out of guilt for how she treated him.)

Everyone was appalled by how she treated him.

(She explains it's because she was scared that he would die due to being quirkless and wanted to keep him afraid of quirks but then lost control and became a bully that didn't know that she was becoming evil. When he got framed and released, she then realized how much of a monster she acted like and wants to make amends for turning him into this. She tells him that she loves him and that she is sorry for what she did.)

Everyone shortly understood her reasons but it still doesn't excuse what she did.

(Eventhough he's asleep, he heard all that but doesn't forgive her because she barely cared what he has to go through and didn't stop when he begged her to.)

Everyone agreed, what she did was unforgiveable.

(All Might also apologized to Izuku for mistreating him but informs him that Inko is dead, causing the sleeping Izuku to cry over it.)

Everyone felt bad that he lost his mother.

(He is informed that the building she lived in collapsed because a fake hero cared more about fighting a villain than saving a casualty.)

Everyone was angered by that.

(Izuku finally woke up but gives up being a hero and chooses his own path. After graduating from U.A., he bought a shop and made it his own. He was reunited with his childhood wife Toga and their adopted daughter Eri.)

Eri smiled at least having parents.

Toga smiled because she loves Eri and sees her as family.

(Quirkless people were proud to hear that he saved Eri from an abusive villain named Overhaul and gave her a home. Despite being seen as a villain, he cares about children and has warned other criminals to deal illegal stuff with them or else they'll never be seen again.)

Everyone smiled because he still is good.

'Even as a villain, you have a good heart.' thought a proud All Might.

'I'm so proud of you, my second successor.' thought an also proud Nana. She didn't care this version killed her because she knows her counterpart might've deserved it for ignoring him.

(When they start hanging out in a bar, Izuku gets a call from his adoptive mother Midnight and she tells him that she found a cancer in her breast, making him worried.)

They were sad to hear this.

Midnight a little bit sees Izuku as a son.

(After the call was over, he gets confronted by Yo Shindo.)

  • Shindo: (arrogant) "You're the former inmate from Tartarus, right? (he turns around to see Shindo) Sorry that happened, guess that's what happens when you date an evil w***e."
  • Izuku: (angry) "Shut up."
  • Shindo: (mocking) "Oh mommy, mommy. You're graduated from U.A., bro. Gotta quit crying to mommy, you sound like a little bitch."

(His friends gave the thumbs down.)

Everyone glared at him for his behavior.

(Izuku wents towards him with a murderous look on his face.)

  • Izuku: (glaring) "I will break your fucking face."
  • Shindo: (smirking) "How about I fuck your new mom's face. I heard she is hot and sexy, so it's good enough for me. Maybe if she swallows my load, she'll better."

(He evily snickers as he walks away.)

"What a dick." said an angry Monoma.

(Izuku glares darkly as All-For-One's ghost whispers to him.)

  • All-For-One (ghost): (whispering) "That's the spirit, my boy."

(His friends now know who to target. Outside, they waited for Shindo until he came out of the bar and and went to his car but he noticed them.)

  • Shindo: (sneering) "What're you f*****s looking at? You gave that bitch my number yet?"
  • Izuku: (glaring) "I didn't hear you, you little fucking bitch. Why don't you come over here?"
  • Shindo: (mocking) "Oh I'm in the moment, I'm in the relentless, I'm so fucking pis-"

(He is interrupted when Izuku punches him. They kidnap Shindo and tie him up. They then put him in a silver phoenix statue and sit it on fire. Shindo couldn't escape and was sacrificed in the flames.)

Everyone flinched at that, never expecting Izuku to kill the guy.

(They killed others: Tatami was tricked into making a pretend deal with them but they pushed her into the iron maiden and closed it on her,)

Tatami flinched.

(Shikkui fought Izuku in a sword fight with shears but Izuku defeated him and used the shears to decapitate him,)

Shikkui touched his neck but gave Izuku respect for being a worthy opponent.

(Itejiro tried to drown them but Izuku grabbed an exposed wire and put it on the wet floor which electrocuted Itejiro,)

Itejrio sighed in defeat.

