Mac and Bloo Meet Peter Pan is the third film in The Adventures of Mac and Bloo. It is preceded by Mac, Bloo, and Alice in Wonderland and followed by Mac, Bloo, and Friends in Candy Land The Great Lollipop Adventure.


(The classic blue "Walt Disney Pictures" logo is shown, "The Second Star to the Right" is sung as the opening credits roll)

RKO Raido Pictures, distributed by RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.

Walt Disney presents

Mac and Bloo Meet Peter Pan

An adaptation of the play "Peter Pan" by Sir James M. Barrie

Color by Technicolor

Walt Disney Productions is grateful to the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London, to which Sir James M. Barrie gave his copyright of Peter Pan

With the talents of Bobby Driscoll, Kathryn Beaumont, Hans Conried, Bill Thompson, Sean Marquette, Keith Ferguson, Tara Strong, Eleanor Audley, Heather Angel, Paul Collins, Tommy Luske, Candy Candido, Tom Conway, Roland Dupree, Don Barclay

Sound Director: C.O. Slyfield

Sound Recording: Harold J. Steck, Robert O. Cook

Film Editor: Donald Halliday

Music Editor: Al Teeter

Special Processes: UB Iwerks

Copyright MCMLII Walt Disney Productions All Rights Reserved

Musical Score by Oliver Wallace

Songs by Sammy Fain, Sammy Cahn, Oliver Wallace, Frank Churchill, Erdman Penner, Winston Hibler, Ted Sears

Orchestration: Edward Plumb

Vocal Arrangements: Jud Conlon

Story: Ted Sears, Erdman Penner, Bill Peet, Winston Hibler, Joe Rinaldi, Milt Banta, Ralph Wright, Bill Cottrell

Layout: Charles Philippi, McLaren Stewart, Tom Codrick, A. Kendall O'Connor, Hugh Hennesy, Ken Anderson, Don Griffith, Al Zinnen, Thor Putnam, Lance Nolley

Color and Styling: Mary Blair, John Hench, Claude Coats, Don Da Gradi

Backgrounds: Ralph Hulett, Ray Huffine, Art Riley, Thelma Witmer, Al Dempster, Dick Anthony, Eyvind Earle, Brice Mack, Art Landy

Directing Animators: Milt Kahl, Frank Thomas, Wolfgang Reitherman, Ward Kimball, Ollie Johnston, Marc Davis, Eric Larson, John Lounsbery, Les Clark, Norm Ferguson

Character Animators: Hal King, Cliff Nordberg, Fred Moore, Bob Carlson, Hal Ambro, Harvey Toombs, Ken O'Brien, Don Lusk, Bill Justice, Judge Whitaker, Marvin Woodward, Jerry Hathcock, Hugh Fraser, Art Stevens, Eric Cleworth, Clair Weeks

Effects Animators: George Rowley, Joshua Meador, Dan MacManus, Blaine Gibson

Directors: Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, MacandBloo4ever

(the camera moves over London at night)

Narrator: All this has happened before. And it will all hapen again. But this time it happened in London. It happened on a quiet street in Bloomsbury.

(the camera zooms in on the Darling family's house)

Narrator: That corner house over there is the home of the Darling family. And Peter Pan chose this particular house because there were people here who believed in him. There was Mrs. Darling.

(Mrs. Darling hums)

Mrs. Darling: George, dear, do hurry. We musn't be late for the party, you know.

Narrator: Mrs. Darling believed that Peter Pan was the spirit of youth. But Mr. Darling...

Mr. Darling: Mary, unless I find my cuff links, we don't go to the party. And if we don't go to the party, I can never show my face in the office again. And if I can never... (bumps his head on a dresser drawer) Ow!

Narrator: Well, Mr. Darling was a practical man. The boys, however, John and Michael, believed Peter Pan was a real person and made him the hero of all their nursery games.

(Michael and John are having a swordfighting game)

John: Blast you, Peter Pan!

Michael: Take that! Give up, Captain Hook? Give up?

John: Never! (holds a coat hanger in his right hand) I'll teach you to cut off me hand!

Wendy: Oh, no, John. It was the left hand.

John: (switches his toy sword and the coat hanger around) Oh, yes. Thank you, Wendy.

Narrator: Wendy, the eldest, not only believed, she was the supreme authority on Peter Pan and all his marvelous adventures.

Wendy: Oh, Nana, must we always take that nasty tonic?

(Nana enters the nursery)

Narrator: Nana, the nursemaid, being a dog, kept her opinions to herself and viewed the whole affair with a certain tolerance.

(Nana sets a tray with three spoons, three glasses of water, and a bottle of medicine on a table)

Mac: It sure was nice of the Darlings to let us stay here for the night.

Bloo: I love Wendy's stories about Peter Pan. I'd really like to meet him.

Mac: Me too.

Narrator: Mac and Bloo were best friends and shared many wonderful adventures together.

Michael: Take that!

John: Insolent boy! I'll slash you to ribbons!

Michael: And I'll cut you to pieces. Aha! Ouch!

John: Careful, Michael, my glasses.

Michael: I'm sorry, John.

John: You'll never leave this ship alive!

Michael: Oh, yes I will. Take that!

(Nana picks up the last three blocks and stacks them on the rest in a fort-like fashion, but notices the ones on top are not quite in the right place, she switches two of them around so that they're saying "A,B,C" instead of "B,A,C")

John: Scuttle me bones, boy, I'll slit your gizzard.

Michael: Oh, no, you won't. Back, back, back, you villain!

John: Insolent pup!

(Nana is shocked from hearing what John said, thinking he was talking to her, she accidentally pours medicine on her right paw)

Michael: Wicked pirate!

John: Aha, I've got you.

Michael: You didn't either. You never touched me. Take that and that! And that!

John: (pretending to be stabbed) Oh!

(Mr. Darling walks in)

Mr. Darling: Boys, boys, less noise, please. (he accidentally knocks over the blocks when he walks in)

John: Oh, hello, father.

Michael: You old bilge rat.

Mr. Darling: Wh... wh... what? Now, see here, Michael.

Mac: No, not you, Mr. Darling.

John: You see, he's Peter Pan.

Michael: And John's Captain Hook.

Mr. Darling: Yes, yes, of course. Have you seen my cuff- (bumps into Nana, making her knock over the blocks just as she was nearly done stacking them back up) Oh, Nana, for goodness sake! Where are those cuff links?

(Nana knocks over the last few blocks in her annoyance)

John: Cuff links, father?

Mr. Darling: Yes, the gold ones.

John: (whispering) Michael, the buried treasure. Where is it?

Michael: I don't know.

John: The map then. Where's the treasure map?

Michael: It got lost.

Mr. Darling: (discovers his shirt front under the bed sheets) Good heavens, my shirt front!

Michael: Hurray! You found it! You found it!

Mr. Darling: Yes, so I have. And hereafter... (Michael pulls at his shirt) Don't paw me, Michael. This is my last cll- (his shirt front flips up in his face, he sees map drawings on it) No! No!

(Mrs. Darling steps in)

Mrs. Darling: George, dear, we really must hurry or we'll be-

Mr. Darling: Mary, look! (points at his shirt front)

Mrs. Darling: George.

Michael: It's only chalk, father.

Mrs. Darling: Why, Michael.

John: It's not his fault. It's in the story. And Wendy says-

Mr. Darling: Wendy? Story? I might have known. Wendy! Wendy!

(Wendy arrives)

Wendy: Yes, father?

Mr. Darling: Would you kindly ex-

Wendy: Oh, mother! You look simply lovely.

Mrs. Darling: Thank you, dear.

Mr. Darling: Wendy.

Mrs. Darling: Just my old gown made over. But it did turn out rather-

Mr. Darling: Mary, if you don't mind. I-

Wendy: Why, father, what have you done to your shirt?

Mr. Darling: What have I...? Oh!

Mrs. Darling: (cleans Mr. Darling's shirt front) Now, George, really. It comes right off.

Mr. Darling: That's no excuse. Wendy, haven't I warned you? Stuffing the boys' heads with a lot of silly stories.

Wendy: Oh, but they aren't.

Mr. Darling: I say they are! Captain Crook! Peter Pirate!

Bloo: (sighs) Captain Hook and Peter Pan. Get it right.

Mr. Darling: Pan! Pirate! Poppycock!

(Wendy, John, and Michael complain at their father)

Mr. Darling: Absolute poppycock! And let me tell you, this ridic-

Mrs. Darling: Now, George.

Mr. Darling: "Now, George." "Now, George!" Well, "Now, George" will have his say!

Mrs. Darling: (ties Mr. Darling's tie) Please, dear.

Mr. Darling: Mary, the child's growing up. It's high time she had a room of her own.

Wendy: Father!

Mrs. Darling: George!

John: What?

Michael: No!

(Mac and Bloo gasp, Nana drops blocks from her mouth in shock)

Mr. Darling: I mean it! Young lady, this is your last night in the nursery. And that's my last word on the m-

(Mr. Darling stumbles over Nana and looses his balance, Nana tries to move out of the way, she quickly stops before knocking over the blocks, Mr. Darling bumbs her, causing her knock the blocks down, she runs and slips on a toy wagon, while trying to regain his balance, Mr. Darling steps on the wagon and slides around the nursery)

Mr. Darling: No!

(the toy wagon rips the floor and stops, sending Mr. Darling flying towards a dresser)

Mr. Darling: No!

(Nana tumbles into a corner, a few objects fall off the dresser and onto Mr. Darling's head, a jack-in-the-box falls on his head and pops open)

Mac, Bloo, Wendy, Michael, John, and Mrs. Darling: Oh! (they rush by Mr. Darling and over to Nana) Poor Nana.

Mr. Darling: "Poor Nana"? This is the last straw! Out! Out, I say!

Michael: (hugging Nana) No, father, no!

Mr. Darling: (grabs Nana and drags her away) Yes! There'll be no more dogs for nursemaids in this house!

(Mrs. Darling picks up Michael)

Michael: (waves) Goodbye, Nana.

(Nana waves back, Mr. Darling drags her downstairs and outside)

Mr. Darling: "Poor Nana." Oh, yes, "Poor Nana." But "Poor father"? Oh, no! (looks aroun the yard) Blast it! Where is that rope? (he turns around and sees the rope in Nana's mouth) Oh, thank you.

