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Fan Fiction

This is the massive crossover of Y/N L/N.

Character Bio

  • Name: Y/N L/N.
  • Age: 14.
  • Occupation: Student at Union Academy and leader of his peerage.
  • Class: 1-1.
  • School Uniform: White high collared polo shirt, black slacks, and black shoes or a white lined black blazer with a red tie, black slacks, and white shirt.
  • Harem: Ruby Rose (1), Penny Polendina (2), May Zedong (3), Neon Katt (4), NDGO (8), Velvet Scarlatina (9), Coco Adel (10), Neo (11), Ilia Amitola (12), Jane Arc (13), Lia Ren (14), Izumi Midoriya (15), Shoko Todoroki (16), Katsumi Bakugo (17), Neita Monoma (18), Naruko Uzumaki (19), Satsuki Uchiha (20), Melissa Shield (21), Sonia Nevermind (22), Junko Enoshima (23), Mukuro Ikubasa (24), Ayano Aishi (25), Rebecca "Revy" Lee (26), Ahsoka Tano (27), Serra Keto (28), Ryuko Matoi (29), and Cana Alberona (30).
  • Friends: Jaune Arc, Lie Ren, Oscar Pine, Whitley Schnee, Sun Wukong, Neptune Vasilias, Mercury Black, Flynt Coal, Sky Lark, Dove Bronzewing, Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, Tenya Iida, Hitoshi Shinso, Ejiro Kirishima, Denki Kaminari, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Makoto Naegi, Chihiro Fujisaki, Budo Matsuda, Gema Taku, Hajime Hinata, Nagito Komeaeda, Shuichi Saihara, Kaito Momota, Percy Jackson, and Grover Underwood.
  • Mentors: Qrow Branwen, Summer Rose, Ozpin, Doctor Obeleck, Nezu, All Might, Eraserhead, Vlad King, Midnight, Present Mic, Minato Namikaze, Kushina Uzumaki, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and Kakashi Hatake.
  • Children: Eri, Kota, Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inari, and the Warriors of Hope.
  • Pets: Akamatsu, Zwei, Mushu, and Precious.
  • Butlers/Maids: Klein Sieben and Kirumi Tojo.
  • Bullies: Issei Hyoudou, Leone (despite that she's seductive and has a crush on Y/N), Cardin Winchester, Russel Thrusher, Katsuki Bakugo, Neito Monoma, Scott Summers, Ray Crisp, Byakuya Togami, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, Taro Yamada, Itachi Zametora, Adam Tauras, and Kokichi Ouma (however, he's got redeeming qualities and will be redeemed).
  • Cheating Exes: Rias Gremory (1), Weiss Schnee (2), Blake Belladona (3), Yang Xiao-Long (4), Pyrrha Nikos (5), Nora Valkyrie (6), Cinder Fall (7), Emerald Sustrai (8), Kyoko Kirigiri (9), Sayaka Maizono (10), Winter Schnee (11), Fuyumi Todoroki (12), Momo Yaoyorozu (13), and Itsuka Kendo (14).
  • Bashing: Sirzechz Gremory, General Ironwood, Glynda Goodwitch, Professor Port, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Jacques Schnee, Raven Branwen, Danzo, and Dogen.
  • Rejecting: Ochaco Uraraka (1), Setsuna Tokage (2), Sapphire Arc (3), Lily Ren (4), Ikaru Midoriya (5), Kokoro Todoroki (6), Shioka Bakugo (7), Nekita Monoma (8), Kaede Akamatsu (9), Tenko Chabashima (10), Hinata Hyuga (11), and Sakura Haruno (12).
  • Admirers: Himiko Toga (1), Camie Utsushimi (2), Ibuki Mioda (3), Mikan Tsumuki (4), Hiyoko Saionji (5), Mahiru Koizumi (6), Miu Iruma (7), Tsumugi Shirogame (8), Aoi Asahina (9), Celestia Ludenberg (10), and The Rivals from Yandere Simulator (20).

