Mac, Bloo, and Friends in Candy Land The Great Lollipop Adventure is the fourth film in The Adventures of Mac and Bloo. It is preceded by Mac and Bloo Meet Peter Pan, and followed by Mac, Bloo, and Friends in The Care Bears Movie. This film marks the first appearance of Wilt, Eduardo and Coco, and the final appearance of Terrence.


(The Paramount logo appears, followed by the Hasbro Entertainment logo, in Candy Land, the residents are gathering treats and preparing for the Sweet Celebration)

Mac, Bloo, and Friends in Candy Land The Great Lollipop Adventure

People of Candy Land: (singing) Our sweet adventure begins today. Oh, how lovely we know it will be. In the great hills of candy, we'll laugh and play. Then we'll race to the Gingerbread Tree. Soon, we will follow the rainbow road as it winds by the peppermint stream. We will always remember the way it flowed when it first came to life in our dreams. Worlds of fun wait in Candy Land. We will run in hand in hand. Life is jolly in Candy Land and we are all invited. Our sweet adventure begins today through a land full of sparkle and song. And wherever we're going, we'll find our way. Come along, come along, come along. It's a sweet celebration. We just can't wait. Hurry, hurry! There's so much to do. We will all come together to celebrate, while the magic will make our home new. Worlds of fun wait in Candy Land. Come and run in hand in hand. Life is grand here in Candy Land and you are all invited. Our sweet adventure begins today through a land full of sparkle and song. And wherever we're going, we'll find our way. Come along, come along, come along. Clouds of sugar, hills of spice, it's an endless children's paradice. Glorious colors behind our eyes. Reds and greens, purples, yellows, and blues. All at once, we discover a big surprise. We can taste any color we chose. Our sweet adventure begins today through a land full of sparkle and song. And wherever we're going, we'll find our way. Come along, come along, come along. Join us for a sweet adventure. Join us for a sweet adventure. Join us for a sweet adventure... today.

(at the Gingerbread Trees)

Jib: Golly! I can't believe we're really going to visit the Candy Castle. I hope it's not far.

Wilt: I'm sorry, but I am so excited!

Eduardo: Si, me too!

Coco: Coco coco coco coco coco co!

Mac: That's right, Coco. There is gonna be a new flavor in Candy Land.

Bloo: Who cares? I hope the castle has free candy!

(Mamma Gingertree frosts Jib)

Jib: (gasps) Mom, you frosted me five times already. We're going to be late.

(Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, and all of Jib's brothers and sisters laugh)

Mamma Gingertree: I just want you to look your best, Jib. After all, this is a very, very...

Jib: Special day. Yes, I know. It's the Sweet Celebration.

Mamma Gingertree: Hmm... Maybe you should wear a tie. (frosts a tie on Jib)

Jib: Mom! It's getting late!

Mamma Gingertree: Hold still, Jib. Oh, this is a big responsibility. You're taking our gingerbread icing to the castle this year.

Jib: Are you sure they'll like our icing?

Mamma Gingertree: Of course. There's none better in all of Candy Land. (places a red sphere-shaped container of gingerbread icing in Jib's backpack) It's neat, sweet, and sticks to just about everything. Let me take a look at you.

Jib: (turns to face his mother) Well?

Mamma Gingertree: Oh, my brave gingerbread boy's first time away from home. Now, you remember what to do?

Jib: Take our gift of icing to the Candy Castle and place it in the Sweet Circle by noon. Don't worry, mom, I can do it.

Mamma Gingertree: I know you can, Jib.

Jib: You can count on me, mom!

(Jib, Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco leave down the rainbow road)

Jib: I have my backpack, my gingerbread icing, and my map.

Mamma Gingertree: And Jib. If you and your friends ever feel lost or don't know what to do...

Jib: Use my head?

Mamma Gingertree: Use your heart.

Jib: Love you, mom!

(Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, and Jib continue down the road, Mamma Gingertree and Jib's brothers and sisters call and wave goodbye)

Jib: Stay on the road, be on time, bring the icing, got it.

(a family is arriving at the Candy Castle)

Children: Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Mother: Yes, of course. Can't you see the castle?

Children: Yay!

Father: I wish I hadn't sold my cart.

Lolly: Stop, you villain! I, Princess Lolly, am the greatest acrobat in Candy Land!

(Lolly balances her scepter on her nose while standing on one foot, she looses her balance and falls, her scepter flies through the air, King Kandy catches it)

King Kandy: Lolly, how many times have I told you to be careful with your royal scepter?

Lolly: Eighty six times, daddy. (giggles and kisses her father) I'm sorry. (takes her scepter and leaves) Bye, daddy!

King Kandy: Lolly, stop right there! (laughs) Oh, Lolly. Come here, please. I want to talk to you.

Lolly: Yes, daddy?

King Kandy: Today, a brand new, sweet flavor will bloom in Candy Land right after the Sweet Circle Ceremony. And today, my daughter... (clears his throat) You are going to have a very special job to do.

Lolly: Hmm?

King Kandy: I've decided I want you to stand in the center of the Sweet Circle today.

(Terrence and two licorice bites spy from over the castle wall)

Lolly: Me? You want me to... Dad, are you feeling okay?

King Kandy: (laughs) Delicious treats will be brought from every corner of Candy Land and put in these gold cups. When every offering is in place and the last gumball has dropped... Huh? (he notices that Lolly is looking the other way) Lolly, are you listening?

Lolly: Huh? The last gumball, yes.

King Kandy: Then at just the right moment, a very magic thing will happen. You will touch your scepter to the Sweet Circle and... (Lolly flies off) Lolly?

(Lolly takes a breath and blows to make a windmill on a cake being carried by a baker turn)

Red licorice bite: Scepter! Yum, yum yummy.

Terrence: You guys go in and grab it. Then we'll get back to Licorice Wicket.

(the licorice bites swing in to grab Lolly's scepter, they miss and the baker steps on them, he slips and tosses the cake into the air, the cake hits King Kandy, Lolly and the baker come to his aid)

Lolly: Daddy! (chuckles) I just wanted to see if the windmills turned. They do.

King Kandy: (to the baker) I'm so sorry.

Baker: A thousand pardons, Your Highness. (he bows and leaves)

King Kandy: Sweetheart, I like fun as much as the next king, but today is a special day for Candy Land. So please, you only have to do two things... be here at the Sweet Circle in six gumballs... huh?