(Nana makes a sad face as Mr. Darling ties her up)

Mr. Darling: Dash it all, Nana, don't look at me like that. It's nothing personal. It's just that... Well, you're not really a nurse at all. You're... well, a dog. And the children aren't puppies. They're people. And sooner or later, Nana, people have to grow up.

(back in the nursery)

Wendy: But mother, I don't want to grow up.

Mrs. Darling: Now, dear, don't worry about it any more tonight.

John: He called Peter Pan "absolute poppycock."

Mrs. Darling: I'm sure he didn't mean it, John. Father was just upset.

Michael: (crying) Poor Nana... (sniffles) out there all alone.

Mrs. Darling: No more tears, Michael. It's a warm night. She'll be all right.

Michael: Mother.

Mrs. Darling: What is it, dear?

Michael: (holds out Mr. Darling's gold cuff links) Buried treasure. (he gives them to Mrs. Darling)

Mrs. Darling: Now, children. Don't judge your father too harshly. After all, he really loves you very much. (she closes the window)

Wendy: Oh, don't lock it, mother. He might come back.

Mrs. Darling: "He"?

Wendy: Yes. Uh, Peter Pan. You see, I found something that belongs to him.

Mrs. Darling: Oh? And what's that?

Wendy: (yawns) His shadow.

Mrs. Darling: "Shadow"?

Bloo: How'd you get his shadow?

Wendy: Nana had it. (sleepily) But I... I took it away.

Mrs. Darling: Oh? Yes, of course. (dims a lamp)

Mac: Good night, Mrs. Darling.

Mrs. Darling: Good night, dear. (she closes the door and leaves)

(Mr. and Mrs. Darling are leaving the house)

Mrs. Darling: But, George, do you think the children will be safe without Nana?

Mr. Darling: Safe? Of course they'll be safe. Why not?

Mrs. Darling: Well, Wendy said something about a shadow, and I-

Mr. Darling: Shadow? Whose shadow?

Mrs. Darling: Peter Pan's.

Mr. Darling: Oh, Peter Pan... Peter Pan! You don't say. Goodness gracious, whatever shall we do?

Mrs. Darling: But, George-

Mr. Darling: Sound the alarm! Call Scotland Yard!

Mrs. Darling: There must have been someone.

Mr. Darling: Oh, Mary, of all the impossible, childish fiddle-faddle. Peter Pan indeed. How can we expect the children to grow up and be practical when you're as mad as they are? No wonder Wendy gets these idiotic ideas.

(Pepter Pan watches them leave from on top of the house, he sees Nana down below, he sneaks down to the window, Tinker Bell follows him, he looks through the window, he sees Wendy, Michael, John, Mac, and Bloo fast asleep, he sees Nana's doghouse, he and Tinker Bell enter the nursery through the window)

Peter: Over there, Tink, in it's den.

(Tinker Bell flies into the doghouse, Peter meets her outside of it)

Peter: Is it there?

(Tinker Bell chimes and shakes her head)

Peter: Must be here somewhere.

(Peter looks in the toy chest, he hears music)

Peter: Tink! Shh.

(Tinker Bell closes a music box)

Peter: Stop playing and help me find my shadow. Shadow. Oh, shadow.

(Tinker Bell flies over a hand mirror, she lands on it and admires herself, when looking at herself at another angle, she thinks her hips are a little big, she hears rattling, she looks through a keyhole on a dresser drawer, she chimes and gestures Peter to come over)

Peter: Huh?

(Tinker Bell chimes and points through the keyhole, Peter opens the drawer, Tink goes inside, Peter's shadow comes out, Peter closes the drawer, leaving Tink trapped inside, Peter flies after his shadow up the wall and on the ceiling, the shadow flies behind an armchair, Peter searches behind it, his shadow tiptoes away, he spots his shadow)

Peter: Aha!

(Peter's shadow runs and tumbles, Peter finally catches it and gets in a brief fight with it, Wendy wakes up and sees him)

Wendy: Peter Pan! Oh, Peter! I knew you'd come back. I saved your shadow for you. Oh, I do hope it isn't rumpled. You know, you look exactly the way I thought you would. Oh, a little taller perhaps. But then... (she sees that Peter is trying to stick his shadow back on with a bar of soap) Oh, you can't stick it on with soap, Peter. It needs sewing. That's the proper way to do it. Although, come to think of it, I've never thought about it before, sewing shadows I mean. Of course, I knew it was your shadow the minute I saw it. I said to myself... I said "I'll put it away for him until he comes back. Oh, he's sure to come back." And you did, didn't you, Peter? After all, one can't leave his shadow lying about and not miss it sooner or later. Don't you agree? But what I still don't understand is how Nana got it in the first place. She really isn't... Oh, sit down. It won't take long. She really isn't vicious, you know. She's a wonderful nurse. Although, father says-

Peter: Girls talk too much.

Wendy: Yes, girls talk too m- Hmm? Oh.

Peter: Well, get on with it, girl.

Wendy: My name is Wendy. Wendy Moira Angela Darl-

Peter: Wendy's enough. (plays his panpipes)

Wendy: Oh. (she sews Peter's shadow) But how did Nana get your shadow, Peter?

(Tinker Bell tries to open the drawer with a needle)

Peter: Jumped at me. The other night at the window.

Wendy: Well, what were you doing there?

Peter: I came to listen to the stories.

(Tinker Bell slips on a bead necklace and slams into the drawer)

Wendy: My stories? But they're all about you.

Peter: Of course. That's why I like 'em. (blows his panpipes) I tell 'em to the Lost Boys. (blows his panpipes again)

Wendy: (finishes sewing Peter's shadow) The Lost Bo- Oh, I remember. They're your men.

Peter: Uh-huh.

Wendy: I'm so glad you came back tonight. I might never have seen you.

Peter: Why?

Wendy: Because I have to grow up tomorrow.

Peter: Grow up!?

Wendy: Tonight's my last night in the nursery.

Peter: But that means no more stories.

Wendy: (sniffles) Mm-hmm.

Peter: No! (takes Wendy's hand) I won't have it. Come on!

Wendy: B-b-but where are we going?

Peter: To Never Land.

Wendy: Never Land!

Peter: You'll never grow up there.

Wendy: Oh, Peter, it will be so wonderful. But wait. What would mother say?

Peter: Mother? What's mother?

Wendy: Why, Peter, a mother's someone who... who loves and cares for you and tells you stories.

Peter: Good! You can be our mother. Come on.

Wendy: Now, just a minute, I... Let me see now. I have to pack. Oh, and I must leave a note when I'll be back. Of course, I couldn't stay too long. And then I'll have to... Oh, but Never Land. Oh, I... I'm so happy I... I think I'll give you a... a kiss.

(shocked from hearing this, Tinker Bell desperately opens the drawer with a pair of scissors)

Peter: What's a... a kiss?

Wendy: Oh, well, uh... I'll show you. (she leans in to kiss him, but Tinker Bell pulls at her hair) Oh!

Peter: Stop! Stop it, Tink!

(Peter jumps around, trying to catch Tinker Bell with his hat, he jumps on Michael's bed, waking him up)

Michael: Mac, Bloo, John, wake up! He's here!

John: Huh? (puts his glasses on and gasps) Jiminy!

Mac: Wha...? (gasps) Bloo, wake up!

Bloo: Can't I have just five more minutes?

Mac: Peter Pan's here!

Bloo: Really?

Wendy: Ooh, what in the world was that?

Peter: Tinker Bell. Don't know what got into her.

Michael: Hello, Peter Pan. I'm Michael.

Mac: Hey, Peter. I'm Mac, and this is Bloo.

John: My name is John. How do you do?

Peter: Hello.

Michael: (looks in Peter's hat) Oh, look, a firefly.

Wendy: A pixie.

John: Amazing!

(Tinker Bell chimes and crosses her arms)

Michael: What's the pixie doing?

Peter: Talking.

Wendy: What did she say?

Peter: She says you're a big ugly girl.

(Peter and Wendy chuckle)

Wendy: Oh. Well, I think she's lovely.

(Tinker Bell sits on a block and chimes something unfriendly to Wendy)

Peter: Well, come on, Wendy, let's go.

Mac: Where we going, Wendy?

Wendy: To Never Land.

Michael: Never Land!

Wendy: Peter's taking us.

Peter: "Us"?

Wendy: Well, of course. I couldn't go without Mac, Bloo, Michael, and John.

Mac: Yeah, we wanna go to Never Land too. Can you take us?

John: Oh, I should like very much to cross swords with some real buccaneers.

Michael: Yes, and fight pirates too. (he spins and falls)

Peter: (laughs) Well, all right, but ya gotta take orders.

John: Aye, aye, sir.

Michael: Me too.

Mac: Right!

Bloo: I respect your authority without question.

Wendy: But, Peter, how do we get to Never Land?

Peter: Fly, of course.

Wendy: Fly?

Mac: How do we do that?

Peter: It's easy. All you have to do is to...

Mac and Bloo: Yes?

Peter: Is to...

Mac and Bloo: Yes?

Peter: Is to...

Mac and Bloo: Yeah? Uh-huh?

Peter: Ha! That's funny.

Bloo: What? Don't you know how?

Peter: Oh, sure. It's... it's just that I never thought about it before. Say, that's it! You think of a wonderful thought.

Wendy and John: Any happy, little thought?

Peter: Uh-huh.

Wendy: Like toys at Christmas?

John: Sleigh bells, snow?

Peter: Yup! Watch me now. Here I go! (he flies) It's easier than pie.

Wendy: He can fly!

John: He can fly!

Michael: He flewed!

Mac and Bloo: Cool...

(Peter lands on one of the beds)

Peter: Now you try.

Wendy: I'll think of a mermaid lagoon... (sighs) underneath a magic moon.

John: I'll think I'm in a pirate's cave.

Michael: I think I'll be an Indian brave.

Mac: I'll think about being kissed by Frankie.

Bloo: I'll think about having a paddleball that's not broken.

Peter: Now everybody try.

(Peter takes Wendy and John's hands, Mac joins hands with Wendy and Michael, Bloo joins hands with Michael and John)

Mac, Bloo, Wendy, Michael, John, and Peter: One, two, three!

(Peter pulls them into the air, they let go of each other's hands)

Wendy, Michael, and John: We can fly! We can fly! We can- (they, Mac,and Bloo scream as they fall on the bed)

(Tinker Bell laughs in chimes and falls over on the block)

Peter: This won't do. What's the matter with you?

