Madoka's Meowstic

Meowstic, as an Espurr is Madoka's known Pokemon. It evolved from Espurr in Sewing With Mio! after hearing Madoka's heartfelt call, he often protects Madoka in any way.

He has a crush on Azusa's Meowstic, after blushing multiple times. However, she also blushed at Madoka's Meowstic.

As an Espurr

He is shown to be very embarrassed when being praised by Snowbelle and by Madoka Kaname which was stated in Konoka's Amazing Discovery!. In "The Magical Diancie Girl", he helped a Diancie get its potential back before Diancie joined Madoka's journey. He is shown to be quite a good teacher to Diancie and to Raichu.

Male Meowstic's known moves are: Hidden Power, Protect, Psychic, Attract, and his ability is Infiltraitor.

Meowstic's Moves

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