Rules of Union Theater

  • 1: The rule of consent for younger boys is 10 years old while the younger girls must be 18 to date an older boy. This is so it won't be unfair for any males because some people might not like the idea of a minor girl dating an older guy that is 18 and older. However, the lovers can't be old enough to be a parent or grandparent because that's still wrong.
  • 2: Polyamory is now legal but the main person must love his/her lovers for who they are, not for their bodies or fame.
  • 3: Bullying is neither allowed nor tolerated.
  • 4: Both students and teachers can cuss as long as they don't make offensive words.
  • 5: No smoking any smoking materials and no drinking beer.
  • 6: No fighting.

Prologue: Y/N's School Life

In Y/N's room, he was relaxing and watching T.V. until A told him it was time.

In the theater, he sat next to A and played gold fish with him along with the female host named 1 and they seem to be doing great until they hear a flash and put away the cards.

When they see the audience, they looked annoyed at their tardiness.

"You're late." said an annoyed Y/N, tapping his watch to show them the time.

"What's the meaning of this, Mr. L/N?" asked a glaring Glynda, trying to install fear into him.

"That's what I want to know also." said an irritated Tsunade.

"How about you two shut up and maybe our beloved host would tell you." said an irritated Y/N, shocking and angering the two women.

Everyone else were shocked that he back talked them.

His Cheating Exes were also shocked because they've never seen him act like this.

Even the bullies were surprised by his attitude but Leone found it surprisingly hot due to having a tsundere crush on him and Kokichi was secretly liking this because this new attitude entertains him.

Raven frowned, knowing the boy wouldn't act like this for no reason.

Jacques scowled, thinking the boy is beneath them and should be killed.

However, the parents of his harem and friends were happy to see him.

"Thank you Y/N. Everyone, we will watch Y/N's multiverse. He is a lot of great things." said a smiling A.

However, the bad people laugh at this, much to A and the good people's anger.

Ayano, Revy, Junko, and Neo wanted to kill these fools.

The good adults and teachers were disappointed.

"That weakling couldn't even fight against his bullies." said a laughing Issei, earning a glare from his parents and the students.

"Yeah, he's just a cum dumpster." said an also laughing Leone, earning a glare from her parents too.

"He's much more better person than you'll ever be." said a glaring A.

"Oh please, that weak cheater won't level to anything." said an irritated Rias, which Sirzechz agreed to.

"Says it from the one who cheated on him." said an angry A.

"Hey, it's his fault for not being a good enough boyfriend." said an arrogant Yang, earning a glare from Ruby, Oscar, and Vernal.

"He's always been good and fair to you, you cheating bimbo." said a disgusted A.

"Hey, don't talk to my daughter like that." said an angry Tai.

"I'm sorry Mr. Xiao-Long but you won't be saying that when you find out what they did to Y/N." said a glaring A.

He then reveals what the bad students and teachers had done.

Raven was actually appalled by Yang's behavior and is disappointed in her for throwing Y/N away.

Tai now felt bad for how he overreacted and apologized.

"Sir, I'm sorry for that overreaction. Yang's my daughter and the only part of my former marriage." said a sheepish Tai.

"It's alright, Mr. Xiao-Long." said a forgiving A.

"And Y/N, I'm sorry for my daughter's behavior. She gets it from her mother." said a sheepish Tai before glaring at a flinching Yang, saying mother with venom.

"I'm also sorry for how I acted towards you earlier. Yang should've known better than to do that." said an also sheepish Raven before glaring at Yang in disappointment.

"The same apology for Weiss and Winter's behavior. They don't think when they act rash. Just like their father." said an embarrassed Willow before she also glares at a flinching Weiss and Winter, saying father with venom and hatred.

Jacques glared at his soon-to-be-ex-wife for that comment and threatens to punish her later.

All adults apologized for their kids' behaviors.

"It's alright, you're not to blame. They were well aware but choose to do it." said a forgiving Y/N.

They smiled at this.

"Also, you have my blessing to date my daughter." said a smiling Mitsuki.

The screen also showed Rias and her peerage trying to kill Y/N after betraying him for power, much to everyone's anger.

"Miss Gremory, you will be expelled and arrested for attempted murder." said an angry Ozpin.

The screen also showed the reason for the cheating and the adults facepalmed at their daughters' stupidity.

"But girls, here's what really happened." said a stern A.

Another video shows that Y/N was only training and only moaned in tiredness while Issei lied about the cheating just to hurt Y/N.

The Cheating Exes now shed tears of remorse and scold themselves for not having faith in Y/N.