(a giant gumball machine releases a gumball, the gumball rolls down a slide and strikes a bell)

King Kandy: Correction, five gumballs. And second, bring your scepter.

(the licorice bites are listening from behind a box)

King Kandy: Now, I know you can do that, Lolly. Can't you?

Lolly: (nods) Mm-hmm.

King Candy: And try to stay out of trouble til then.

Lolly: Yes, daddy.

(King Kandy joyfully walks off, the licorice bites leave Candy Castle, they and Terrence arrive at Licorice Wicket, Maleficent and Lord Licorice are gazing into a cauldron full of molten black licorice)

Lord Licorice: Ah, yes. Coming along nicely.

Maleficent: Soon, Candy Land will be ours.

Black licorice bite: Yummy yum!

Lord Licorice: Ah, Terrence and my little licorice bites, you're back. What did you find out?

(the black licorice bite speaks in a few "yum"s and numerous "yummy"s)

Lord Licorice: So, Princess Lolly's scepter is the key to today's celebration. Mmm... good. Did you grab it?

Red licorice bite: Uh... no.

Lord Licorice: What do you mean "no"?

Maleficent: Fools!

(the licorice bites look terrified)

Maleficent: Idiots! Imbeciles! (hits Terrence with lightening and slams her staff on the ground in disgust)

Lord Licorice: Look, here's how it works... I, Lord Licorice, am the boss. And I want that scepter. So get back to the castle, and don't return without it! Oh, those sugar brains.

Maleficent: Oh, they're hopeless. A disgrace to the forces of evil.

Lord Licorice: This has all got to go like gumball clockwork, or we'll never take over Candy Land! (he tastes the licorice in the cauldron) Oh! Oh! Hot, hot, hot! Oh! Oh, burning! Oh, mommy! Oh! Oh! Ow! Ow!

(Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, and Jib are walking down the road)

Jib: (reading his map) Let's see. We follow the colored path through a small clearing. Okay. (he stops and eats an orange slice) Mmm. Mmm.

(the bell at Candy Castle rings)

Jib: It's getting late. We'd better speed it up.

Eduardo: Si.

(our heroes run, they enter the Peppermint Forest)

Jib: (shivers) It's getting chilly. I wonder where we are. Ah, this must be the Peppermint Forest.

(it starts snowing)

Jib: Oh, what's this?

Bloo: Uh, snow?

Wilt: Mmm. It's not just snow. It's peppermint ice cream.

(Jib holds out his tongue and catches an ice cream snowflake)

Jib: Mmm. Aw, it melted. I better try another taste.

(Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco gasp when they see a giant snowball rolling their way, they and Jib get caught in it, the snowball crashes)

Jib: Huh?

(Mr. Mint shakes ice cream and candy off his face)

Bloo: Who the heck are you?

Mr. Mint: (holds out his hand) Mr. Mint. But "Mr."'s too formal. Just call me "Mint." (shakes Jib's hand like crazy) And what're your names?

Mac: I'm Mac, and this is Bloo.

Wilt: Hey, how ya doin'? Name's Wilt.

Eduardo: And me Eduardo.

Coco: Coco.

Jib: Uh... Jib.

Mr. Mint: Uh... Jib, huh? Well, how 'bout I call ya "Jib" for short? Nice to know ya, gang. You must be heading to the Sweet Celebration, right?

Jib: How did you know?

Mr. Mint: Where else would you be going on such a sweet sunny day? I'm goin' too. Hey, let's go together.

Mac: Sure.

Coco: Coco coco co?

Mr. Mint: I'm bringing the most perfect peppermint stick. (digs around in the snow) It's around here somewhere. Heh, heh.

Jib: Mr. Mint, we're going to be late.

Mr. Mint: Plenty of gumballs left, my boy. Not to worry. (picks up a candy cane) Here it is.

Jib: Huh. According to my calculations, if we travel at a brisk pace without stopping to eat... (Mr. Mint takes his map) Hey!

Mr. Mint: You've gotta relax, Jib. This is Candy Land, and Candy Land means fun. Let yourself go and don't forget, you oughta, you gotta have fun. (singing) Try something new. It's so good for you. 'Cause yoo-hoo! You ough-ta-got-ta have fun. Be wild and free. Stay loose like me! Hee hee hee hee! You ought-ta-got-ta have fun.

Jib: We're in such a hurry, I don't know if we have time to be wild and free.

Mr. Mint: Aw, sure you do, Jib. Laugh loud. Ha ha! Sing tra-la-la... Wa-a wa-a, you ought-ta-got-ta have fun. Jump high, bend low. Then do-si-do... vo-do-dee-oh, you ought-ta-got-ta have fun. You'll feel as good as gumdrops when you get a bit zany. Fun is your custard sun when days are gloomy and rainy. You'll reach that castle soon, as sure as candy is cane-y.

Snow beavers: Oh yeah!

Mr. Mint: But keep this thought... you ought-ta-got-ta have fun. And we will.

Snow beavers: Be wild and free. Stay loose like we... 'cause wheeee-heee! You ought-ta-got-ta have fun.

Mr. Mint: Take time to play. Get carried away.

Snow beavers: 'Cause hey, hey, hey...

(brief pause)

Mr. Mint: Uh, Jib...

Jib: You ought-ta-got-ta have fun.

Mr. Mint and mint beavers: You'll fell as good as gumdrops when you get a bit zany. Fun is your custard sun when days are gloomy and rainy.

Jib: We'll reach that castle soon, as sure as candy is cane-y.

Snow beavers: Oh yeah!

Jib: But we'll keep this thought...

Mr. Mint and mint beavers: You ought-ta-got-ta have fun.

Jib: We ought-ta-got-ta have fun.

Mr. Mint and mint beavers: We ought-ta-got-ta have fun. We ought-ta-got-ta have fun. We ought-ta-got-ta have fun!

(the snow beavers leave)

Snow beavers: Goodbye!

Mr. Mint: So long! Bye!

Jib: See you later!

Eduardo: Adios, amigos!

Mr. Mint: So whadda ya say, gang?

Jib: Maybe you're right. As long as we stick to the road, we'll be fine.

Mr. Mint: Peppermintyriffic! Ha, ha! This'll be fun!

Mr. Mint and Jib: (singing) We ought-ta-got-ta have fun. We ought-ta-got-ta have fun.

Mr. Mint: That's it!

