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Template:Infobox series Mahou Shoujo Pika Pika, or Magical Girl Pika Pika, is a Japanese Magical Girl Series.


6 ordinary teenage girls, sounds fine right? Well, these girls have just found out that each of them are one of the six Pika Pikas to fight for the west.


Pika Pikas[]

Emily Saiya/Lovely Smile

The cheery, 15 year old who has a big heart. She hates seeing others being attacked or bullied. When she met Cheryl, she became Lovely Smile. Her weapons are her Lovely Doll and her Smile-Cannon. Her Lovely Doll is very dangerous to be around as she takes a life of her own, tends to kill people, and even takes control of Lovely Smile.

Sally Bell/Freezing Cream

The wonderous, 12 year old. She prefers winter more than anything else. Due to a error in her transformation, she is the only one who cannot take her cannon. When she met Cheryl, she became Freezing Cream. Her main weapon is her Cream-Cannon, just like everyone else who has a cannon. This cannon can fire missiles and bullets and has Ice and Lightning powers. Her secondary weapon is her Snoja Stars, Ninja Stars that are made out of ice.

Tori Melaca/Dead Soul