Bloo: Well, you said to think happy thoughts and we did. Didn't we?

Mac: Yeah. But is there anything else we need?

Peter: All it takes is faith and trust. Oh! And something I forgot... dust!

Mac, Bloo, Wendy, and John: Dust?

Michael: Dust?

Peter: (grabs Tinker Bell by the wings) Yep. Just a little bit of pixie dust. (sprinkles pixie dust on everyone) Now, think of the happiest things. It's the same as having wings.

(Michael closes his eyes and thinks, he is lifted into the air)

Wendy: Let's all try it just once more.

John: Look! We're rising off the floor.

Mac: This is awesome!

Michael: Jiminy!

Wendy: Oh, my! We can fly!

Peter: You can fly!

(Mac, Wendy, Michael, and John all speak at the same time during this part)

Wendy, Michael, and John: We can fly!

Mac: Wheeee! (laughs)

Peter: (at the window) Come on, everybody. Here we go! Off to Never Land! (flies off)

("You Can Fly" is sung, Mac, Bloo, and Wendy fly out the window, followed by John with his hat and umbrella, Nana covers her eyes with her ears, she uncovers them when she sees Michael soaring out the window with his teddy bear, Tinker Bell stands on the windowsill, scowling, Nana barks, Peter and Wendy fly up and dive down, John tries the same but his umbrella opens when he dives, Michael dives down and accidentally drops his teddy bear, he flies down and catches it, Peter, Wendy, Mac, Bloo, and John fly around a chimney, Michael flies past and through a window, he comes out another window and rejoins the others as they fly in a circle with Nana barking frantically below, Michael pauses and looks down at her, he grabs Tinker Bell and shakes her, sending pixie dust down, it lands on her bottom, she floats up)

Michael: Come on, Nana! (he leaves to catch up with the others)

(Nana waves goodbye, our heroes pass over a pond, Peter skates on it with two swans, Wendy looks at her reflection in the water, Tinker Bell makes it difficult for her to see it by dragging her feet on the water, three fish jump out of the water in an attempt to eat her, she evades them and flies up to rejoin the group, our heroes approach Big Ben, they land on the minute hand, the bell tolls)

Peter: (points at two bright stars in the sky) There it is, Wendy. Second star to the right and straight on till morning. (he takes her hand)

(everyone else joins hands)

Mac: Here we go.

(our heroes resume their flight, they fly over the clouds, over a bridge, and through more clouds, eventually, Never Land comes into view, the camera zooms in on Captain Hook's pirate ship)

Pirates: (singing) Oh, a pirate's life is a wonderful life. A-rovin' over the sea. Give me a career as a buccaneer. It's the life of a pirate for me, oh... The life of a pirate for me. Oh, a pirate's life is a wonderful life. They never bury your bones. For when it's all over a jolly sea rover drops in on his friend, Davy Jones. Oh, my good friend, Davy Jones.

Mr. Smee: (steps outside) Good morning, shipmates.

Pirate #1: And what's good about it, Mr. Smee?

Pirate #2: Here we are, collecting barnacles on this miserable island.

Pirate #3: While his nibs plays ring-around-the-rosy with Peter Pan.

Mr. Smee: (tries to get his nose out of a gun) Look out. It might go off.

Pirate: #4: We ought to be tending to the business of looting ships.

Pirate #5: Why, I've almost forgotten how to slit a throat.

Pirate #6: (throws swords and knives at Mr. Smee) Better hop it.

Pirate #5: And tell the captain we wants to put to sea, see?

(the pirates laugh, Mr. Smee sticks his tongue at them and leaves)

Hook: Blast that Peter Pan!

Maleficent: It's incredible! You searched everywhere, and not a trace of him! He couldn't have vanished into thin air! Are you sure you searched everywhere?

Terrence: I am sure we did!

Maleficent: You and Hook are not searching hard enough, Terrence. Unless Peter Pan is vanquished, I cannot rule Never Land.

Terrence: You're so powerful. Why don't you get rid of him?

Maleficent: I've tried, but he is too fast and clever for me. And I never could find his hideaways.

Terrence: Well, it's no picnic for us either.

Maleficent: No matter. Such a search may take some time. (she disappears)

Hook: If I could only find his hideout, I'd trap him in his layer. But where is it? Mermaid Lagoon? No, we've searched that. We've combed Cannibal Cove. (points at area on the map of Never Land near the Indian village with his hook) Here! No. No, no, no! That's Indian terri- But wait. Those redskins know this island better that I do me own ship. Ah... I wonder.

(Mr. Smee arrives)

Mr. Smee: Good morning, Captain.

Hook: I've got it! Tiger Lilly, Smee!

Mr. Smee: T... T-Tiger Lilly, Captain?

Hook: The chief's daughter. She'll know where Pan is hiding.

Terrence: You think she'll talk?

Hook: Oh, a little persuasion might be in order. Now let me see. Boiling in oil? Keelhauling? Marooning?

Pirate with accordion: (singing) Oh... a pirate's life is a wonderful life. You'll find adventure and sport. But live every minute for all that is in it. The life of a pirate is short. Oh, the life... (Hook shoots him, he falls into the water, splashing Mr. Smee)

Terrence: Nice shot, captain.

Hook: Now let me see, where was I?

Mr. Smee: Oh, dear, dear, dear Captain Hook. Shooting a man in the middle of his cadenza? (chuckles) You got good form, you know.

Hook: "Good form," Mr. Smee? Blast good form! (shows Smee his hook) Did Pan show good form when he did this to me?

Mr. Smee: Why, captain, cutting your hand off was only a childish prank, you might say. (takes off Hook's coat)

Hook: Aye! But throwing it to the crocodile! That cursed beast liked the taste of me so well, he's followed me ever since, licking his chomps for the rest of me.

Mr. Smee: And he'd have had you by now, Captain... if he hadn't swallowed that alarm clock. But now when he's about, he warns ya, as ya might say, with his tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. (he hears ticking)

Terrence: Do you hear that?

(Hook hears the ticking and looks frightened, the crocodile raises his head out of the water, Hook becomes more terrified, the crocodile climbs onto a rock, licking his lips and rubbing his belly)

Hook: Sm... Smee! (he leaps into Smee's arms) Oh, save me, Smee! Please, don't let him get me, Smee! Please, don't let him get me, Smee! Smee!

(Smee goes to the side of the ship)

Mr. Smee: (to the crocodile) Here now, shame on ya. Upsettin' the poor captain. There'll be no handouts today. Shoo now, shoo! Go on, go on, off it. Off with ya, I say, go away, go away, out of here.

(the crocodile turns and leaves)

Hook: Is he gone, Smee?

Mr. Smee: Aye, Captain, all clear. Nothin' to worry about.

Hook: Oh, Smee, Smee. I can't stand it any longer. I tell you, I can't.

Mr. Smee: (sits Hook down and puts a sheet over him) Now, now, now, now, Captain. Just relax. What you need is a shave. A nice soothing shave. (puts a rag over Hook's face) There now.

(a seagull flies along and lands on the rag covering Hook's face)

Mr. Smee: (singing) Oh, a pirate's life is a wonderful life. A-sailing over the sea. Give me a career as a... Captain, you know, I can't help noticin', (covers the seagull's bottom in shaving cream) you just ain't been your usual jolly self of late. (continues singing) Give me a career as a buccaneer... And the crew's gettin' a might uneasy, Captain. (shaves the seagull's bottom) That is, what's left of it. Now, why don't we put to sea, see? Leave Never Land. Forget Peter Pan. (rubs oil in his hands and pats the seagull's bare bottom) There now!

(the seagull looks at her bottom and flies of while trying to cover it)

Mr. Smee: (singing again) Give me a career as a buccaneer... We'd all be a lot happier, (sprinkles powder in his hands) not to mention a lot healthier. (sings) Oh... (when trying to put the powder on Hook's face, he can't feel it) Captain? Oh, dear! I never shaved him this close before. Ooh... Ooh... Ooh! Don't worry, Captain. It must be somewhere about.

(Smee crawls under Hook's chair, the rag slides off his face, Hook notices Mr. Smee on the ground)

Hook: Get up, you idiot!

Mr. Smee: (stands up straight, sending Hook tumbling) Aye, aye, sir. (he sees Captain Hook's face) Ooh! I found it, Captain. (tries to pick it up) Good as new. (chuckles)

Hook: Why, you blithering blockhead! (grabs Smee)

Pirate in crow's nest: Peter Pan ahoy!

Hook: What? What? Where away?

Pirate it crow's nest: Three points off the starboard bow!

Hook: (looks through his telescope and sees Peter, Wendy, Michael, John, Mac, and Bloo) Swoggle me eyes! It is Pan! Headed this way with some more of those scurvy brats!

Terrence: Hey, there's my brother and his annoying imaginary friend Bloo!

Hook: So it is, Terrence. Getting rid of Peter Pan and your brother's imaginary friend will be easier than I thought. Mr. Smee, pipe up the crew!

Mr. Smee: Aye, aye, sir. Pipe up the crew. Pipe up the crew. All hands on deck! (whistles) All hands on deck! (whistles) All hands on deck! All hands on deck! (whistles)

(numerous pirates come out on deck)

Hook: Look alive, you swabs! (Smee helps him put his coat on) We've got him this time, Mr. Smee.

Mr. Smee: That we have, Captain.

Hook: Man the Long Tom, you bilge rats! (puts his hat on) I've waited years for this.

Mr. Smee: That's not countin' holidays either.

Hook: Double the powder and shorten the fuse!

Mr. Smee: Shorten the powder and double the fuse!

Hook: (looking at our heroes through his telescope) A pretty sight, Mr. Smee. We'll pot 'em like sitting ducks. All right, men! Range 42.

Mr. Smee: Range 42.

Hook: Elevation 65.

Mr. Smee: Elevation 65.

Hook: Three degrees west.

Mr. Smee: Three degrees west.

Hook: Steady now! Steady!

(Smee puts his hat over his eyes and plugs his ears, up in the clouds)

Wendy: Oh. Peter, it's just as I've always dreamed it would be.

Bloo: Yeah, it's awesome.

Mac: I already love this place almost as much as I love flying!

Wendy: Oh, look, John, there's Mermaid Lagoon.