Mr. Mint and Jib: We ought-ta-got-ta have fun. We ought-ta-got-ta have fun.

(our heroes are walking through Gumdrop Pass)

Mr. Mint: And finally, there was a loud pop. And that's how I got my head out of the ice cream bucket.

(the bell at Candy Castle rings)

Jib: That's the next gumball.

Wilt: Now there's only three left.

Jib: Are you sure this is the right way?

Mr. Mint: Of course. Why?

Jib: Things seem strangley bouncy to me.

Mr. Mint: Now, what could be bouncy up here?

(Jolly bounces up and falls back down)

Jib: (about Jolly) That.

(Jolly bounces back up, he changes into a cat and drops down again)

Jib: And that.

(Jolly bounces up, changes back to his regular form, and drops again)

Eduardo: Aye Chihuahua. What is that?

Mr. Mint: Oh, that's just Jolly. He's a gummy. That must mean we're at Gumdrop Pass. Wahoo!

(Mr. Mint jumps down, Bloo joins him)

Jib: Oh, no!

Mac: Bloo!

Jib: Mr. Mint!

Mr. Mint: (bounces up) Ah, ah, ah. No "Mr.", just "Mint", okay? (drops) Jump on in! The gummy's fine!

Bloo: (bouncing) Woohoo! You guys gotta try this!

(Jolly bounces up and goes back down)

Mr. Mint: This is peppermintyriffic! Oopsy daisy! Woohoo!

(Jolly bounces up once again and goes back down)

Mac: You guys!

Jib: What're you doing down there?

Mr. Mint: A front flip. Whadda ya think?

Jib: But Mr. Mint, people are counting on us.

Mr. Mint: (still bouncing) One, two, three, four!

Jib: We just don't have time for this, Mr. Mint. Have fun.

(Mac, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, and Jib turn to leave)

Mr. Mint: Hey, wait up, gang.

(Bloo, Mr. Mint, and Jolly bounce up onto the road, the three of them laugh)

Mr. Mint: That really was fun. You should've jumped down there with us. Exhilarating like mint.

Mac: It wasn't on the road, and we gotta stick to the road. If we don't we'll-

Mr. Mint: Be late, I know. Don't worry, Mac, we won't. (to Jolly) Will we, boy?

Jib: He's coming too?

Mr. Mint: What? You don't like dinosaurs? Then how about a dog?

(Jolly morphes into a dog)

Mr. Mint: Gingerbread man's best friend. (laughs) Besides, I bet he's got a gift for the celebration too.

(Jolly points at his collar)

Mr. Mint: See? (opens Jolly's collar to reveal what's inside) Aw, four gummy hearts.

(Mr. Mint and Jolly grin at Jib, Jolly frowns, he looks like he's about to cry)

Wilt: Let's take him with us, Jib. Is that okay?

Jib: Fine. But we have to move fast, and we have to stick to the road.

Mr. Mint: You got it. We did it, Jolly! Gimmie paw! (Jolly licks him) Ew.

Jib: You two coming?

Mr. Mint: See? Jolly's ready to go. And i've got my perfect peppermint stick right here. (he takes out his candy cane, it's broken in half) Uh-oh, I'm out. I gotta get another peppermint stick. (drops both halves and goes in the opposite direction)

Wilt: I'm sorry, Mr. Mint, but where are you going?

Coco: Coco coco coco coco co.

Mr. Mint: But the Peppermint Forest is this way. Ah, don't worry, gang. It'll only take me a gumball. Two at the most.

Jib: (groans and takes out his gingerbread icing) I shouldn't be using this, but we're so late already. Sorry, mom. I'll only use a little bit. (squirts a bit of icing on one end of the candy cane and puts both halves together) Mr. Mint, look! All fixed!

Mr. Mint: Wow, you're smart. What is that stuff?

Jib: It's my mom's special gingerbread icing. Now, we better get moving.

Mr. Mint: Mmm-hmm.

(at Candy Castle, Princess Frostine skates on the Ice Cream Lake, she twirls and bows, she sees that Princess Lolly is unhappy and skates over to her)

Frostine: What's the matter, little sister?

Lolly: It's daddy. He wants me to stand in the center of the Sweet Circle today. (throws her scepter behind her)

Frostine: I heard. He's so proud of you. How exciting!

Lolly: But Frostine, that's a big job. A huge job. Look at me, would you pick me for the biggest job in Candy Land?

Frostine: Daddy did.

Lolly: (sighs) What was daddy thinking? I'm the flighty one, remember? Why else would I have wings? (sighs and walks away)

(Terrence and Lord Licorice's licorice bites are watching from around the corner of the castle)

Red licorice bite: Scepter! Yummy!

Terrence: All right, I'll go in and grab it. Then we make a break for Licorice Wicket.

Frostine: He knows you can do it, and so do I.

Lolly: Sure, I can do it. But I don't want to do it. It's so much more fun to just go to the party and-

Frostine: Ah, ah, ah. Daddy's counting on you, Lolly.

Lolly: Okay, okay, I'll do it.

Frostine: Good. (skates away) I'll see you at the celebration!

Lolly: "Daddy's counting on you, Lolly." I guess I should try to be more responsible. Maybe Frostine is right. Oh, there's my scepter.

(Lolly goes over to pick up her scepter, but Terrence nabs it first)

Terrence: I'll take that! Let's get outta here, guys! (he and the licorice bites run off) Se ya, runt!

Lolly: Hey! Come back here! That's my scepter! Come back here, you big bully! Hey you, stop! (Terrence and the licorice bites escape) I order you to stop!

(Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Jib, Mr. Mint, and Jolly walk down the road, they pass by Licorice Wicket, Mr. Mint and Jolly pause)

Mr. Mint: Gang, where ya goin'?

(Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, and Jib pause)

Jib: We're following the sign. This way to the castle.

Mr. Mint: But this way is shorter.

Mac: What're you talking about?

Mr. Mint: See, the castle is just on the other side of Licorice Wicket.

Jib: You're right. There it is. (groans) I don't know what to do.

(the bell at Candy Castle rings)

Mac: Oh, no! That's four gumballs!

Jib: There are only two left. All that gummy goofing around made us late.

Mr. Mint: All the more reason to take a shortcut.

Jib: I don't know.

Mr. Mint: It's the dark, isn't it?

Jib: I'm not afraid of the dark!

Mr. Mint: Good. 'Cause it's dark when you close your eyes, and that's not scary.