Fuyumi and Sayaka cried even more because they felt bad for their actions.

Another video shows that Rias only used him to get out of her marriage and just wanted power.

All the students and teachers glare at a nervous Rias, who now realized what she has done.

Another video shows Y/N getting bullied by Issei and the bad students or being r***d by Leone.

All adults glare at their kids, who got nervous.

"I'm Rodney, Y/N's eldest brother." said a glaring Rodney, earning glares of hatred from the good people for how rude and snobbish Rodney is. He looked like Robbie from Gravity Falls.

"I'm Sidney, Y/N's eldest sister." said a frowning Sidney, earning frowns of disappointment from the same people who love Y/N for how she doesn't seem to care.

"I'm Rouge, Y/N's other older sister." said a lustful Rouge, earning glares from the harem for what she had done. She looked pretty hot for a 16-year-old and was wearing a sports bra and gym shorts.

"I'm Jordon, Y/N's other older brother." said a respectful Jordon, earning a smile from Y/N.

"I'm Billy, Y/N's younger brother." said an arrogant Billy, earning disappointment looks from his family.

"I'm Pacifica, Y/N's younger sister." said a smiling Pacifica, wanting to be with her older brother.

"I'm Mabel, Y/N's younger sister." said a grinning Mabel, always being positive.

"I'm Dipper, Y/N's younger brother." said a nervous Dipper, earning awes from the girls.

"I'm Arthur, Y/N's father." said a smirking Arthur.

"And I'm Gwendolyn, Y/N's mother." said a happy Gwendolyn.

Y/N ran to his parents and hugged them, which they returned.

(In his bedroom, Y/N is holding an ice bag to his bruised eye due to Rodney hurting him again. He's been abused by his older brother Rodney, neglected by his older sister Sidney, and r***d by his other older sister Rouge ever since their parents died.)

Y/N sighed sadly at the reminder of that.

"How could you three harm your own family." said an angry Ruby.

"Did you three even love him at all?" asked a disgusted Penny.

Arthur and Gwendolyn L/N were disappointed in their eldest children for harming their younger brother.

"Well, it's his fault that our parents are gone. They shouldn't have wasted time on a little bastard like him." said a sneering Rodney.

Everyone glared at this monster in hatred.

"It's just some scratches, he'll live." said an uncaring Sidney.

They glare at her too.

"He's my Y/N and no one else's." said an upset Rouge, not liking how she is berated for what she does.

They were disgusted.

"Hey Y/N, wanna put a restraining order on her?" asked a smiling A.

"Sure." said a shrugging Y/N.

Leone glared at Rogue because Leone might be a r****t but she doesn't do it to family.

(Even worst, they smugly forced him in a illegal marriage contract with Rouge, who only sees Y/N as a breeding stock.)

Y/N was once again upset that they don't love him.

Rouge smirks, believing that he's hers and only hers.

(The only family that loves him are his older brother Jordon and his younger siblings Dipper and Mabel.)

Y/N smiles at this.

(He does love his other younger siblings Billy and Pacifica but their arrogance really annoys him. However, they love him too and are also mistreated by Rodney.)

They were happy that he loves them but are sad that they annoy him with their arrogance.

(He also once dreamed of his parents and they are disappointed in Rodney, Sidney, and Rouge for what they have done. They don't blame Y/N for their deaths and declare him their family's clan heir. They disowned Rodney, Sidney, and Rouge because they considered them unworthy of being the heirs to the family for how they treated Y/N. Y/N was glad to hear that they don't blame him and know that his secret wish was for his family to be whole again.)

Rodney and Sidney were not happy that their younger brother got to be clan heir.

Rouge didn't mind, she sees this as an opportunity to get her Y/N.

(After the dream, Jordon announced it to the world and they had no problem with it. Unlike other Y/Ns who are hated by everyone and treated as outcasts, this one is liked in town because he cares about innocent lives instead of his public image.)

The kind-hearted and heroic people were happy.

(In the present day at Y/N's mansion, Y/N wakes up with his harem on his big bed with him. The male members of the peerage got their own bedrooms and the children also had their own as well.)

All females blush at seeing Y/N as a 14-year-old.

"At least he's careful with kids." said a relieved Summer.