John: By jove! And the Indian encampment!

Michael: Oh, look, there's Captain Hook and the pirates.

(a cannonball is fired from Hook's ship at our heroes, Mac and Bloo gasp)

Peter: (pushes everyone back and ducks) Look out!

(the cannonball misses, Mac, Bloo, Wendy, Michael, and John raise their heads from behind the clouds)

Peter: Quick, Tink, take Wendy and the boys to the island. I'll stay here and draw Hook's fire.

(Tinker Bell makes a defiant pose and flies off)

Peter: (whistles) Hook! Hook! You codfish! Here! (he evades more cannonballs)

(Wendy is flying, she sees that Tinker Bell is going too fast)

Wendy: Tinker Bell? Not so fast. Please, Tinker Bell. We can't keep up with you. Tinker Bell! Wait!

(Tinker Bell ignores Wendy and speeds towards the island, she flies through the trees and bounces on a mushroom to open a secret entrance into Peter's hiding place, she flies in and desperately chimes loudly to wake up the Lost Boys, she then pushes a club, hitting Slightly on the head)

Slightly: Ouch! (he sees the club in Cubby's arms) So! (he kicks him)

(Cubby grunts from being kicked, he smashes into the twins)

First twin: Who ya shovin'?

Second twin: Who ya shovin'?

Cubby: You! That's who!

(The Lost Boys get in a fight, Tinker Bell breaks up the fight trying to tell them something)

Slightly: Huh? Orders from Pan?! Hold it, men!

Nibs: What's the order's, Tink?

(Tinker Bell says something in Pixie)

Cubby: A terrible what?

Slightly: Wendy Bird.

Cubby: Wendy Bird?

Slightly: Flying this way?

Cubby: Pan's orders are... What?

(Tinker Bell kicks and throws her fists)

Cubby: Smash it?

Slightly: Kick it?

First twin: Stomp it?

Second twin: Stomp it?

(Tinker Bell imitates shooting with a gun and points down)

Slightly: Oh! Shoot it down!

Nibs: Shoot it down!

(the Lost Boys grab their weapons and follow Tinker Bell, she points at Wendy in the air)

Slightly: I see it!

First twin: Me too!

Second twin: Me too!

Lost Boys: Ready, aim... Fire!

(the Lost Boys fire at Wendy, she screams and plummets down, Tinker Bell watches, Wendy is about to hit rocks on the ground, Peter Pan saves her, Tinker Bell kicks at a dandelion in her anger)

Wendy: Oh, Peter, you saved my life.

(Tinker Bell literally turns red with anger and flies off, burning a hole in a leaf as she flies through it)

Michael: (drifts down into Wendy's arms) Are you hurted, Wendy?

Wendy: No, Michael.

John: Good heavens, Wendy, you might have been killed.

Mac: Good thing Peter saved you.

(The Lost Boys come rushing in, shouting)

Mac: Who are these guys?

Bloo: I don't know. But they're totally after you!

(The Lost Boys rush in, each trying to tell Peter that he followed his orders, they get in another fight)

Peter: Attention!

(The Lost Boys obediently stand at attention)

Peter: Well... I'm certainly proud of you. You blockheads!

(The Lost Boys look sad)

Mac: Oh, I get it. These must be the Lost Boys.

Peter: I bring ya a mother to tell ya stories...

Lost Boys: A mother?

(Wendy nods)

Peter: And you shoot her down.

Cubby: (crying) Well, Tink said it was a bird!

(overhearing this, Tinker Bell tries to sneak off)

Peter: Tink said what?

Nibs: Well, she said you said to shoot it down!

Peter: Tinker Bell. Tink!

(Tinker Bell comes out from behind a leaf)

Peter: Come here. You're charged with high treason, Tink. Are you guilty or not guilty?

(Tinker Bell chimes)

Peter: Guilty?

Mac and Bloo: What!?

Peter: But don't ya know ya might have killed her?

(Tinker Bell nods)

Peter: Tinker Bell! I hereby banish you forever.

(shocked, Tinker Bell flies away in disgust)

Wendy: Please, not forever.

Mac: She'll probably never forgive you for that.

Peter: Well, for a week then. Come on, Wendy, I'll show you the island.

Wendy: Oh, Peter, the mermaids?

Cubby: Aw, let's go huntin'!

Nibs: Tigers?

First twin: Naw, bears.

Second twin: Naw, bears.

John: Personally, I shall prefer to see the aborigines.

Michael: And the Indians too.

Peter: All right, men! Go out and capture a few Indians. John, you be the leader.

John: I shall try to be worthy of my post. Forward! March! (the Lost Boys follow him)

Mac: Come on, Bloo.

Michael: Come on, bear. (he joins Mac, Bloo, John, and the Lost Boys)

Wendy: Oh, Michael, do be careful.

Peter: Come on, Wendy, I'll show you the mermaids.

(Peter and Wendy fly to Mermaid Lagoon, Mac, Bloo, Michael, and the Lost Boys follow John)

John and the Lost Boys: (singing) Following the leader, the leader, the leader. We're following the leader wherever he may go. Tee dum, tee dee. A teedle ee do tee day. Tee dum, tee dee. It's part of the game we play. Tee dum, tee dee. The words are easy to say. Just a teedle ee dum, a teedle ee do tee day. Tee dum, tee dee. A teedle ee do tee dum. We're one for all, and all of us out for fun. We march in line and follow the other one with a teedle ee do a teedle ee di tee dum.

(John and the Lost Boys whistle "Following the Leader", when John's not looking, an ape takes his hat from him and tries it on, a female ape tries it on next and ads a flower for decoration, their child shakes its head and tries it on, it's too big so the young ape puts it back on John's head)

John and the Lost Boys: Following the leader, the leader, the leader. We're following the leader wherever he may go. We're out to fight the Injuns, the Injuns, the Injuns. We're out to fight the Injuns because he told us so. Tee dum, tee dee. A teedle ee do tee day. We march along and these are the words we say: Tee dum, tee dee. A teedle ee do tee day. Oh, a teedle dee dum, a teedle ee do tee day. Oh, a teedle dee dum, a teedle ee do tee day.

(John discovers Indian footprints)

John: Indians! Ah, Blackfoot tribe. Belongs to the Algonquin group. Quite savage, you know.

Cubby: Let's go get 'em.

John: Gentlemen, gentlemen. First we must plan our strategy.

Cubby: Uh, what's stragety?

John: A plan of attack. The initial phase is an encircling maneuver, thus!

(Michael finds an Indian feather, he reaches down to pick it up and avoids getting hit by an Indian ax, he puts the feather in his hair and grabs the ax, he pretends to be an Indian, as he tiptoes around, he notices he's being followed by a tree, he looks under the tree and sees an Indian's feet, he runs to warn the others, they're all gathered close together)

Michael: Indians! Indians! Let me in! (Cubby kicks him, knocking him back)

(more Indians hiding in trees come out of the shadows, sneaking up on Mac, Bloo, John. and the Lost Boys)

John: Now, remember, the Indian is cunning, but not intelligent.

(an Indian captures Michael and his teddy bear)

Mac: Uh, John...

John: Therefore, we simply surround them and take them by surprise. (an Indian grabs him)

Mac: Uh-oh.

(the Indians attack and capture Mac, Bloo, and the Lost Boys, one Indian carries Nibs and Tootles, two more Indians carry Cubby and Slightly, another Indian has the Twins, the one behind him has Mac, Bloo, John, and Michael walking behind him with a rope around their necks, behind them, another Indian is carrying John's umbrella and hat, one more Indian is dragging Michael's teddy bear with a rope around its neck, at the Indian village, the teddy bear is tied to an arrow all alone, Mac, Bloo, Michael, John, and the Lost Boys are tied to a wooden pole, Indians in the background play drums)

John: I'm frightfully sorry, old chaps. It's all my fault.

Cubby: Aw, that's all right, Wildcat.

Slightly: Oh, we don't mind.

(they look up as the chief approaches them, Mac and Bloo gasp)

Chief: How.

Cubby: How, chief!

Michael and John: How.

Chief: For many moons red men fight paleface Lost Boys.

John and Lost Boys: Ugh.

Chief: Sometime you win. Sometime we win.

Cubby: Ok, chief. You win this time. Now turn us loose.

John: "Turn us loose"?

Mac: You mean this is all just a game?

Slightly: Sure! When we win, we turn them loose.

First twin: When they win, they turn us loose.

Second twin: They turn us loose.

Chief: This time, no turn 'em loose.

Lost Boys: Huh?

Slightly: (chuckles) The chief's a great spoofer.

Chief: Me no spoof 'em. Where you hide Princess Tiger Lilly?

Cubby: Uh, Tiger Lily?

Slightly: We ain't got your old princess.

John: I've certainly never seen her.

(The Lost Boys protest in agreement)

Chief: Heap big lie.

Mac: Please, chief, just give us a chance to find her.

Chief: Okay. You go, and take blue friend. But remember, if Tiger Lily not back by sunset... burn 'em at stake.

Mac: Bloo, we gotta get to Mermaid Lagoon and tell Peter and Wendy.

Bloo: Right.

(at Mermaid Lagoon, the mermaids are sitting on rocks, playing music, admiring themselves, and enjoying the water)

Wendy: Just imagine, real live mermaids.

Peter: Would you like to meet 'em?

Wendy: Oh, Peter, I'd love to.

Peter: All right, come on. (he flies down while playing his panpipes)

Mermaid #1: It's Peter.

Mermaid #2: Hello, Peter!

Mermaid #3: Hello, Peter!

Mermaid #4: Hello, Peter!

Mermaid #5: Hello, Peter!

Mermaid #6: Hello, Peter!

Peter: (lands next to the mermaids) Hello, girls.

(Wendy climbs down the cliff)

Mermaid #1: I'm so glad to see you.

Mermaid #6: Why did you stay away so long? Did you miss me?

Mermaid #1: Tell us one of your adventures.

Mermaid #2: Something exciting.

Peter: Want to hear about the time I cut off Hook's hand and threw it to the crocodile?

Mermaid #6 Oh, I've always liked that one.

Mermaid #3: Me too.

Peter: Well, there I was on Marooner's Rock surrounded by-

Wendy: (standing on a rock in the middle of the water) Oh, Peter!

Mermaid #3: Who's she?

Peter: Huh? Her? Oh, that's Wendy.