Eduardo: I es mui scared of the dark.

Bloo: Scardey baby.

Mac: Come on, Bloo.

Jib: Hmm...

Mr. Mint: Look, you want to get to Candy Castle on time, right?

Jib: More than anything!

Mr. Mint: Then a shortcut's the way to go. Time's ticking. (he enters Licorice Wicket)

Jib: Huh?

(Jolly turns the front of his body into a clock and enters Licorice Wicket)

Eduardo: Senior Mac, I don't want to go in there. It es mui dark and scary.

Mac: It's okay, Ed. Just stick with us, and you'll be fine.

Eduardo: Okay...

(Jib sighs, he, Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco follow Jolly and Mr. Mint, elsewhere in Candy Land, Lolly is looking for Terrence and the licorice bites)

Lolly: Oh, licorice bites! What am I gonna do? Daddy's counting on me. (she sees the Peanut Brittle House) Gramma's house! Yes, she'll know what to do! (she flies over)

(in Licorice Wicket)

Mr. Mint: I-it's really kinda nice here, in a... dark, spooky, wish-I-was-home-in-bed sort of way. You know, I wish this shortcut was a strawberry shortcut.

Jib: (whispering) When do you think we'll get to the other side?

Mr. Mint: Oh... any time now. (pauses and points) Look.

(Lord Licorice sings to himself while stirring the molten licorice in the cauldron, Maleficent chuckles evilly)

Jib: Who's that?

Mr. Mint: Shh. (whispers) That's Maleficent and Lord Licorice.

Coco: Coco coco?

Wilt: Mac, I'm sorry, but isn't Maleficent the name of that evil fairy you and Bloo told us about?

Mac: That's right, Wilt.

Eduardo: She es mui scarier than I thought.

Lord Licorice: I love brewing up trouble! (continues singing)

Mr. Mint: I wonder what they're up to.

Mac: Well, whatever it is, it can't be good.

(our heroes hear the licorice bites singing as they approach)

Jolly: Uh-oh.

Jib: What is that?

Bloo: Hide!

(our heroes hide behind a rock, Terrence and the licorice bites pass by with Lolly's scepter)

Wilt: Sorry, but are those licorice bites?

Mac: There's my brother Terrence.

(the licorice bites stop singing when they present the scepter)

Lord Licorice: Yes! Mine!

Maleficent: Well done, Terrence. You've redeemed yourself.

Lord Licorice: (takes the scepter) Oh, at last. Now it's time for my plan to begin! (he laughs and dips Lolly's scepter in the cauldron, he throws the molten licorice on the ground) Here! Have some licorice vines! (laughs)

(the blob of licorice grows into licorice vines, Lord Licorice throws another licorice blob on the ground which also grows into vines, Lord Licorice, Terrence, and Maleficent laugh)

Lord Licorice: (singing) There's a place in Candy Land for everyone but me. For licorice is all but banned, when loved is what it should be. Yes, the place is run by everyday sweets I find it awfully strange. But don't you pout. You'll soon find out it's all about to change.

(the licorice bites cheer)

Lord Licorice: QUIET! As all who know me might suppose, I've hatched a tasty plot. A licorice that grows and grows until there's more than a lot. I'll place it in the Circle Sweet and watch it quickly rise. And soon, my chewy, sticky goo will reach into the skies.

Lord Licorice and licorice bites: Licorice here, licorice there, far as you can see.

Lord Licorice: The smell of licorice in the air.

Licorice bites: Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Lord Licorice: Silicory licorice everywhere. Soon, they'll understand. Life will be so great, so grand here in Licorice Land.

Licorice bites: Licorice! Licorice! Licorice!

Lord Licorice: Silence! Chocolate pops and strawberry shakes will be against the law. Only licorice birthday cakes. Ho ho, he he, ha ha! Licorice treats will fill the streets, a glorious display. The world will seem a licorice dream!

Licorice bites: And we will scream "Hurray!"

Lord Licorice and licorice bites: Licorice here, licorice there, far as you can see.

Lord Licorice: The smell of licorice in the air.

Licorice bites: Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Lord Licorice: Silicory licorice everywhere. Soon, they'll understand. Life will be so great, so grand here in Licorice Land. I will rule from a castle with a pool. I'll look great on my licorice estate, have a throne of my own, a licorice crown upon my head. I'll even wear it to bed!

Lord Licorice and licorice bites: Licorice here, licorice there, far as you can see.

Lord Licorice: The smell of licorice in the air.

Licorice bites: Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Lord Licorice: Silicory licorice everywhere. Soon, they'll understand. Things have been so blah.

Red licorice bite: So bland!

Lord Licorice: Life will be utterly grand...

Lord Licorice and licorice bites: in Licorice Land.

Jib: They're going to take over Candy Land!

(Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco gasp)

Wilt: I'm sorry, but that's not okay.

Mr. Mint: Oh, this is horrible. A disaster! What'll we do? What'll we do?

Mac: We gotta warn the king.

Mr. Mint: Good. So, can we get out of here? It's really dark.

Red licorice bite: (spots our heroes and puts on an alarm hat) Look! Look! Intruders!

Mac: Uh-oh.

Mr. Mint: Let's make like bananas and split!

(our heroes retreat while the red licorice bite continues sounding the alarm)

Lord Licorice: Spies? Get those snooping sweets! Get them!

Maleficent: After them, Terrence!

(Terrence and the bites go after our heroes, one of the bites bumps Lord Licorice, he looses his balance, his butt catches on fire from touching the fire on the cauldron, he puts out the fire by jumping in a bucket of water, Terrence and the licorice bites persue our heroes through Licorice Wicket)

Terrence: Wait! Stop! I just wanna punch you!

(Jolly transforms into a bird and flies ahead)

Mr. Mint: Faster! They're gaining on us! Do something!

(Jib reaches into his backpack and takes out his icing, he squirts some on the ground, Terrence and the bites fall and get stuck, our heroes escape Licorice Wicket)

Mr. Mint: Jib, you saved us. Whoo! Run, run, run, run, run as fast as you can! You can't catch Jib, he's the gingerbread man! Whoo!

(Mac and Bloo laugh and dance, Jolly canges back to his normal self)

Jib: Oh, dear. This is horrible! If we don't tell the king, the Gingertrees will become Licorice Trees, your Peppermint Forest will become Licorice Forest. Uh-huh. And Gumdrop Pass will become... well, you get the picture.