(The kids woke them up but the girls were naked and covered themselves. However, Jinn the Genie snapped her fingers and they suddenly have clothes on, much to their relief.)

Everyone also sighs in relief.

"Thanks Jinn." said the grateful audience.

"No problem." said a smirking Jinn.

(The kids blushed at nearly seeing that and apologized but they were forgiven and the girls were happy to see the kids.)

The kids sighed in relief.

(At Union, he had both a happy and sad life. He has 30 girlfriends and good friends or teachers but he also has 14 cheating exes and a lot of bullies or corrupt teachers.)

"What? He has a harem?" asked a shocked Issei.

"Because he's not a degenerate pervert like you." said a glaring Izumi.

"He loves us for who we are." said an also glaring Shoko.

Rouge was not happy that her brother chooses them over her.

Leone was enraged because she believes that Y/N belongs to her and her alone.

(He also knows about his admirers and plans to have them join his harem.)

The admirers were happy.

Y/N winks at them, making them giggle.

(He gets bullied by Issei Hyoudou, Leone, Cardin Winchester, Russel Thursher, Katsuki Bakugo, Neito Monoma, Scott Summers, Ray Crisp, Byakuya Togami, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, Taro Yamada, Itachi Zametora, Adam Tauras, and Kokichi Ouma for not having a super ability, which only makes him tragic and sympathetic because him being powerless is not an excuse to bully him.)

"It's true, that excuse is dumb and pathetic. You're all supposed to be heroes but you're no better than the villains." said a disgusted A.

The bullies were shocked that no one is on their side.

Sienna Khan was angry to hear that Adam is one of the bullies.

Kirumi is disappointed in Kokichi, making him shiver nervously.

The X-Men glared at Scott, who didn't care at all.

(However, Leone is obsessed with him and even r***s him several times. He tried to press charges but was unable to because Sirzechz hated him and saw him as target practice.)

Rias glares at Leone and her older brother in hatred.

Y/N's harem cried at hearing what happened to Y/N and also glared at Leone in hatred.

Leone smirked, she will keep doing that every night.

'Don't worry my love, you'll be mine.' thought a smiling Leone.

(She had Taro film it with his camera. She called it "Lion's Prey" before posting it on Pornhub.)

The harem wanted to kill her.

(However, Y/N got respect from the other students for getting r***d by a hot female bully and was praised by other perverts like Mineta Minoru, Kiba Inuzuka, Hifumi Yamada, and Yasuhiro Hagakure. (no relation to Toru Hagakure))

The harem rolled their eyes at that.

"I know this is not important but there is indeed no relation to Yasuhiro." said a serious Toru, confirming that there is no relation.

"Yeah, we just share the same last name." said an agreeing Yasuhiro.

"And you two idiots better watch what you record because you could've gotten caught and we all be held accountable for r**e and posting it online." said a glaring Kokichi.

"Hey, why don't you watch that mouth, you little shit?" asked a threatening Leone.

"Or what?" asked a brave Kokichi.

"Or I'm gonna give you a spanking." said a smirking Leone.

"I like to see you try." said a smirking Kokichi.

"Gladly." said a smirking Leone.

"Wait what?" asked a scared Kokichi.

A few minutes later, Kokichi was holding his butt in pain and Leone was smirking smugly.

(Despite that, Leone actually cares about the kids and is sometimes seen acting like a mother to them. She is even called Aunty Leone and considered the nicest of the bullies. Taro is also sometimes nice because he also babysits the kids. They even look disgusted when Issei and the others pick on kids.)

Everyone was shocked at that.

Leone wishes to be the mother of those kids.

(Also, Kokichi acts as more of an annoying little brother due to his age. He's actually scared of Y/N and Kirumi, who both are able to punish him. He knows that Y/N is actually strong and can defeat the bullies while Kirumi can be a motherly figure and he knows that she is able to punish him for his pranks. He doesn't prank them because he doesn't have a death wish.)

Kirumi nodded, confirming that she punishes him.

Kokichi also nodded, confirming that he usually leaves Y/N alone.

(Leone also babysits Kokichi and he behaves around her instead of being a pervert. Kokichi is friends with Leone and Taro because they understand that he only likes pranking, not assaulting someone.)

Leone hugs Kokichi.

