Magical Extraterrestrial & Supernatural Ultimate Sailor Guardians of The Supernatural Realms, The Milky Way Galaxy & The Vast Extraterrestrial Alien Galaxies / Legendary All Powerful Guardians & The Strongest Protectors In Existence in a fan fictional multi crossover story.

The Neo Soldiers & Sun Soldiers are former members of Khaos Brigade. They were members of Ophis' inner circle before they defected from the terrorist organization.

Rias Gremory is the heir ans successor of The Devil Queen Lilith. Rias is an Ultimate class Devil. She rivals her brother & the other Satans in strength.

Medaka Kurokami is one of The First True Fallen Angels, she is also one of The Leaders of The Fallen Angel Organization; Grigori. She created The Dusk Paradise system to increase The Fallen's numbers.

Kagome Higurashi is the daughter of Michael and an Archangel class Angel> She wields immense strength rivaling The Late Bibical God.



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