Mr. Mint: Licorice Forest?

Jib: And I'm nearly out of gingerbread icing. Soon, I won't have any left for the ceremony. (puts the icing back in his backback)

Mr. Mint: Oh, Jib, Jib, Jib, Jib, Jib, you worry too much. Everything will work out.

Jib: (sighs) I wish I believed you. Come on! We've got to get back on the right road and get to the castle. We're going to need help.

Mr. Mint: Maybe we should get a grown-up.

Coco: Coco coco co.

Mr. Mint: I am? Oh, yeah, I am. (laughs) I meant a grown-up grown-up. (laughs)

(Lolly arrives at the Peanut Brittle House, Gramma Nut is playing checkers with Bazz)

Lolly: Gramma! Gramma! (she enters through the window)

Gramma Nut: Lolly!

(Lolly lands and slips on the checkerboard, the pieces are scattered on the floor, Bazz falls on out of his seat)

Gramma Nut: Oh! Goodness, Lolly. What's wrong, dear?

Lolly: I... I... I lost my scepter. I need it for the Sweet Celebration. Daddy will be so disappointed in me. (sobs)

Gramma Nut: Well, (hands Lolly a handkerchief) you've come to the right place, my little Lolly.

(Lolly blows her nose, our heroes run down the road and pause at Gramma Nut's house)

Eduardo: Where are we, Senior Mint?

Mr. Mint: I'm not sure. But I'll run over to that house and ask directions.

(Mr. Mint runs down the peanut brittle walkway, it cracks under his feet, it breaks and his foot gets stuck in peanut butter)

Mr. Mint: Oops.

Gramma Nut: (looks out the window) Oh, visitors. Come on!

(Gramma Nut, Bazz, and Lolly jump out the window and slide down the slide to meet our heroes)

Gramma Nut: Oh, I love my slides. It's so easy to get around. Well, hi there, folks. I'm Gramma Nut. And this here's Bazz.

Mr. Mint: (struggles to pull his foot out) I seem to be uh... stuck. What is this goo?

Gramma Nut: (laughs) That's one hundred percent pure peanut butter under there. Right, Lolly?

Jib: Lolly?

Mac: Wait, are you...?

Mr. Mint: Princess Lolly! (pulls his foot out) Good morning, Your Highness. I'm Mr. Mint. And this is Jib, and that's Jolly. (he gets his foot stuck again)

Mac: I'm Mac, and this is Bloo.

Wilt: Hey, how ya doin'? Name's Wilt.

Eduardo: And me Eduardo.

Coco: Coco.

Lolly: Hi there. It's nice to meet you. Now, Gramma, what about my scepter? I need it for the-

Jib: Uh, excuse me, Your Highness, it's like this... Lord Licorice sorta has your scepter, he's working for Maleficent, and he's kinda gonna use it in the Sweet Celebration.

Wilt: Sorry, is that okay?

Gramma Nut: Good heavens! If he manages to surround the Sweet Circle with Licorice and touches it with the scepter, all of Candy Land will turn to Licorice! And we'll all be Maleficent's slaves!

Lolly: I'm supposed to be the one in the circle. That's my job.

Eduardo: Really?

Lolly: I was supposed to be responsible, but I wasn't. And now, Candy Land will be ruined, and I don't know what to do.

(Lolly cries, Eduardo cries too)

Mr. Mint: But there ought-ta-got-ta be somethin' we can do.

(Jolly sobs)

Gramma Nut: Now, maybe you'll think I'm nuts for thinkin' this. (laughs) But I don't care. 'Cause everything here's nuts already! The point is you're not stuck if you don't give up. (singing) When the sticky problem tries and tries to drive ya nuts, sometimes you get sad and blue. No ifs, or ands, or buts. Sure, you got a problem. But good gracious. Dearie me. Nothing is as bad as you imagine it to be. Why, don't forget, you've made a start. I know you'll keep on going with joy and hope and heart. If you should fall, don't fret, dear friend. Get up and keep on going, and you'll make it in the end. Every sweet adventure has at least one stormy day. Skies grow dark as almond bark. It's hard to find your way. A mean old storm can give you... Gosh! Tickets of a fright! But farther down the rainbow road, you're sure to see the light. And don't forget, you've made a start. I know you'll keep on going with joy and hope and heart. If you should fall, don't fret, dear friend. Get up and keep on going, and you'll make it in the end. Take one step. Oh, there's two. Oh, gee, there's three. Or was it four? Well, either way, you're farther than you've ever been before. Time to solve your problem 'cause you've got a lot at stake. My, oh, me, it might not be a piece of walnut cake. Keep on skipping down the road each time you think you're through. You'll be smiling in a while, so have a ball. Yahoo! And don't forget, you've made a start. I know you'll keep on going with joy and hope and heart. If you should fall, don't fret, dear friends. Get up and keep on going, and you'll make it in the end. Get up and keep on going, and you'll make it in the end. (laughs)

Jib: She's right! We can do this! All we have to do is come up with a way to trap Lord Licorice and steal the scepter back.

Mr. Mint: We can do it! (laughs) We can do it! (laughs and gets his foot stuck again) Oops.

Mac: I have an idea! Listen!

Lolly: Okay.

Gramma Nut: Well, come on, tell us.

(everyone gathers around to hear Mac's plan, in Licorice Wicket, Terrence and the bites return to Lord Licorice's lair, Lord Licorice struggles to get the bucket off his bottom, he finally manages to get it off)

Lord Licorice: So, did you catch them?

Terrence: They got away. And that stupid gingerbread boy got us all stuck in icing.

Lord Licorice: Great. Just great. Oh well. So what if we lost the element of surprise? We still have the scepter.

Maleficent: Terrence, you and Lord Licorice must travel to Candy Castle before the last gumball strikes. And remember, Terrence, this is your last chance. Do not fail me again.

Terrence: I won't.

Lord Licorice: Bites, my carriage.

(the licorice bites bring a chair for their master, Lord Licorice jumps on, a red bite brings a footstool)

Lord Licorice: To the castle!

(the bites carry Lord Licorice through Licorice Wicket, Terrence follows, at Candy Castle, King Kandy paces in the castle halls)

King Kandy: Oh... Oh... Oh, dear. Oh, my. (Frostine arrives) Frostine, have you seen your sister?

Frostine: Don't worry, daddy. You can count on Lolly.