(They actually get along with Y/N because he tries giving them second chances. He also helps them study and hopes that their families take it easy on them.)

They smiled at his kindness.

(He got cheated on by Rias Gremory, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladona, Yang Xiao-Long, Pyrrha Nikos, Nora Valkyrie, Cinder Fall, Emerald Sustrai, Kyoko Kirigiri, Sayaka Maizono, Winter Schnee, Fuyumi Todoroki, Momo Yaoyorozu, and Itsuka Kendo.)

"I thought Kyoko and Sayaka were nice but I was wrong." said a glaring Makoto.

"I can't believe they would do that." said an also glaring Chihiro.

(Even worse: Pyrrha r***d Jaune, Nora r***d Ren, Yang r***d Oscar, Weiss r***d Whitley, Cinder r***d Mercury, Emerald r***d Flynt, Kyoko r***d Makoto, and Sayaka r***d Chihiro.)

The said boys cried over the reminder.

Tenko cried over what happened to her poor Chihiro.

The teachers and parents were very disappointed in the girls.

The boys' respective parents were angered by what those girls did to their boys.

"Why the fuck didn't they press charges?" asked a horrified Miu.

"Because 1. Rias' older brother is one of the headmasters of the school and could frame us for the crime. And 2. we remembered what Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp and how she got away with it." said a crying Chihiro.

"What they did was still wrong and illegal." said a glaring Kaede.

(He saved the boys but Mercury felt betrayed by Cinder and Emerald because he and them were originally undercover villains for Salem. However, he is sick and tired of them treating him badly and now quits their side. He told the heroes everything he knows. Y/N asked him why he's an assassin and Mercury confesses that his abusive father raised him like that. Cinder and Emerald tried to explain their actions but he yelled at them and quitted, much to their shock.)

"I stand by what I said. I quit. You fucking r***d me and did it to hurt someone who doesn't want a war with us." said an angry Mercury.

"Please Mercury, I had to. You didn't want to do it with me." said a sad Cinder.

"Because Y/N is my friend and treats me way better than you do." said an angry Mercury.

Cinder and Emerald were sad that Mercury hates them now.

"It's okay Mercury, it was nice having you." said a smiling Salem.

"Thank you, Salem." said a bowing Mercury.

(The other boys also ended their friendships with the girls who did that to them.)

"Kyoko, I hate you." said an angry Makoto.

"You broke our trust." said an also angry Chihiro.

"You fucking r***d us." said an also angry Jaune.

"And cheated on Y/N." said an also angry Ren.

"Stay away from us." said an also angry Oscar.

"You're no sister of mine, Weiss." said an also angry Whitley.

(Y/N hugged and comforted his friends. He officially hated the girls now for what they did.)

They looked down in sadness.

(He also gets neglected or hated by Sirzechz Gremory, General Ironwood, Glynda Goodwitch, Professor Port, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Jacques Schnee, Raven Branwen, Danzo, and Dogen.)

Raven looks down in guilt at that.

(However, Glynda and Raven promised to spare him if he has affairs with them but he rejected them because it was unfair to Tai, who respects Y/N.)

"Raven, I don't regret divorcing you." said a glaring Tai.

"I can't believe you're cheating on Tai." said an also glaring Summer.

Yang felt uncomfortable with hearing that her mom is stalking her ex-boyfriend.

Leone glared at a possible rival for her Y/N's affections.

(On the other hand, Raven is secretly sad that Y/N hates her and she actually respects his will to try and be strong. She was friends with Arthur and Gwendolyn but now feels like she betrayed their memory by letting Y/N get betrayed by Yang, who she will have some choice words with.)

Yang shivered and nervously looks at Raven, who indeed was disappointed in her.

"Your father and I will talk with you later, young lady." said a stern Raven.

(She had heard about what Yang did to Oscar and was angered. She went to Oscar and comforted him. She might be considered to hate the weak but she doesn't approve of r**e. She acted as a good aunt to Oscar and was there for him.)

Raven admits to loving her nephew and was angered by what Yang did.

Oscar hugged Raven, who hugged back.

(Also, she adopted Vernal and treats her like a daughter. Vernal had also heard what happened and felt bad for the poor boys.)

Vernal hugged Oscar as well.