(Red Eye (that unnamed mutant student with the pitch black skin and wide white eyes) had Izuku in a armlock but Izuku used a taser to electrocute the eyes and caused the laser vision to explode in the opponent's face,)

The said student snapped his fingers.

(Nagamasa was killed in a explosion when Izuku blew up the gas station that Nagamasa was in,)

Nagamasa facepalms.

(Seiji was strangled with a wire by Shoto and punched by Izuku,)

Seiji growled at being killed.

(Inasa was thrown off the roof of a gas station while on the phone,)

Inasa bowed his head.

(and Camie was poisoned with lethal poison in her drink.)

The heroes were stunned with such success.

Camie looked heartbroken at this.

(However, Izuku comforted her and gave her a hug which she accepted and wished him good luck before she died because she also hated Seiji and was the one to put out a hit on him.)

Camie indeed hated that jerk.

(They got away with it because Ms. Joke saw Izuku as innocent and would have an aunt-nephew moment with him. He would help her out and she gave him a family kiss on the forehead. She even visited his shop. One night at his shop, Izuku and Shoto are the only ones there because the others are busy. Izuku is dressed as Ronald McDonald and looks like a child-entertainer.)

Everyone liked his look.

The girls found it adorable.

"Aw, Dekkon looks cuter." said a smiling Toga.

(He is seen having fun with kids and giving them smiles. He is even seen helping them find their lost families and reading a story to them.)

Everyone smiled at this.

All Might and the adult heroes smile proudly.

(He is also seen having fun with Eri and laughed when she called him daddy.)

The girls said awe at this.

Toga smiled at having a family.

Anakin smiled because it reminded him of his two future kids.

(He once appeared on Snark Chat with Bubblebass where he was insulted by titular pompous host but he showed a video of that jerk fucking his boss' wife. He then called out the guy for being a greedy and selfish picky eater who cheats to get free food and tells him that his show sucks, which made the audience laugh and cheer.)

They also cheer and laugh.

"You go, Dekkon." said a cheering Toga.

(Of course, Bubblebass tried to attack Izuku by bouncing and preparing to land on him but Izuku took out a needle and popped him like a balloon.)

There were more cheers.

(Right now, Izuku and Shoto were upset that Mineta had used their female photo album but then laughed when they remembered that he got caught fucking an Oboe.)

Everyone laughed at that too.

"It would be funny if we had something to do with it." said a laughing Izuku.

"Yeah, serves him right." said an agreeing Shoto.

(They are alone because Toga and Setsuna are at the movies while Bakugo and Ibara are at church. Shoto hopes that his wife is okay but Izuku assures him that girls take care of themselves and are not weak.)

The girls huff in pride.

Shoto and Setsuna chose not to react to the whole thing. Shoto is not interested in her and Setsuna only loves both Sen and Izuku.

(Shoto asks for the bathroom but Izuku warns him to stop stuffing goddamn paper towels down there because he had to unclog the shit from that thing. He gives him the key but if Shoto busts that crapper, he's gonna bust his ass.)

Izuku looked annoyed at a sheepish Shoto.

"Please tell me you don't do that." said an annoyed Izuku.

"It was only one time." said a sheepish Shoto.

"Bro, we always had to unclog the shit from that crapper." said an annoyed Natsu.

(However, two robbers burst in, angering Izuku.)

  • Robber #1: (glaring) "Hold it clowny, keep your paws where I can see them."

(Izuku holds up two middle fingers.)

  • Robber #2: (idiotic) "Yeah, don't move or I'll blast the size of a Kansas city watermelon through your ugly ass bozo face."

(His partner facepalmed at that.)

"The 1st robber is the leader and the other one is just a idiot." said an annoyed Shoto.

"I did not know what that guy just said." said a confused Mei.

(Izuku looked confused)

  • Izuku: (confused) "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"
  • Robber #1: (stern) "Go grab that other asshole out of the shitter and drag his ass back in here."
  • Robber #2: (nodding) "Right."

(He goes to the bathroom to get Shoto but trips over something, making his boss sigh in annoyance at the stupidity.)