King Kandy: Oh, I've looked all over the castle, and she's not here. And there's only two gumballs left. Oh.

(Lord Licorice, Terrence, and the bites are traveling down the road)

Lord Licorice: Faster, my chewy chums! That bothersome boy, those foolish figments, that gingerbrat, and mint menace couldn't have gotten very far on foot.

(Terrence, Lord Licorice, and the bites pause when they see a sign pointing up the hill)

Lord Licorice: Oh, I don't remember this path to the castle. Hmm. Must be a shortcut. Onward, my licoricey lumpkins! (the bites carry him up the hill)

Terrence: Wait up!

(at the bottom of the hill, the sign turns out to be Jolly in disguise, his friends come out from behind cookie bushes)

Mr. Mint: Nice job, Jolly.

Jib: Yeah, good work. Now it's your turn, Eduardo.

Eduardo: Si, Senior Jib.

Jib: Let's go!

(the licorice bites grow tired of carrying Lord Licorice up the hill)

Lord Licorice: Oh, come on, you lazy bites!

(the bites give up and lay down to catch their breath, Terrence and Lord Licorice go on without them, they reach the top of the hill)

Lord Licorice: What in the world are we doing up here? And what's with all the slides?

Terrence: This isn't the Candy Castle! Someone tricked us!

(Eduardo charges Terrence and Lord Licorice from behind, they fall off the cliff and scream as they ride the slide in and out of the Peanut Brittle House, our heroes watch, Terrence and Lord Licorice bump their heads on pots and pans, they come to the end of the slide and land on the walkway, they get stuck in peanut butter)

Terrence: What the...?

Lord Licorice: Hey, get us out of here! What's the big idea? We're stuck!

Mr. Mint: (takes Lolly's scepter from Lord Licorice) Thank you, ya big licorice stick in the mud. (he hands the scepter to Lolly)

Lolly: Oh, my scepter.

(at the top of the hill, a red licorice bite tells his fellow bites to follow him down the slide, they jump and ride down only to get stuck like Terrence and Lord Licorice)

(Mr. Mint, Jib, Lolly, and Jolly cheer, Mac and Bloo laugh and dance)

Mr. Mint: Like Jib always says, stick to the road.

Jib: Great! We got the scepter, Lord Licorice and Terrence are trapped, and the bites are stuck.

(some bites run away)

Mr. Mint: Hey, some of them got loose!

Eduardo: They es getting away!

Lolly: We have to stop them!

(Gramma Nut drives up to our heroes in a whelbarrow car with Bazz)

Gramma Nut: Not to worry, Lolly! This is what I call a cracker of a good time. Yahoo! (drives off)

Jib: Well, let's go! If we hurry, we can still make it on time.

(our heroes leave, Lord Licorice, Terrence, and the licorice bites struggle to get out of the peanut butter, our heroes race down the rainbow road)

Mr. Mint: Come on, gang! We're almost there!

(the bell at Candy Castle rings)

Lolly: Oh, no! There's only one gumball left! We've gotta hurry!

Mr. Mint: Don't despair, princess. (laughs) I know a shortcut.

Jib: Good grief! (he and his friends follow another path) Not another shortcut!

(our heroes follow the path to the Chocolate Swamp)

Jib: Whoa.

Lolly: Wow.

Jolly: Ooh.

Mr. Mint: Here it is! (laughs) The Chocolate Swamp.

Jib: Where's the shortcut?

(Mr. Mint points at a broken bridge)

Jib: Your shortcut is cut short.

Lolly: Oh, terrific! Now how do we get across?

Bloo: You have wings, ya know.

Lolly: Oh, of course. (walks over to the bridge) This'll be a breeze.

(Lolly looks down at the chocolate river and gasps, she laughs as she flies to the other side of the bridge, she waves to her friends)

Mr. Mint: Hurray!

(Jolly becomes a kangaroo and bounces to the other side with ease)

Bloo: Oh! Oh! Us next!

(Eduardo grabs Bloo and Coco and leaps to the other side)

Mac: Our turn!

(Mac and Jib leap across, they loose their balance and fall in the chocolate river)

Bloo: Mac!

Lolly: Jib!

Mr. Mint: No!

Wilt: Mac!

Mr. Mint: Jib!

Lolly: They're stuck! We've gotta do something!

Jib: Please, help us!

Mac: Help!

Mr. Mint: Oh... Oh... Oh... Jib! Oh... Oh...

Lolly: Wilt, Mr. Mint, please help them!

Mr. Mint: Help. They want help.

Lord Licorice: (offscreen) Hurry, you lazy bites!

(Wilt and Mr. Mint turn around to see Lord Licorice, Terrence, and the licorice bites approaching)

Terrence: There they are!

Lord Licorice: I want that scepter!

Mr. Mint: Oh, no! Terrence and Lord Licorice! Hurry!

(Jolly turns into a dolphin and dives in)

Mr. Mint: Jib, grab hold! (he holds out his hand for Jib, but misses)

Lolly: Oh, no.

Jib: Go on ahead, princess! Go!

Mac: Just go!

Jib: Don't worry about us, princess. Keep going. You and the scepter have got to get to the castle.

(Lolly struggles to decide whether to keep going or save Mac and Jib)

Bloo: We leave no man behind! Especially my best buddy!

(Lolly sets down her scepter)

Lolly: We're coming, guys! (she, Bloo, Eduardo, and Coco jump in) Hold on!

(Lolly grabs a nearby root, Jolly canges into a life raft with a rope, Lolly grabs the rope, Jib grabs onto Jolly)

Mr. Mint: Your hand!

Lord Licorice: Mmm. What a fine target.

(Mr. Mint sees that Lord Licorice, Terrence, and the bites are right behind him, Lord Licorice kicks him in the chocolate river)

Wilt: I'm sorry, but can't we talk about this?

Terrence: Let me think... (pushes Wilt) NO!

Wilt: Wh- wh- ahh! (falls in the chocolate river)

Lord Licorice: Well, well. If it isn't that bothersome brat, those irritating imaginary friends, and those conniving confections. Now it's your turn to be stuck. Oh, and what's this? A royal scepter just sitting there.

Lolly: Oh, no. Not again!

(Lord Licorice snaps his fingers, the licorice bites stack on top of one another to make a bridge, Lord Licorice and Terrence cross over)

Lord Licorice: Oh, by the way, there's more than just chocolate in that swamp. There's a great, huge...