(Glynda only hates Y/N because Arthur broke up with her for cheating on him with Ironwood, which is a pathetic excuse for her hating Y/N. She will stop hating him if he takes Arthur's place as her new boyfriend.)

"Glynda, you had an affair. I can't trust you." said an annoyed Arthur.

Glynda scowled in annoyance.

(The cheating exes want to get back together with him because the bullies actually lied about him cheating on them and was only using them to hurt Y/N.)

"This is all their faults." said an angry Rias.

"We will never forgive them." said an also angry Weiss.

"But you know you wanted some." said an arrogant Issei, only to get a slap from Blake.

"We should've never loved perverts like you." said a glaring Blake.

"However, you believed them over him, despite him showing you love and care. He is a loving and caring young man who would never hurt you." said a glaring A.

They look down and agree, they should've believed in him.

"Even we think they were idiots for doing that." said a disappointed All-For-One.

"Shame on you girls." said an agreeing Salem.

(However, he avoids them because of what they did to his friends and the cheating was like this.)

  • Rias (memory): (smirking) "Oh please, like we ever loved you."

(The girls said some bad and mean comments but Fuyumi and Kendo tried to apologize to him and explain.)

The exes cried.

'I'm sorry Y/N.' thought a crying Rias.

'You are my true prince.' thought an also crying Weiss.

'I'm no better than those racist bullies.' thought an also crying Blake.

'I've become worst than my mom.' thought an also crying Yang.

'I should've known better.' thought an also crying Pyrrha.

'I should've trusted you.' thought an also crying Nora.

'I will stop being evil just for you.' thought an also crying Cinder.

'I will stop stealing just for you.' thought an also crying Emerald.

'I will stop keeping secrets from you.' thought an also crying Kyoko.

'I will focus on you instead of my fame.' thought an also crying Sayaka.

'I will overthrow my father for you.' thought an also crying Winter.

Fuyumi has the same thought as Winter.

'I will never think about your super ability.' thought a crying Momo.

'I will always prove myself worthy of you.' thought an also crying Kendo.

'WE LOVE YOU!' thought the crying girls.

A heard their thoughts and felt bad for them but shook his head, knowing they have already lost their chances.

Willow, Ghira, Kali, Tai, and Raven are disappointed in their daughters.

(In class, Y/N was trying to focus but the bullies are messing with him. However, Aizawa is aware of this and is not happy at all.)

"Seriously, I'm trying to focus in class." said an annoyed Y/N.

"Don't worry, I'll deal with them." said an irritated Aizawa.

(The nice teachers would notice the bad behavior and punish the bullies.)

They nodded, not liking the bad students.

(Y/N was next to Ochaco Uraraka, who rejected him and claimed to not want any romance but was still crushing on Izuku, who didn't want to date her because of breaking Y/N's heart.)

Ochaco looks down in guilt at ruining a friendship with him.

(However, he doesn't hate her for it but is sad that she and the other girls don't defend him from bullying.)

They look down in guilt.

(The girls who rejected him were Uraraka, Setsuna Tokage, Sapphron Arc, Lily Ren, Ikaru Midoriya, Kokoro Todoroki, Shioka Bakugo, Nekita Monoma, Kaede Akamatsu, Tenko Chabashima, Hinata Hyuga, and Sakura Haruno.)

The said girls were sad that they did that but they still think he's not their type.

"I still can't believe that you girls don't like him. He's a loyal and much more great boyfriend." said a glaring Ruby.

(He was not surprised that Tenko rejected him and Setsuna only saw him as a one night stand but was surprised at Hinata, the most nice girl in the school.)

Hinata looks down in shame.

"Setsuna, you are disgusting." said a glaring Kendo.

"Says the one who cheated on him." said an irritated Setsuna, who might've used him but was at least honest to him and felt bad about using him.

Kendo looked offended by that comeback.

"Why is he not surprised by me?" asked an irritated Tenko.

"Because you hate males." said an angry A, not liking her because of her sexist views on males.

Tenko just cried, wanting to let Y/N know that she was sorry.

(What hurt the most was that he heard them say he might not even be seen as a friend to them.)

The good people glare at them.

"How could you?" asked an angry Ayano.

"You're no better than those bullies." said an also angry Midori.