Mermaid #5: A girl?

Mermaid #3: What's she doing here?

Mermaid #6: And in her nightdress too.

(Wendy looks angry)

Mermaid #6: (pulls on Wendy's nightdress) Come on, dearie. Join us for a swim.

Wendy: Oh, please, I'm not dressed for it. (the mermaids push and pull at her) No, no, please!

Mermaid #3: Too good for us, eh?

Wendy: Peter!

(Peter laughs, the mermaids splash Wendy, she picks up a seashell)

Wendy: If you dare to come near me again...

Peter: Wendy! Wendy! (takes the shell from her hand and throws it away) They were just having a little fun, weren't you, girls?

Mermaid #5: That's all.

Mermaid #1: We were only trying to drown her.

Peter: Ya see?

Wendy: Well, if you think for one minute that I'm going to put up with-

Peter: (covers Wendy's mouth) Shh.

Mac: Guys! Guys! We got a problem!

Peter: Hold it, Mac.

(Peter flies over and looks through a hole in a rock at Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Terrence, and Tiger Lily on a rowboat)

Bloo: Is it Captain Hook?

Peter: Yep, it's Hook, all right.

(frightened, the mermaids dive into the water, Peter takes Wendy's hand)

Peter: Quick, everybody. (he takes Mac, Bloo, and Wendy to the hole in the rock)

Mac: Hey. That's my brother Terrence!

Bloo: How'd he get here?

Peter: They've captured Tiger Lily.

(our heroes watch as Hook, Smee, Terrence, and their prisoner sail away with the crocodile following them)

Mac: Where are they going?

Peter: Looks like they're headin' for Skull Rock. Come on, everybody. Let's see what they're up to.

(Mac, Bloo, Peter, and Wendy follow Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Terrence, and Tiger Lily to Skull Rock, Tiger Lily is sitting on a rock surrounded by the slowly-rising tide, our heroes spy on Hook, Mr. Smee, and Terrence from a ledge)

Hook: Now, me dear princess, this is me proposition: you tell me the hiding place of Peter Pan, and I shall set you free.

Peter: (about Hook) You dog.

Wendy: Poor Tiger Lilly.

Mac: We gotta save her!

Hook: Am I not a man of me word, Mr. Smee?

Mr. Smee: Yes. Always, Captain.

Hook: You'd better talk, me dear, for soon the tide will be in and then it will be too late.

Peter: I'll show the old codfish. Stay here, everybody, and watch the fun. (he flies to the entrance of Skull Rock)

Wendy: Fun?

Hook: Remember, there is no path through water to the happy hunting ground.

(Tiger Lily refuses to talk)

Terrence: She's still not talking!

Hook: This is your last chance, Tiger Lily!

Peter: Manatoa, great spirit of mighty seawater, speak! Beware, Captain Hook! Beware! Beware! (echoes)

Terrence: Huh? What the...? Who's there?

Mr. Smee: It's an evil spirit, Terrence.

Hook: Stand by, you two, while I take a look around. (draws his sword) Spirit of the great seawater, is it?

(Hook steps outside Skull rock, Peter quietly sneaks in and flies on top of a big rock)

Peter: (whispering) Psst... Mac, Bloo, Wendy. Watch this. (speaks into his hat and imitates Hook) Mr. Smee!

Mr. Smee: Uh, yes, Captain?

Peter: Release the princess and take her back to her people.

Mr. Smee: Aye, aye, sir. Release the prin-

Terrence: Wait a minute!

Mr. Smee: But... but, Captain...

Peter: Those are me orders, Mr. Smee!

Mr. Smee: Aye, aye, sir.

(Mac, Bloo, and Wendy giggle, Hook is still looking outside Skull Rock, he discovers Terrence and Smee coming out in the rowboat with Tiger Lilly)

Mr. Smee: Well, guess Captain Hook's comin' to his senses.

Hook: Odd's fish!

Mr. Smee: I told him all along you Indians wouldn't betray Peter Pan. But-

Hook: And just what do you think you and Terrence are doing, Mr. Smee?

Mr. Smee: Just what you told us, captain.

Terrence: Yup, we're following your orders.

Hook: My orders?

Mr. Smee: Why, yes, Captain. Didn't you just say to-

Hook: Put her back! (pushes the rowboat back into Skull Rock) You blithering idiots! "My orders." Of all the bumbling...

Peter: (imitating Hook) Mr. Smee! Just exactly what do you think you are doing?

Terrence: He's putting Tiger Lily back like you said, Captain.

Peter: I said nothing of the sort!

Mr. Smee: (stammers) Oh, but, captain, didn't you? I thought-

Peter: For the last time, Mr. Smee, take the princess back to her people. UNDERSTAND??!! (echoes)

Mr. Smee: Aye, aye, sir.

Peter: Oh. And one more thing. When you return to the ship, tell the whole crew to help themselves to me best rum.

Terrence: Captain Hook can't make up his mind. And they say I'm stupid.

(Hook, having discovered Peter, prepares to strike him with his hook)

Wendy: (gasps) Peter!

Hook: (strikes and misses) Here's your spirit, Smee! (he sees that he's holding Peter's hat in his hook)

(Peter flies down past Smee and Terrence)

Mr. Smee: Why, it's Peter Pan.

Terrence: I thought we'd never find you, ya flying freak!

(Wendy is relieved to see that Peter is alive, Peter gets his hat back from Hook)

Hook: Scurvy brat!

Peter: Thank you, Captain.

Hook: Come down, boy, if you've a taste for cold steel.

Peter: Witch this, everybody.

Wendy: Oh, Peter, do be careful.

(Peter flies down and puts his foot on Hook's sword, he removes his foot, causing Hook to shake, Peter flies down and pulls Mr. Smee's hat over his head, he floats in front of Hook and teases him, Hook swings his sword but misses, Peter takes a gun from him and hands it to Mr. Smee)

Peter: Try your luck, Mr. Smee?

Hook: Let him have it!

(Peter flies around randomly, making it difficult for Smee to shoot him)

Hook: Well, come on, you idiot! Blast him!

Peter: (flies in front of Hook) Right here, Mr. Smee.

Terrence: Do it! Do it!

(Mr. Smee prepares to fire)

Hook: Hold it, you fool! No! No!

(Smee fires, he misses Peter, Hook falls)

Terrence: Oh, no! No!

Mr. Smee: Captain? (he nervously drops the gun)

(Mac and Bloo gasp)

Wendy: Oh, how dreadful.

Peter: (grabs Hook's hat) What a pity, Mr. Smee. I'm afraid we've lost the dear captain.

(Peter puts on Hook's hat, Hook, still alive, climbs up and prepares to strike Peter with his back turned)

Mr. Smee: Captain!

(Captain Hook is startled, Peter spots him)

Peter: In the back, Captain?

(Hook jabs at Peter, he misses but gets his hat back, Peter draws his dagger, the two engage each other in a swordfight)

Mr. Smee: Give it to him, Captain! Cleave him to the brisket!

(Peter pulls Hook's hat over his head, ripping it, he pulls at his moustache, enraged, Hook breaks out of his hat and attacks Peter furiously, he walks peter over the cliff on which they are fighting)

Hook: I've got you this time, Pan.

(Peter invites Hook to look down, seeing that he's not standing on anything, Hook panics and grabs the ledge with his hook)

Peter: Well, well, a codfish on a hook.

Hook: I'll get you for this, Pan, if it's the last thing I do!

Peter: (hears ticking) I say, Captain, do you hear something?

Hook: (afraid) No. (he sees the crocodile below him) No! (the crocodile leaps up and eats part of his coat) No!

Peter: Oh, Mr. Crocodile, do you like codfish?

(the crocodile nods)

Peter: (looks like he's about to make Hook fall) You do?

Wendy: Oh, Peter, no!

(Mac and Bloo gasp, the crocodile leaps up and bites Hook's pants, he hangs from them, Hook pulls his pants back up, his hook slips off the ledge, he falls into the crocodile's mouth)

Hook: Smee!

Mr. Smee: (he and Terrence board the rowboat) D-don't go away, Captain! Stay right there now, sir. We'll save ya, sir.

(Hook holds the crocodiles mouth open with his feet, trying not to be eaten, the crocodile snaps his jaws)

Hook: Smee! Smee! (he struggles to climb out of the crocodile's mouth, the crocodile bites his foot, he screams and falls back in the crocodile's mouth, he holds the crocodile's mouth open with his hand and hook, the crocodile whips his hand with his tail) Ow!

(the crocodile snaps his jaws as he dives after Hook, he surfaces with Hook on his face)

Mr. Smee: Captain! Captain!

Hook: (runs and jumbs off the crocodile) Smee! Smee! (he almost lands in the boat, but he lands in the crocodile's mouth)

Mr. Smee: (swings an oar at the crocodile) Give him back!

Hook: (pops out of the crocodile's mouth) Sm- (Smee hits him, he swims up and gets on the boat) Row for the ship! Row for the sh- (he bumps into a wall and falls in the water as the boat is about to exit, he sees the crocodile and swims for his life) Smee!

(Peter crows)

Wendy: Peter!

Mac: Aren't you forgetting something?

Bloo: You gotta save Tiger Lily!

Peter: Tiger Lily? (snaps his fingers) Oh, Tiger Lily. (he flies back into Skull Rock)

Tiger Lily: He- (the rising water reaches her mouth)

(Peter saves Tiger Lily and flies off)

Bloo: Race ya back to the Indian village, Mac!

Mac: You're on, Bloo!

(Mac and Bloo follow Peter and Tiger Lily)

Wendy: Mac, Bloo, Peter. Wait for me. (she follows)

(at Hook's ship, the crocodile swims in a circle below, in the cabin, Hook is suffering from a cold and a headache, Terrence is keeping him company)

Hook: (sniffles) That cursed Peter Pan. (sniffles) Making a fool out of me. I sh... I sh... (sneezes) Oh, my head.

Terrence: You'll feel better after we get rid of Peter Pan.

(Hook is disturbed by Mr. Smee hammering a sign that says "Quiet, Do not disterb", a pirate arrives with a kettle of hot water)

Pirate: (singing) Oh, a pirate's life is a wonderful life. Your hot water, Mr. Smee.

Mr. Smee: Shh! The poor captain has a splitting headache. We musn't annoy him.