Gloppy: (offscreen) HUUUUG!!!

Lord Licorice: Exactly.

Mac: What was that?

Mr. Mint: Swamp gas?

Red licorice bite: Yummy! Yummy, yummy, yummy. (picks up the scepter and hands it to Lord Licorice)

Lord Licorice: Well, enjoy your swim. We're due at the castle to take over Candy Land. (laughs) Ta-ta.

(Lord Licorice, his bites, and Terrence walk away, elswhere, Gramma Nut is chasing licorice bites)

Gramma Nut: Woohoohoo! Here I come! (she laughs as she chases the bites) Uh-oh! (drives away from lots of licorice bites)

(in the Chocolate Swamp, our heroes are still trapped in the chocolate river)

Mr. Mint: Holy strawberries, are we in a jam!

Lolly: We've got to get out of here.

Gloppy: HUUUUG!!!

(Gloppy gets closer, Lolly, Jolly, Jib, and Mr. Mint look frightened)

Eduardo: Ah! The monster! He's getting closer!

Mac: Guys, whatever happens, I want you to know you're the best friends I could ever ask for.

Eduardo: You too, Senior Mac.

Coco: Coco coco co.

(Wilt nods one of his eyestalks at Mac)

Mac: Thanks, Wilt. That means a lot.

(Gloppy emerges)

Gloppy: Hug. Hug.

(Jib and Jolly panic, Mac, Bloo, Eduardo, and Coco scream)

Gloppy: Hug. Hug!

Jib: Huh? (he approaches Gloppy)

Gloppy: Hug. Hug.

Eduardo: Senior Jib, no!

(Jib and Gloppy hug)

Jib: It's okay. He doesn't want to hurt anyone. He just wants a hug.

Coco: Cooooco...? (translation: Ooookay...?)

Jib: Come on, everybody, team hug.

(the others come over to hug Gloppy)

Bloo: No way! I'm not hugging that guy.

Mac: Bloo!

Bloo: Ugh! Fine.

(our heroes hug Gloppy)

Jib: I don't know your name, big fella. But if you could help us, we'd really appreciate it. We've got to warn the king. Lord Licorice is gonna turn everything into licorice.

Wilt: Yeah. And the thing is we'd stop him, but we're kinda stuck here and we need to get out, so... Sorry, is that okay?

(Gloppy nods and helps our heroes out of the river)

Mr. Mint: Thanks! You're kinda gloppy, but it's been a lotta fun. (Gloppy hugs and kisses him) Thanks.

Jib: Come on, Mr. Mint! We have to hurry!

Mr. Mint: Right behind ya! (to Gloppy) See ya!

(our heroes leave)

Gloppy: (waves) Bye!

(licorice vines slither towards Candy Castle, the people of Candy Land are scared when they see the licorice creep over the castle walls, Lord Licorice laughs)

Lord Licorice: In a few glorious moments, when the gumball machine delivers its last gumball, then the magic of the Sweet Celebration will turn all of Candy Land... into licorice!

Maleficent: And you will all kneel before us.

(Lord Licorice laughs, followed by Terrence, then Maleficent, the people of Candy Land are frightened, Frostine, King Kandy, Gramma Nut, and Bazz are tied up in licorice on the thrones)

King Kandy: Stop, you fiends!

Lord Licorice: (chuckles) Let's all enjoy the countdown, shall we?

(the gumball machine gets wrapped in licorice, Lord Licorice is eager for the last gumball to fall, Jolly and Mr. Mint, covered in chocolate, tiptoe through the crowd)

Lord Licorice: (chuckles) Any second now.

Mr. Mint: Psst. (whispers and waves to Jib and Lolly) Hey.

(Jib and Lolly are at the slide leading from the gumball machine to the bell, Lolly waves back, Mr. Mint carries Jolly on his back while climbing onto the Sweet Circle, he sneaks up on Lord Licorice and taps on his shoulder)

Lord Licorice: (turns around) Huh?

(Mr. Mint and Jolly act like a scary monster, Terrence, Lord Licorice, and the licorice bites are scared, the bites run, the gumball machine is about to deliver the last gumball, while still scaring Terrence, Lord Licorice, and the bites, the chocolate slides off Mr. Mint and Jolly's faces)

Jolly: Uh-oh.

(Terrence looks angry)

Lord Licorice: Grrr... Nice try, you troublesome treats!

(the last gumball comes out of the machine, Lord Licorice laughs, Lolly and Jib gasp)

Lord Licorice: Now, let me hear the sweet sound of that gum.

(the licorice bites tackle Mr. Mint and Jolly, Jib and Lolly push the slide towards Lord Licorice, the gumball hits his head, he becomes dizzy)

Jib: (to Lolly) Feel like flying?

(Lolly flies towards Lord Licorice and kicks him, the scepter is tossed into the air, Lolly catches it)

Lolly: Yay!

(the people of Candy Land cheer, Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco surprise and surround Maleficent)

Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco: Surprise!

Maleficent: What!?

Mac: We beat you again, Maleficent! And this time, we got you!

Bloo: Ha! In your face!

Wilt: Sorry, but you got nowhere to run!

Eduardo: Si! And we es never going to let you hurt anyone ever again, you big meanie!

Coco: Coco coco!

Maleficent: (engulfs herself in green flames) Stand back, you fools!

(Mac, Bloo, and their friends look scared, Maleficent laughs evilly as she disappears, Lord Licorice climbs back onto the Sweet Circle and takes Lolly's scepter)

Lord Licorice: Mine again!

(hanging from a rope, Jib takes the scepter, Terrence chasses Mac and Bloo)

Terrence: Wait! Stop! I just wanna punch you!

Bloo: Watch your back, Mac. He's gaining on-

Mac and Bloo: (avoid getting hit by Terrence) Whoa!

(a red licorice bite slides down and takes the scepter, Jolly, in the shape of a hammer, squishes the bite and tosses the scepter)

Mr. Mint: I got it!

(Lord Licorice shoves Mr. Mint and catches the scepter, Mr. Mint pulls his hat over his head and takes the scepter and runs, four licorice bites trip him, causing him to drop the scepter, the bites try to catch the scepter, but Jib grabs it first, the bites crash into the wall, Jib throws the scepter to Lolly, just when she catches it, a red bite takes it, she flies after him and catches him, more bites try to grab it, but Jib grabs it, he tosses it to Lolly, but another red bite nabs it, Lolly pounces on him, takes the scepter and rejoins her friends, Terrence is still chasing Mac and Bloo)

Mac: We need to split up!