They got worried for Shoto.

(Izuku starts getting mad.)

  • Izuku: (angry) "You miserable motherfucker. I outta jump over this counter and bash your fucking balls in."
  • Robber #1: (stern) "Alright tippy, hand over the cash box and I might leave your brains inside your skull."
  • Izuku: (irritated) "Well, I'll tell you what, skee king. (he takes out a piece of chicken) Why don't you just take your mama home some chicken and then I won't have to shove my boot all up in your ass."
  • Robber #1: (scowling) "I don't like chicken. (he grabs the chicken and throws it away) And I hate clowns."

(Izuku growls at him for that comment.)

Everyone got nervous for him but Naruto didn't seem worried.

"He looks like he can handle himself." said an impressed Naruto.

Chapter 4: Office Apocalypse

(After feeling ignored by their friends because they won't spend time with them and catching their crushes with other guys, Izuku and Kosei transfer to Shiketsu Academy in order to avoid relationships. Their respective crushes Ochako Uraraka and Seiko were mad at them and hope they fail. At Shiketsu Academy, they get accepted and meet the students. Izuku develops a crush on Camie but can't because of the no-relationship rule.)

The girls felt bad for him.

(However, their new energy drinks is contaminated with a virus that will cause some violent behavior that is worst than Bakago.)

Chapter 5: The Slap

Everyone was weirded out by the name.

(It all started at a barbecue where Izuku came with his daughter Eri and wife Mei Hatsume.)

Eri smiled at being Izuku's daughter and Mei extremely loved Eri.

"You heard that Eri, I'm your new mommy in that one." said a happy Mei, making Eri happy.

"I know, Aunty Mei." said a smiling Eri, making Mei happy.

(He was talking with his adoptive brother Shoto. They're brothers because Izuku and his mom Inko found out that Endeavor was a wife beater and child abuser.)

Everyone got worried.

Izuku comforted his friend, who confirmed it.

"Shoto, we'll be investigating this. We will not allow child abuse." said a stern Aizawa

"And you can send him to jail because what he did was illegal." said an agreeing A, having a hatred for child abusers.

(Izuku tried to expose the corrupt hero and Inko helped him but Endeavor found out and used a fake hero vs villain battle to destroy their home with Inko inside, leaving Izuku devastated.)

Everyone was sad at this and cried.

Izuku cried at this and Shoto hugged him.

(Rei heard about this and comforted the kid. She then angrily divorced Endeavor and took custody of the kids after seeing how much of a monster he is.)

Rei agrees and plans to divorce her abusive husband.

(Endeavor decided to hurt them by harming Eri but Izuku jumped in the way and got burnt on the chest.)

"MIDORIYA!" yelled the worried audience.

Hisashi and Inko hope their son is alright.

All Might and Nana Shimura were worried for him.

All For One wanted to kill Endeavor. Sure, All For One is a dangerous villain but he doesn't abuse his foster child. He also saw Midoriya like a son to him and is just being a worried parent.

Tomura (Tenko) also wanted vengeance for his possible brother.

(When she checked on him, he claims that he doesn't care if he gets killed or not and that the only important thing is that she is safe.)

Everyone felt respect for him.

Class 1-A felt pride for their little brother.

Class 1-B called him manly.

Other students give their respect to him.

The teachers nodded proudly.

Even the villains had honor for him

(People who saw this cheered Izuku on and told him to not let his family fall. All Heroes had respect for him and cheered him on. Even the villains had honor for him and encourage him to fight. The quirkless people decide to stand up for themselves and help their hero out.)

The Heroes felt ashamed for never counting on the quirkless.

(However, Midoriya didn't want them to fight because it's dangerous and he doesn't want anyone getting hurt. He tells them that when he first met All Might, he was rejected by the hero for being quirkless but the young boy doesn't hate him and understands that he wanted to protect him. He was only upset that All Might was also quirkless and sounded hypocritical but All Might later changed his mind because he was inspired by Midoriya jumping in the path of danger to save a bully who didn't deserve to be saved. Midoriya was accepted as a successor and trained every month until he was given a quirk. He then worked hard to become a hero and even successfully took down Overhaul just to save an innocent little girl named Eri, who was abused by Overhaul. Sadly, Sir Nighteye had died helping them but he won't let his death be in vain. He has to go beyond plus ultra.)