(Because of this, he ignores them, which saddens them because they regretted hurting him.)

"Girls, we owe him an apology." said an ashamed Uraraka.

(However, they are making up for their mistakes and become good girlfriends to the boys. Izuku was happy to be with Setsuna, Shoto liked being with Ochaco, and Chihiro felt grateful that Tenko accepted him for his true gender.)

Everyone was shocked by Chihiro's true gender.

"Don't worry, I still love you." said a smiling Tenko.

Chihiro happily hugged her, who returned it.

"Yeah man, it's nothing to be ashamed of." said a smiling Izuku.

"You're still our friend." said an also smiling Shoto.

All the other friends and harem accepted him, making him shed tears of joy at their support.

The parents and teachers were proud of their good children/students for accepting their classmate.

(Y/N knew about Chihiro's true gender but also kept it secret just so he won't get bullied for it. He also accepted him as a male but didn't mind if Chihiro embraced himself as a female now and didn't mind that the kid wanted to be a lesbian.)

Everyone loved Y/N's kind heart.

His harem has now started remembering why they love him.

His friends cheered their friend on.

The teachers were proud of him.

"That is some student you got there, my dear Ozpin." said a smiling Salem.

"Yes indeed, my lovely Salem." said a proud Ozpin.

Ozpin and Salem then smile and reconcile.

Chihiro tearfully hugged Y/N.

Leone smiled fondly, having to admire Y/N's big heart.

(As a matter of fact, they found out that Chihiro cross dresses because some sexist boys from his childhood always bullied him for looking like a girl and the bullying became worst when he dressed as a girl just to stop the bullying.)

Everyone felt bad for him and got angry at the sexist bullies.

Y/N, Tenko, and their friends were the most angriest.

The teachers and adults were angry as well.

(Also, the girls found what happened to the boys and they were pissed off. They beat the crap out of the cheating exes. They then warned them that if they do that again, they'll kill them.)

"Yeah. Sayaka, stay away from Chihiro or I'm gonna fucking kill you." said an angry Tenko.

"We'll allow you to do that." said an agreeing Nezu.

(Overall, he's only nice to his harem, friends, mentors, and rejecting exes. He's only hostile to his bullies, cheating exes, and corrupt adults. He ignores the neutral people.)

The nice people smile at this.

The bad people were angry but the cheating exes didn't blame him.

The neutral people sighed at this.

(His first four classes were with Eraserhead, Vlad King, Midnight, and Present Mic from U.A. but they were fair teachers and don't tolerate bullying. However, Midnight did flirt with Y/N and the always innocent young man was flustered, which his harem giggled at.)

The nice teachers chuckle fondly.

(At lunch, Y/N ate his chicken nuggets and mac & cheese with his harem and friends. They see Miu Iruma and she waves happily at them, which they return. She is like a big sister to Chihiro.)

Miu hugged Chihiro, who just blushed.

(She had also taught him how to do a certain thing that the boys agreed not to tell Tenko about.)

Tenko's eye twitches and she gives a strained smile, making everyone nervous.

"What was that certain thing, Chihiro sweetie?" asked a sweetly smiling Tenko.

"Nothing." said a nervous Chihiro.

"Honey, don't lie. What did she teach you?" asked a stern Tenko.

Chihiro went over to her and whispered it.

Tenko went to Miu and gave her a deadly smirk, making Miu scared.

5 minutes later, Miu was wincing at her own injuries as Tenko calmly sits next to her beloved Chihiro and just holds him close to her, scaring him and everyone else.

"Mine!" said a frowning Tenko.

"You know, we gotta talk about Ms. Chabashima's anger issues." said a nervous Nezu.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" yelled an offended Tenko.

"Nothing." said a scared Nezu.

(They were happy and eating their lunch but they hear laughter and were angered to see Velvet getting picked on by Issei and the bullies as she cries in pain from her bunny ears being pulled.)

Y/N and the good people were angry while the teachers and parents were disappointed.

"Oh hell fucking no!" said an angry Coco while Ruby and Penny wanted to kill the bullies.

"Bastards!" said an also angry Budo while Izuku and Jaune wanted to kill the bullies too.

"Don't worry Y/N, I'll be expelling Issei for life." said a glaring Ozpin.

"But Ozpin-" said a protesting Glynda but Ozpin interrupted.