(Mac and Bloo go in opposite directions, Terrence can't decide who to go after, Eduardo charges him and sends him flying out of the castle, angry from being foiled so many times, Lord Licorice whistles, his bites get together to form a big ball)

Lord Licorice: Flatten them!

(the ball rolls at our heroes, Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco gasp, the ball knocks everyone over, the scepter lands in Lord Licorice's hand)

Lord Licorice: Ah, thank you.

(Lord Licorice makes his way to the Sweet Circle, a red bite acts as a stepping stool for his master)

Lord Licorice: Bites, take your places!

Licorice bites: Yummy! (they stand around the Sweet Circle)

Lord Licorice: I'm sure you're anxious to meet your new king: me.

Jib: There ought-ta-got-ta be... we can't be stuck. Stuck? Stuck! That's it!

Lord Licorice: Now nothing can stop me! (he chuckles as he walks to the center of the Sweet Circle)

Jib: (takes out what little is left of his gingerbread icing) Oh, no. There's hardly any left. Sorry, mom.

(Jib hurls his icing, it splats on the Sweet Circle, Lord Licorice gets his foot stuck before he is able to put the scepter in the center, he tries to pull his foot free)

Gloppy: HUUUUG!!!

Jib: Look! Right there!

Lord Licorice: (scoffs) Not that old gag again.

(Gloppy rises over the castle walls)

Gloppy: Hug! Hug!

(Lord Licorice turns and screams, Gloppy grabs him, Jib catches the scepter)

Jib: (chuckles) Thanks, pal.

Eduardo: Si, gracias!

(Gloppy waves at our heroes)

Lord Licorice: Unhand me, you sloppy glop! (Gloppy hugs him)

(the licorice bites retreat, Jib throws the scepter to Mr. Mint, Mr. Mint tosses it to Jolly, Jolly passes it to Lolly, she flies to the center of the Sweet Circle)

Mac: Untie everyone, Jolly!

(Jolly transforms into a pair of scissors and cuts King Kandy, Frostine, Gramma Nut, and Bazz free of the licorice ropes, they race for the Sweet Circle)

King Kandy: Quickly now! Before time runs out! Everyone, present your gifts.

(Mr. Mint puts his candy cane in one of the gold cups, Jolly places his gummy hearts, Gramma Nut grabs a small basket of nuts out of Bazz and places it in the Sweet Circle, the other residents place various treats, Frostine places her wand on one of the cups, King Kandy places his scepter too)

King Kandy: Your gifts are graciously welcomed.

Frostine: Wait, we're missing one offering. Jib?

(Mr. Mint helps him onto the Sweet Circle)

Wilt: What's the matter, Jib?

Jib: I have nothing left. (sighs) I failed you, mother.

Lolly: Jib, if you hadn't sacrificed your icing, your friends would still be in danger. You saved the day.

Jib: Wrong, Lolly. Look. I have no gift to offer.

Lord Licorice: (laughs) How perfect. You wasted your icing and the celebration is ruined. Now nothing will bloom! (laughs)

Jib: I'm so sorry. (cries)

(the Sweet Circle shimmers, everyone gasps)

Lolly: Jib!

Jib: Huh?

King Kandy: Jib, my boy, you are the gift.

Jib: Huh?

Coco: Coco co?

King Kandy: We've always thought that Candy Land blooms because of what you bring. But this young man has shown us that it blooms because of who you are. You, all of you, are the Sweet Circle.

(Jib motions for everyone to come up)

Mr. Mint: (laughs) Peppermintyriffic! Whoo!

(Mr. Mint climbs up, he helps Grandma Nut up, followed by Jolly, Lolly places her scepter in the center, it spins and shimmers while giving off rays of yellow and orange light, the licorice vines sink into the chocolate moat around the castle, a rainbow road comes out from the Sweet Circle)

Jib: Wow, a new road.

(the road moves into the castle wall, lollipops appear on either side, an archway with a lollipop-themed design appears, the road goes across the moat and trails through an open field, giving birth to the Lollipop Woods, Gloppy appears happy and excited)

Lord Licorice: Oh, lollipops!

(Princess Lolly honors Jib by tapping his shoulders with her scepter, the people cheer, Mac and Bloo laugh and dance "Come Along" (reprise) is sung, our heroes and the denizens of Candy Land follow the road into Lollipop Woods, some residents sit on top of the giant lollipops, Lolly offers some normal-sized lollipops to Jolly and two children, Jib makes goofy faces as he sees his reflection in a heart lollipop, Lolly hugs her father, Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, and Jib wave goodbye to the others, they return to the Gingerbread Trees)

Jib: Mom, I'm home!

(Jib's siblings cheer, Mama Gingertree tosses him in the air and holds him in her arms, the camera zooms out to show all of Candy Land, fades to black, "Sweet Adventure" plays as the credits roll)


Sean Marquette as Mac

Keith Ferguson as Bloo

Phil LaMarr as Wilt

Tom Kenny as Eduardo

Candi Milo as Coco

Tara Strong as Terrence

Eleanor Audley as Maleficent

Alberto Ghisi as Jib

Ian James Corlett as Mr. Mint and the Snow Beavers

Scott McNeil as King Kandy and the Licorice Bites

Doug Parker as Jolly and Gloppy

Britt McKillip as Princess Lolly

Mark Oliver as Lord Licorice

Kathleen Barr as Princess Frostine

Ellen Kennedy as Gramma Nut

Jane Mortifee as Mamma Gingertree


Come Along

You Ought-Ta-Got-Ta Have fun

Licorice Land

Get Up and Keep on Going

Come Along (reprise)

Ending song: Sweet Adventure

(post credits scene: Terrence is walking through the outskirts of Candy Land)

Terrence: Stupid brother and his stupid imaginary friend and their stupid friends! How are we supposed to take over the magical worlds and get rid of Mac's friend, Bloo, if they keep beating us?

(Maleficent appears from a bolt of lightening and green flames)

Terrence: Oh, uh... hi, Maleficent.

Maleficent: You have failed me again, Terrence.

Terrence: What? I had nothin' to do with this! Just gimmie another chance!

Maleficent: No, Terrence! You and the rest of my worthless servants have done nothing but fail me. From this day forward, I will deal with Mac, Bloo and their friends myself.

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