Everyone clapped at this and saw him as a true hero.

The pro-heroes were proud of him.

Sir Nighteye smiled at this, glad that his former intern won't fail him.

(Then with determination, he activated One For All and took out Endeavor with one punch. The fallen hero flew into a far away mountain, never to be seen again. Midoriya was seen as a hero but he refused to talk with the media because he cares more about innocent lives than that.)

Aizawa nodded proudly.

(Back in the present, Midoriya is all fine now but his arms are in a awkward form because of the burns.)

Nobody laughed at that out of respect for his condition.

(As he is having a conversation with Todoroki, they get worried when they see a crying Eri getting her cricket bat stolen by a selfish Mineta.)

Everyone glared at this.

"Dude, what the hell is his problem?" asked a glaring Kaminari.

"I'm glad that Shinso is replacing him." said an also glaring Aizawa.

(The reason for this is because she planned to put a sign that she supported the gay relationships of her uncles Koda and Sato along with her aunts Reiko and Kodai.)

They smile at her.

"Thank you Eri sweetie." said a smiling Kodai.

"You're welcome Aunt Kodai." said a smiling Eri.

"Good job Eri, me and your mom are proud of you." said a smiling Izuku with Ochako agreeing.

(However, Mineta was disgusted about some 'F***y art' and instead wanted some inappropriate writing of Setsuna and Momo in inappropriate swimsuits, which Eri was disturbed by this and refused to let him do such a thing to her aunts.)

The said girls were offended by that and wanted to beat that little shit up.

They were also angry that he made a homophobic remark.

"How dare he?!" yelled an offended Sato as his boyfriend also glared.

"That homophobic bastard!" yelled an enraged Kodai as her girlfriend also looked pissed.

"Have no fear. We'll be talking with him about this." said an angry Aizawa.

"And to all of you who have that sexuality, I am so sorry for this student's behavior." said a guilt-ridden Nezu.

They waved it off, not blaming him for the actions of a homophobic little prick.

(Izuku went to her rescue and tried to cool the situation down.)

  • Izuku: (worried) "Hey, what's going on?"
  • Eri: (crying) "It's mine daddy, Mineta keeps taking it away from me."
  • Izuku: (stern) "Mineta, give it back."
  • Mineta: (rudely) "No."

(Then an argument was started about Izuku demanding him to give it back but Mineta still said no. Eventually, Mineta does but harshly pushes Eri into some glass-filled grass, making her cry.)

Everyone was pissed off at that.

"What the hell?!" yelled an angry Izuku and Ochako.

"Who the fuck does he think he is, pushing a little girl?" asked a pissed off Sen and Setsuna.

"How could he do such a thing to a sweet innocent little girl?" asked a shocked Toga, with the villains agreeing with her.

"Why is he so mean to her?" asked a frowning Camie.

"Where's my babies?" asked an angry Mei, wanting to use her machines to hurt this prick.

"And when is he gonna stop?" asked an irritated Hajime.

"Ignoring the first question, here's the answer to the other ones. He's a homophobic and perverted piece of shit, he's really that bad, he hates gay people and their supporters, your babies are on the table over there, and he is never gonna stop. Teachers have tried getting him to stop but have failed and they should just expel him." said a bored A, answering the questions.

(Izuku was also pissed and slapped Mineta before picking up Eri and giving her to Mei, who was also pissed at Mineta.)

Everyone clapped at seeing that slap part.

(However, a homophobic couple tried to tell him off for slapping Mineta but he slapped them too for supporting such an offensive person. He then started slapping people that deserve it and slapped Jirou for not doing anything to help Eri.)

Jirou winced but wasn't angry.

(Then Present Mic called this incident The Slap but Izuku got annoyed at him for it and slapped him off-screen, earning a "what the" from him.)