(Hook opens the door and is angry at Smee, Smee hammers his head, causing himself to shake, Hook is dazed and drops back in his chair, Smee enters the cabin and sees Hook smiling dizzily)

Mr. Smee: Well, Captain, it's nice to see you smilin' again. Brings back the good old days when we was leadin' a healthy, normal life. Scuttlin' ships, cuttin' throats. (puts a thermometer in Hook's mouth) Oh, captain, why don't we put to sea again. You know, (pours hot water in the tub where Hook's feet are) there's trouble brewin' on the island. Women trouble. I wouldn't want this to go any farther, but the cook told me that the first mate told him that he heard that Pan has banished Tinker Bell.

(the thermometer in Hook's mouth bursts)

Hook: (jumps out of his seat from his feet burning) Whoa! Why, you doddering imbecile, I... did you say Pan has banished Tinker Bell?

Mr. Smee: Aye, aye, Captain. That he has.

Terrence: Tinker Bell? You mean that girly fairy that he hangs out with?

Mr. Smee: Aye, Terrence.

Hook: But why?

Mr. Smee: Well, on account of Wendy, Captain. Tink tried to do her in, she did. Tink's terrible jealous.

Hook: Well, well.

Mr. Smee: That's why we ought to leave, Captain. This ain't no place for a respectable pirate.

Hook: That's it, Smee! That's it!

Mr. Smee: I'm glad you agrees, Captain.

Hook: Quick, me coat. Me best dress coat.

Mr. Smee: Aye, aye, sir. The sooner we gets going, the better. (he helps Hook put his coat on)

Hook: Ah, yes, a jealous female can be tricked into anything. My case of hooks!

Mr. Smee: Aye, aye, sir. (he presents a small box) Here you are, sir. Your Sunday set, sir.

Hook: If we impress the pixie, (screws on a gold hook) convince her we're eager to help her, (ads a ring with a ruby to his hook) the wench may chart our course to a certain hiding place.

Mr. Smee: Our best hiding place is the Spanish main sir. I'll set our course- (Hook picks him up)

Hook: And where do you think you are going?

Mr. Smee: To tell the boys we sails through the tide, sir.

Hook: You will go ashore, pick up Tinker Bell, and bring her to me. (tosses Smee on the ground) UNDERSTAND??!!

Mr. Smee: (quickly rows away in a boat) Aye, aye, sir.

(at the Indian village, the Indians play drums in the background)

Chief: (to Peter) How.

Peter: How.

(the chief gives Peter a message)

Mac: What's the chief doing, John?

John: He's delivering an oration in sign language.

Michael: What's he saying?

John: He says, "Peter Pan, mighty warrior. Save Tiger Lily. Make big chief heap glad."

Wendy: Well, he certainly doesn't look "heap glad." (giggles)

Chief: (gives Peter a chief's headdress) Make Peter Pan heap big chief. You now Little Flying Eagle.

(Peter whoops, Mac, Bloo, the Lost Boys, John, Wendy, and Michael cheer, everyone crosses their legs and arms and sits, the chief smokes a pipe and blows a triangle-shaped smoke ring)

Chief: Teach 'em paleface brother all about red man.

(Peter blows a small triangle that fits inside the bigger triangle perfectly)

John: Good, this should be most enlightening.

Bloo: What makes the red man red?

First twin: When did he first say, "Ugh"?

Second twin: First say, "Ugh"?

Michael: Why does he ask you, "How?"

Chief: "Why does he ask you How"?

Indians: (singing) Hana mana ganda. Why does he ask you, "How"?  Hana mana ganda. 'Once the Injun didn't know all the things that he know now. But the Injun he sure learn a lot. And it's all from asking "How." Hana mana ganda. Hana mana ganda. We translate for you. "Hana" means what "mana" means and "'ganda" means that too.

(Mac, Bloo, Michael, John, and the Lost Boys dance along with the Indians, Wendy joins in, but Squaw stops her)

Squaw: Squaw, no dance. Squaw, get 'em firewood.

(Wendy goes to get firewood)

Indians: When did he first say, "Ugh"? Hana mana ganda. Hana mana ganda. When did he first say, "Ugh"? Hana mana ganda. In the Injun book, it say when first brave married squaw, he gave out with heap big "Ugh" when he saw his mother-in-law. What made the red man red? What made the red man red? Let's go back a million years to the very first Injun prince. He kissed a maid and start to blush and we've all been blushin' since. Now you've got it right from the head man. The real true story of the red man. No matter what's been written or said. Now you know why the red man's red.

(everyone dances up a storm with the Indians)

John: Wahoo!

Wendy: John!

Michael: Squaw take 'em papoose. (hands Wendy his teddy bear and whoops) Wahoo!

Wendy: Michael!

Squaw: Squaw, get 'em firewood.

Wendy: Squaw no get 'em firewood! Squaw go home. (she leaves the village)

(Tinker Bell sits all by herself on a blade of grass outside the village, Smee catches her with his hat)

Mr. Smee: Beggin' your pardon, Miss Bell, but Capton Hook'd like a word with ya.

(Tinker Bell is in the cabin on the pirate ship with Hook, Smee, and Terrence, Captain Hook plays the piano)

Hook: Yes, Miss Bell, Captain Hook admits defeat. Tomorrow I leave the island, never to return.

Mr. Smee: I'm glad to hear that, Captain. (hiccups) I'll tell the crew and... (hiccups)

(Hook trips Smee)

Hook: And that's why I asked you over, me dear, to tell Peter I bear him no ill will. Oh, Pan has his faults, to be sure. Bringing that Wendy to the island, for instance. Dangerous business, that. Why, rumor has it that already she has come between you and Peter.

(Tinker Bell cries)

Hook: But What's this? Tears? Then it is true. Oh, Smee. The way of a man with a maid. Taking the best years of her life and then... casting her aside, like an old glove!

Mr. Smee: Ain't it a bloomin' (hiccups) shame?

Hook: (gives Tink a handkerchief) But we mustn't judge Peter too harshly, me dear.

Terrence: Yeah. It's all Wendy's fault.

(Tinker Bell nods)

Hook: Mr. Smee, we must save the lad from himself. But how?

(Mr. Smee cries)

Hook: We've so little time. We sail in the morning. Sail! That's it, Smee!

(Hook slaps Smee on the back, Smee catches a bottle of rum he was drinking on his finger)

Hook: We'll shanghai Wendy.

Mr. Smee: "Shanghai Wendy," Captain?

Hook: Take her to sea with us. With her gone, Peter will soon forget this mad infatuation. Come, Smee, we must leave immediately. Surround Peter's home...

Terrence: But we don't even know where he lives.

Hook: Great Scott, you're right, Terrence!

(Tinker Bell chimes)

Hook: What's that, my dear?

(Tinker Bell chimes again and points at a map of Never Land)

Hook: You, could show us the way? Why, I never thought of that. Take this down, Smee.

Smee: "Take this down, Smee." Aye, aye, captain. (plugs up rum)

(Tinker Bell dips her feet in black ink and chimes while making a starting point on the map)

Hook: Start at Pegleg Point.

Mr. Smee: "Start at Pegleg Point."

(Tinker Bell chimes while walking to another area on the map)

Hook: Forty paces west of Blindman's Bluff.

Mr. Smee: "Blindman's Bluff."

Hook: Yes, yes. Hop, skip and a jump across Crocodile Creek. Then... nor' by nor'east one, two three.

(Tinker Bell pauses)

Hook: Well, get on with... Continue, my dear.

(Tinker Bell chimes to Captain Hook)

Hook: I mustn't harm Peter? Madam, Captain Hook gives his word not to lay a finger...

(Tinker Bell chimes)

Hook: ...or a hook on Peter Pan.

(Tinker Bell draws an x and points at Peter's hideout on the map)

Hook: Ah... Hangman's Tree. So that's the entrance to his hiding place. (he seizes Tinker Bell)

Terrence: Thank's for helpin' us out, ya sissy fairy.

Hook: (throws Tinker Bell in a lanturn) You've been most helpful.

(Terrence laughs as Tinker Bell tries to get out, at Hangman's Tree, Mac, Bloo, John, Michael, and the Lost Boys dance as they enter the tree, Wendy unhappily sits on a bed, Peter drops in)

Peter: Big Chief Flying Eagle greets his braves. (deep voice) How.

(Mac, Bloo, and the Lost Boys bow and greet him back)

John: How.

Michael: How.

Peter: Big chief greets little mother. (deep voice) How.

Wendy: Ugh.

Peter: Aw, Wendy, is that all you have to say? Everyone else thinks I'm wonderful.

Wendy: Especially Tiger Lily.

Peter: Tiger Lily?

Wendy: John! Michael! Take off that war paint and get ready for bed.

John: Bed?

Michael: Brave no sleep. Go for days without sleep.

Wendy: But boys, we're going home in the morning.

John: Home?

Wendy: And...

Michael: Oh, Wendy, we don't want to go home.

Peter: No go home. Stay many moons. Have heap big time.

Wendy: Now, Peter, let's stop pretending and be practical.

Peter: Chief Flying Eagle has spoken.

Wendy: Oh, for goodness sake. Please, boys. Do you want to stay here and grow up like... like savages?

Michael: Of course.

Wendy: But you can't. You need a mother. We all do.

Michael: Aren't you our mother, Wendy?

Wendy: Why, Michael, of course not! Surely, you haven't forgotten our real mother!

Michael: Did she have silky ears and wear a fur coat?

Wendy: Oh, no, Michael. That was Nana.

Cubby: I think I had a mother once.

First twin: What was she like?

Second twin: What was she like?

Cubby: I forget.

Mac: I still remember my mother.

Slightly: I had a white rat!

Cubby: That's no mother!

(the Lost Boys get in a fight)

Mac: You guys! Wendy can tell you what a mother is.

(the Lost Boys gather around Wendy)

Wendy: Well, a mother, a real mother, is the most wonderful person in the world. She's the angel voice that bids you good night, kisses your cheek, whispers, "Sleep tight." (singing) Your mother and mine. Your mother and mine. The helping hand that guides you along, whether you're gight, whether you're wrong. Your mother and mine. Your mother and mine. What makes mothers all that they are? Might as well ask what makes a star. Ask your heart to tell you her worth. Your heart will say. Heaven on earth. Another word for divine. Your mother and mine.

Michael: (crying) I wanna see my mother.