Aizawa snickered at that.

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10: Deku 10

Chapter 11: Deku's Music

Everyone liked the title but A, B, C, and D looked sad.

(The story starts with a bruised and crying Izuku in his bed hating U.A.)

Everyone got worried.

(He is bullied by 1-A and 1-B for not having a quirk. His mom is gone, his mentor took his quirk back, the boys beat him up, the girls only see him as a sex object, and they start insulting him.)

They were all horrified.

The girls don't see him as a sex object.

They were all ashamed of themselves.

"If you students do that, you will all be expelled. Got that?" said a stern Aizawa.

They nodded, not wanting to do that.

(However, his dad has been hearing about it and wants to take Izuku to America with him. Izuku agreed without hesitation and informed Nezu, who agreed and was sympathetic towards him. The teachers liked Izuku and were worried for him. Kota and Ibara are the only students nice to him and they were mad about how the others treat him. They would hug Izuku and treat him like their brother.)

Izuku was grateful and hugged them, which they return.

(They then found out that he can sing and they invited Shinso, Mei, and the Big Three to help them.)

They were shocked that he can sing.

"Well, Dekiru's secret is out now." said a groaning Setsuna.

"You knew?" asked a shocked Mina.

"Yeah right, his voice is probably high pitched." said a laughing Katsuki.

"You might just eat your words, propane prick." said a smirking Setsuna.

(Izuku confessed to Ibara, Mei, and Nejire. They were happy and loved him. They invited Toga, Camie, Satoi, Midnight, Mount Lady, Miruko, and Ryuko into the harem. They heard he's transferring to America and don't mind. They are gonna miss him and they gave him kisses.)

The girls were happy.

(The next morning, he packed his suitcase and was leaving but was interrupted by Shoto, who evily revealed a contract.)

  • Shoto: (smirking) "You're a lucky man, who get to marry my sister."
  • Fuyumi: (also smirking) "Let's get home, honey."

(However, he destroyed the contract and shook his head, leaving Shoto angry and Fuyumi heartbroken.)

Shoto flinched at doing something he hated.

Fuyumi felt uncomfortable. Yes, she loved Izuku but wouldn't force him.

(He makes it to the living room where the classes see him. He just gives them the finger, angering them. He smirks at them and waves goodbye to Ibara and Koda, who were laughing at what he did.)

The said people did indeed laugh, despite that they wouldn't improve of it.

(Izuku then left and the classes glare at the two.)

  • Itsuka: (glaring) "Ibara, that wasn't funny.'
  • Ibara: (laughing) "Yes it is because you had it coming."
  • Koda: (agreeing) "Indeed."

(They were upset that those two are on Izuku's side.)

"Indeed they did." said a laughing Ibara.

"Yeah." said an agreeing Koda.

(The bullies don't see anything wrong with mistreating Izuku and think they were justified. An angry Shoto and frowning Fuyumi came in, which everyone noticed.)

  • Setsuna: (worried) "What happened?"
  • Shoto: (angry) "That little bastard rejected Fuyumi."
  • Class 1-A & 1-B (except Ibara and Koda): (angry) "WHAT?!"
  • Ibara: (shrugging) "She only sees him as a breeding horse."
  • Koda: (agreeing) "And she allows others to pick on him."

(They decide to go to Izuku's room because he forgot his CDs but they were followed by the bullies.)

Izuku, Koda, and Ibara facepalmed at not making sure that they weren't being followed.

(In Izuku's room, they find Izumi in Izuku's room but she means no harm.)

"Who's she?" asked a confused Izuku.

"Your older sister." said a smiling A.

(They also find Ikaru in his room and wishes for her to get out.)

"Is she also another older sister?" asked a curious Izuku.

"Yes but she gave you the worst mistreatment to protect you from becoming a hero because of how dangerous the job is. She won't admit that she was wrong to do that and thinks that you are being ungrateful towards her because you hate her for what she did." said a sad A.

Everyone was not happy with that information.

(Izumi showed them a note and they were shocked that Izuku's transferring to America because of how they treat him.)