Wendy: Yes, Michael.

John: I propose we leave for home at once.

(the Lost Boys all say at once that they want to go as well)

Wendy: All right, boys. All right. I'm sure mother would be glad to have you. Uh, that is, if Peter doesn't mind.

Peter: Go on! Go back and grow up. But I'm warning ya, once you're grown up, you can never come back. Never!

John: Well, then, shall we be off?

(the Lost Boys head up the stairs, Michael and John follow, Peter sits alone in his room)

Peter: They'll be back. (plays his panpipes)

(Mac, Bloo, and Wendy are about to go up the stairs, Wendy pauses)

Wendy: Peter.

Mac: Come on, Wendy. He's not coming.

Wendy: (sighs) Goodbye, Peter.

(Mac, Bloo, and Wendy exit Hangman's Tree, they are shocked when they see Michael, John, and the Lost Boys gagged and tied up by Hook's band of pirates, Wendy screams, a pirate puts his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet, Terrence pounces on Mac and Bloo, he stands back up with Mac and Bloo in his arms)

Terrence: Well, well, well, lookie what I got here. It's my stupid little brother. And his dorky pal, Bloo. Did you doofuses miss me?

Bloo: How the heck did you get here?

Terrence: Well, it goes like this... I was locked up with those sissy unicorns at Foster's. Then this creepy lady named Maleficent got me out. And we made a deal that if I help her take over the Earth and all the magical worlds, she'd help me get rid of you, Bloo. And she brought me here to help Captain Hook get rid of Peter Pan so she can rule Never Land.

Hook: All right, men. Take them away. And now, Smee, to take care of Master Peter Pan.

Mr. Smee: But, Captain, wouldn't it be more humane-like to slit his throat?

Hook: Aye, that it would, Mr. Smee. But I have given me word not to lay a finger or a hook on Peter Pan. (he lowers a present into Hangman's Tree on a rope) And Captain Hook never breaks a promise.

(at Hook's ship, Mac, Bloo, Wendy, John, Michael, and the Lost Boys are tied to the mast)

Pirates: (singing) Yo ho, yo ho. Yo ho, yo ho, yo ho. So try the life of a thief. Just sample the life of a crook. There isn't a boy who won't enjoy a-workin' for Captain Hook, the world's most famous crook.

Mr. Smee: Crook, crook. Crickety crockety, crickety, crick. The croc is after Captain... (Hook hits him with his hook)

Hook: A special offer for today. I'll tell you what I'll do. All those who sign without delay will get a free tatoo. Why, it's like money in the bank. Come on, join up and I'll be frank. Unless you do, you'll walk the plank! The choice is up to you.

Pirates: The choice is up to you. Yo ho, yo ho. Yo ho, yo ho, yo ho. You'll love the life of a thief. You'll relish the life of a crook. There's barrels of fun for everyone. And you'll get treasures by the ton. So come and sign the book. Join up with Captain Hook.

(a pirate cuts the rope, Michael, John, and the Lost Boys rush forward, Hook holds out a pen)

Mac: You guys!

(Michael, John, and the Lost Boys stop and crash)

Wendy: Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?

John: But Captain Hook is most insistent, Wendy.

Cubby: Yeah! He says we'll walk the plank if we don't.

Wendy: Oh, no, we won't. Peter Pan will save us.

Bloo: Yeah!

Mac: That's right, Wendy.

Hook: Peter Pan will save them, Smee.

Mr. Smee: Peter Pan will save them.

(Hook, Smee, and Terrence laugh)

Hook: But a thousand pardons, my dear. I don't believe you are in on our little joke.

Terrence: We left a little present for your boyfriend.

Mr. Smee: Sort of a surprise package, you might say.

Hook: Why, I can see our little friend at this very moment, reading the tender inscription.

(at Hagman's Tree, Peter holds the present in his hands)

Peter: "To Peter, with love from Wendy. Do not open till 6:00." (he looks at the clock) Ha. I wonder what's in it.

Hook: Could he but see within the package, he would find an ingenious little device.

Mr. Smee: Set, so that when the clock is like this... (imitates the clock reading 6:00)

Hook: Peter Pan will be blasted out of Never Land... forever.

(Mac and Bloo gasp)

Wendy: No!

(overhearing this, Tinker Bell shakes the lanturn and breaks it open, she flies off quickly to save Peter)

Hook: But time grows short. (holding a watch for everyone to see) We have but eighteen seconds. Fifteen seconds. Thirteen seconds.

(at Hangman's Tree)

Peter: Twelve seconds. Well, I guess I can open it now. (starts unrapping the package)

(on her way to Hangman's Tree, Tink gets stuck in a web, she breaks free and arrives)

Peter: Hey, Tink. (holds up the present) Look what Wendy left. (Tinker Bell tries to take it from his hands) Hey, stop that! Stop it! What's the matter with you?

(Tinker Bell explains)

Peter: Hook? A bomb? Don't be ridiculous!

(the time bomb rings, Tink pushes the present out of Peter Pan's hand before it explodes, the explosion can be seen from Captain Hook's ship)

Hook: (takes his hat off) And so passeth a worthy opponent.

Mr. Smee: (takes his hat off too) Amen.

(at the ruins of Hangman's Tree, Peter climbs out from under some of the wreckage)

Peter: Hook! It was a bomb! Why, if it hadn't been for Tink... Tinker Bell! (he avoids debris from above) Tink? Tinker Bell?

(Tinker Bell chimes from somewhere)

Peter: Where are you, Tink? Tink? Tinker Bell!

(Tinker Bell chimes faintly, more debris falls, Peter moves debris out of his way as he tries to reach Tinker Bell)

Peter: Tink. Are you all right? Wendy? The boys? (more debris falls and misses him, he continues making his way to Tinker Bell) But I've gotta save you first. Hold on, Tink! Hold on! Don't go out. Don't you understand, Tink? You mean more to me than anything in this whole world! (he tries to protect her from more falling debris)

(back on the pirate ship)

Hook: And now, which will it be? The pen, or the plank?

Wendy: Captain Hook, we will never join your crew.

Hook: As you wish. Ladies first, me dear.

Terrence: (to Mac about Bloo) Better say goodbye to your dorky little buddy, runt. 'Cause he's walkin' the plank after Wendy.

Wendy: Goodbye, boys.

Lost Boys: Goodbye, Wendy.

Wendy: Be brave, John.

John: I shall strive to, Wendy.

Mac: (sadly) Goodbye, Bloo. (hugs him)

Bloo: (unhappy, hugs Mac back) Bye, pal.

Wendy: Goodbye, Michael.

Michael: Goodbye...

Pirate: (grabs Wendy) Come on! (pushes Michael) Get along over there!

(Michael is tied back to the mast along with Mac, Bloo, John, and the Lost Boys, the pirates urge Wendy onto the plank with her wrists tied behind her back, she marches forward with a tear running down her face)

Michael: Wendy! Wendy!

(Wendy drops, Hook's smile widens as Wendy gets closer to making a splash, his smile fades when he doesn't hear a splash)

Terrence: Uh, where's the splash?

Mr. Smee: Captain, no splash.

Hook: Not a sound.

Pirate #1: Not a bloomin' ripple.

Pirate #3: It's a jinx, that's what it is.

(while the pirates are still wondering about there being no splash, Peter, Wendy, and Tinker Bell are on the side of the ship, Peter flies up behind the sails with Wendy in his arms and Tink following them)

Pirate #1: The ship's bewitched.

Pirate #2: No splash, captain.

Hook: So you want a splash, Mr. Starkey. I'll give you a splash! (he throws him overboard) Who's next?

Peter: You're next, Hook! This time you've gone too far!

(John and the Lost Boys cheer)

Michael: And Wendy!

Bloo: They're alive!

Hook: It can't be!

(Terrence looks angry)

Mr. Smee: It's his blinkin' ghost what's talkin'!

Peter: (draws his dagger) Say your prayers, Hook.

Hook: I'll show you this ghost has blood in his veins. (draws his sword)

(Peter flies down to face Hook)

Hook: I'll run him through!

(Peter flies behind him and pokes Hook in the butt with his dagger)

Hook: Take that! (he engages Peter in a swordfight and gets his hook stuck in the mast) Curse this hook!

Peter: (cuts the rope to free Mac, Bloo, Michael, John, and the Lost Boys) Come on, everybody!

(John and the Lost Boys run and start climbing up the net to the crow's nest)

John: Hurry, Michael! Hurry!

(Michael puts a cannonball inside his teddy bear)

Hook: Don't stand there, you bilge rats! Get those scurvy brats!

(the pirates chase Michael, John, and the Lost Boys, Terrence chases Mac and Bloo)

Terrence: Wait! Stop! I just wanna punch you!

Bloo: Watch your back, Mac. He's gaining on-

Mac and Bloo: (avoid getting hit by Terrence) Whoa!

(the pirates chase the boys up the net, Michael's foot get's stuck but John pulls him free, Captain Hook chops at the mast to get his hook out, after freeing himself, he nearly falls off the plank, the crocodile down below is mad that he is once again denied his chance to eat Hook, Peter cuts his way through a sail, pushes Hook's hat over his eyes, cuts a hole in the top and cuts off the feather)

Hook: This is no mere boy. 'Tis some fiend fighting me. A flying devil!

(Peter shreds the feather from Hook's hat, Mr. Smee climbs into a lifeboat with some personal belongings)

Bloo: Mac.

Mac: Yeah?

Bloo: Your brother...

Mac: Yeah?

Bloo: Is a...

Mac: Uh-huh?

Bloo: Big...

Mac: Right?

Bloo: Fat...

Mac: Yeah?

Bloo: Doofus.

(Mac laughs)

Terrence: Shut up, you...

Bloo: Yeah?

Terrence: You...

Bloo: Come on!

Terrence: You... Bloofus! (laughs)

Bloo: (pauses) "Bloofus"? "Bloofus"?

Mac: His name is Blooregard Q. Kazzo, and you know it, Terrence!

Bloo: Right, right, or "Blooey", "Bloo the Bloo Dude", "El Blooderino", or hey, how 'bout just "Bloo"? But come on, man. "Bloofus"? How stupid can you get?

Terrence: Look, no stupid imaginary friend of my stupid little brother is gonna tell me how stupid I am. 'Cause I know just how stupid I-

(Mac and Bloo look like they're about to break out laughing)

Terrence: SHUT UP!!!

(John, Michael, and the Lost Boys are in the crow's nest, the pirates are climbing towards them)

John: Hold your fire. Steady, men. Steady. Fire!

(the Lost Boys shoot at the pirates)

John: (swings his umbrella at a pirate) Down, you blackguard! (he dodges the pirate's sword while Tinker Bell pulls at his moustache)

(the pirate cuts the part of his moustache that Tink is pulling, sending her flying, the pirates continue their climb, Peter is fighting with Hook, Tinker Bell chimes to him and points at the net, Hook swings his sword at Peter but misses, Peter flies backwards and uses the net to fling himself at Captain Hook, he kicks him hard, knocking him into a cannon, leaving him dazed, he sees the pirates trying to reach John, Michael, and the Lost Boys, he flies up and cuts the net, all but one of the pirates land in Smee's lifeboat, the last pirate holds onto the mast with his sword in his mouth, Michael hits him on the head with his teddy bear, the cannonball inside makes him bite into his sword and fall in the lifeboat, the boat hits the water, Terrence corners Mac)

Mac: Okay, Terrence, do your worst.

Terrence: (grabs Mac by the front of his shirt) Oh, don't worry, I will. (raises his fist) Now, this'll only hurt for a second.

Bloo: (on Terrence's fist) Not if I can help it. (Terrence notices him) Hello. (he jumps into Terrence's shirt)

Terrence: Ah! Hey! What are you... Get outta there, you...

Bloo: (pops out of the front of Terrence's shirt) Oh, relax. Now, this'll only hurt for a second.

Terrence: Why you... (tries to punch Bloo, but Bloo quickly goes back into his shirt, making him punch himself in the face) Ungh!

Bloo: (pops out of the back of Terrence's shirt) Sorry, let's try that again. (Goes back inside Terrence's shirt)

Terrence: (tries to punch Bloo again, but ends up punching himself again) Ungh!

Bloo: (pops out of the front again) You're so cute when you're stupid. (he evades Terrence's punch, making him hit himself again)

Terrence: Ow!

Bloo: (pops out of the lower part of Terrence's shirt) I'm back! Did ya miss me? (he goes back inside, making Terrence punch himself in the stomach)

Terrence: Ungh!

Bloo: (pops out of the back of Terrence's pants) P.U.! Man, does it stink in there! (he goes back inside)

Terrence: (punches himself in the butt) Yowch!

Bloo: (pops out of the right leg of Terrence's pants) No improvement here either. (Quickly goes back inside)

Terrence: (kicks his right leg) Ahh! (falls hard on his back, he is knocked out)

Mac: Wow, Bloo, that was cool.

Bloo: Thanks, but it's really too easy.

Hook: Fly! Fly! Fly! You coward!

Peter: Coward? Me?

Hook: (laughs as he climbs) You wouldn't dare fight old Hook man-to-man! You'd fly away like a cowardly sparrow!

Peter: Nobody calls Pan a coward and lives! I'll fight you man-to-man, with one hand behind my back.

Hook: You mean you won't fly?

Wendy: No, don't, Peter! It's a trick!

Peter: I give my word, Hook.

Hook: Good, then let's have at it!

(Hook shoves Peter off the mast, he steps on his hand to make him fall, Wendy covers her eyes)

Terrence: Come on, Captain!

(Peter swordfights with Captain Hook as he climbs back onto the mast, Hook swings his sword at Peter Pan, Peter almost falls but grabs a rope and swings to the other side of the mast, Hook cuts the rope and continues fighting Peter, the crocodile watches, Peter's dagger is tossed into the air, Peter and Hook grab for it, Hook catches it in his hook)

Hook: Now! (throws the dagger away) Insolent youth, prepare to die!

Wendy: Fly! Fly, Peter! Fly!

Peter: No! I gave my word.

(Hook prepares to impale Peter, Peter jumps up and ties the pirate flag around Hook)

Peter: (takes Hook's sword form him) You're mine, Hook!

(Wendy, John, and the Lost Boys cheer)

Michael: Cleave him to the brisket!

(Mac and Bloo laugh and dance)

Terrence: Oh, no! No!

Hook: You wouldn't do old Hook in now, would you, lad? I'll gow away forever. I'll do anything you say.

Peter: Well, all right. If ya... say you're a codfish.

Hook: (gulps) I'm a codfish.

Peter: Louder!

Hook: I'm a codfish!

Wendy, John, Michael, and Lost Boys: Hurray! (singing) Hook is a codfish, a codfish, a codfish. Hook is a codfish.

Peter: All right, Hook, you're free to go, and never return.

(Peter throws Hook's sword and crows, Hook is about to strike him with his hook)

Mac: Peter, look out!

(Hook swings but misses, he screams as he falls of his ship and into the crocodile's mouth, he jumps out of the water with the pirate flag draped over his head)

Hook: Smee! Smee!

(Hook runs into the crocodile's mouth and through his body, he bumps into the other end of the crocodile's body and runs back out the mouth with an alarm clock ringing in his hands, he throws the clock in the crocodile's mouth and swims for his life, the crocodile swallows the clock and chases Hook)

Hook: Smee! (the crocodile snaps at him, his feet hold the crocodiles mouth open) Smee! Smee!

(the crocodile struggles to close his mouth, he launches Hook across the water and continues to chase him, Mr. Smee and the pirates row after Hook and the crocodile)

Mr. Smee: Captain! Captain! Captain!

(on Hook's ship)

Michael, John, and Lost Boys: Hurray!

(Mac and Bloo laugh and dance)

Michael, John, and Lost Boys: Hurray for Captain Pan!

Peter: (in Hook's coat and hat) All right, ya swabs, aloft with ya! We're castin' off! Heave those halyards!

Wendy: But... but, Peter... Oh, that is, Captain Pan.

Peter: At your service, madam.

Wendy: Could you tell me, sir, where we're sailing?

Peter: To London, madam.

Wendy: Oh, Peter. Mac! Bloo! Michael! John! We're going home!

Peter: Man the capstan! Hoist anchor!

(the Lost Boys raise the anchor)

Peter: Pixie dust!

(Tinker Bell covers the entire ship with pixie dust, the ship rises out of the water and into the sky, an image of Never Land fades into the moon, the moon fades into Big Ben tolling, a clock at the Darling family's house that resembles Big Ben rings, Mr. and Mrs. Darling enter the house with Nana)

Mrs. Darling: George, I'm so glad you changed your mind about Wendy. After all, she's still a child.

Mr. Darling: (yawning) Sure, Mary. You know I never mean those things. Do I, Nana?

(Mrs. Darling steps into the nursery)

Mrs. Darling: (gasps) Oh! (she sees that Wendy's bed is empty) Wendy! (she spots Mac, Bloo, and Wendy sleeping by the open window) Mac, Bloo, Wendy, what on earth are you doing there?

(Nana licks Wendy's arm, she, Mac, and Bloo wake up)

Wendy: Hmm?

Mac: Oh, hi, Mr. and Mrs. Darling.

Bloo: Yeah, hi. Whatever.

Wendy: Oh, mother, we're back!

Mr. Darling: Back?

Wendy: All except the Lost Boys. They weren't quite ready.

Mr. Darling: Lost bo- Ready?

Wendy: To grow up. That's why they went back to Never Land.

Mr. Darling: Never Land?

Wendy: Yes, but I am.

Mr. Darling: "Am"?

Wendy: Ready to grow up.

Mr. Darling: Oh! Oh! Well, my dear, all in good time. After all, perhaps we were-

Wendy: Oh, but, mother, it was such a wonderful adventure. Tinker Bell and the mermaids and Peter Pan. Oh, he was the most wonderful of all. Why... why, even when we were kidnapped, I-

Mr. Darling: Kidnapped?

Wendy: Mm-hmm. I knew Peter Pan would save us, and he did. And we all called him a codfish! (laughs) Uh, Captain Hook, I mean.

Mac: And my horrible older brother, Terrence, was working with Captain Hook. But after we beat the pirates, me and Bloo made Terrence walk the plank.

Wendy: And then we sailed away on a ship in the sky.

Mr. Darling: Mary, I'm going to bed.

Wendy: Oh, mother. He really is wonderful, isn't he? (looks at the ship in the sky) See how well he sails the ship.

Mrs. Darling: (sees the ship) George. George!

Mr. Darling: Now what, Mary? (sees the ship and stammers) Nana, d-did you see...?

(Nana barks)

Mr. Darling: You know, I have the strangest feeling that I've seen that ship before. A long time ago... when I was very young.

Mrs. Darling: George, dear. (kisses Mr. Darling)

Wendy: (hugs her father) Father.

Mac: Man, I already miss Never Land...

Bloo: Me too, pal...

Mac: I can't wait to tell everybody at Foster's what we did. Meeting Peter Pan, flying, dancing with the Indians, fighting pirates. Man, that was awesome.

Bloo: You said it, pal.

("You Can Fly!" (reprise) is sung as Mac, Bloo, Wendy, Nana, Mr. Darling, and Mrs. Darling gaze at the pirate ship sailing in the sky, the camera zooms away from the Darling family's house and scrolls up to the night sky, the screen fades to black)

The End

A Walt Disney production

("Never Land" by Paige O'Hara plays as the credits roll)


Sean Marquette as Mac

Keith Ferguson as Bloo

Tara Strong as Terrence

Eleanor Audley as Maleficent

Bobby Driscoll as Peter Pan

Kathryn Beaumont as Wendy

Paul Collins as John

Tommy Luske as Michael

Hans Conried as Captain Hook and Mr. Darling

Heather Angel as Mrs. Darling

Bill Thompson as Mr. Smee and the Pirates

Robert Ellis as Cubby

Jeffrey Silver as Nibs

Johnny McGovern as the Twins

Stuffy Singer as Slightly

Tony Butala as the Lost Boys' singing voices

June Foray, Connie Hilton, Margaret Kerry, and Karen Kester as the Mermaids

June Foray as Squaw

Candy Candido as the Chief

Tom Conway as the Narrator

The Mellowmen as the Pirate Chorus and the Indians


The Second Star to the Right

You Can Fly!

A Pirate's Life

Following the Leader

What Made the Red Man Red?

Your Mother and Mine

The Elegant Captain Hook

You Can Fly! (reprise)

Ending song: Never Land

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