"No buts, I'm not having a perverted and arrogant student." said a stern Ozpin.

The girls didn't mind, they hate that degenerate perverted bully with every fiber in their being.

(Ayano and her former rivals were disgusted that their former crush Taro is one of the bullies and couldn't imagine what they saw in him.)

Y/N and Budo glared at the guy who broke Ayano's heart.

Ryobi Aishi wanted to kill Taro for breaking Ayano's heart.

Taro's family were ashamed of him.

(Asu was disappointed in Itachi and is planning on kicking him out of the club for his rudeness and disgusting behavior.)

She is planning on that.

(Even Toko herself is disgusted with Togami's behavior and Peko right now hates Fuyuhiku.)

The two girls agreed.

(However, Leone didn't participate because she knows that Y/N is pissed at this and she remembered what happened to the last bullies that pissed him off. Also, she can be considered a faunas like Velvet and doesn't bully faunas like her dumbass friends do. She actually tried to talk the bullies out of it but they ignored her, much to her annoyance.)

"I've tried warning you guys and you didn't listen." said an annoyed Leone.

(Kokichi also didn't participate because Velvet was nice to him and did once call Miu out for calling him a lying little abortion. That and he knows that Y/N is gonna stop this.)

Everyone frowned at Miu for that because that nickname sounded harsh.

Miu looked down in shame and looked at Kokichi.

"Despite you being a bully, I apologize for saying that. It was really harsh and very offensive." said a remorseful Miu.

"It's alright but don't say it again." said a forgiving Kokichi.

The adults were glad that they were making amends for that.

(Not to mention, Kirumi would be mad at him.)

"I would be mad at him." said a stern Kirumi.

(The Rejecting Girls and Admirers tried to stop it but get pushed aside harshly by the other bullies.)

Y/N does have to thank them for trying to step in.

(Y/N and his friends dealt with it by fighting the bullies. Y/N dealt with Issei.)

  • Issei: (smirking) "Look who it is, the weakling freak."
  • Y/N: (glaring) "I've been waiting to kick your ass ever since you took everything away from me but too bad for you, I got new lovers who are much more better."
  • Issei: (arrogant) "Well I'm gonna take those you love from you and make sure you die just like your parents."

(All girls on either side glared at Issei in hatred and Rias regrets resurrecting him.)

Everyone glared at Issei for that comment.

"It's true, he should die like the little abomination that he is. His parents were r*****ds for creating him." said a sneering Issei.

Y/N and his family glared at him for that insult.

Arthur and Gwendolyn wanted to kill that little shit.

Rias is indeed regretting to have resurrected Issei and now wishes to have left him dead.

"He is pure evil." said a horrified Jordon.

"Oh yeah, your guys' Issei is accepted as pure evil because he does villainous acts and enjoys the pain of others. He doesn't care that innocent people die and only sees women as objects." said a disgusted A.

(Issei tried to attack but Y/N dodges and manages to beat Issei before finishing it with a kick to the groin and a punch to the face, knocking the bully out.)

Everyone cheered.

The girls cheered for their man and each kissed him.

Jordan, Mabel, and Dipper cheered for their brother.

"Well done, Mr. L/N." said a proud Ozpin.

(Y/N smirks at Budo.)

  • Y/N (thought): (smirking) 'Thank you, Budo Matsuda.'

(Budo could tell what he was thinking and gave him a thumb up.)

Y/N and Budo fist bumped.

"Yeah, thanks Budo for teaching all of us that." said a smiling Ayano.

"No problem." said a smiling Budo.

(Jaune and Ren defeated Cardin and Russel, Izuku and Shoto defeated Bakugo and Monoma, Makoto and Hajime defeated Togami and Fuyuhiku, Kirishima and Kaminari defeated Scott and Ray, Budo defeated Taro, and Percy defeated Adam.)

Everyone cheered for them.

"That's my brothers." said a cheering Y/N.

His friends grinned and high fived them.

"Well done, I'm proud of you boys." said a proud Ozpin.

"Indeed, you saved that poor girl and taught those hooligans a lesson." said an agreeing All Might.

(Itachi tried to attack but got knocked out by Eri and Kota. Y/N smiled at them.)

  • Y/N: (smiling) "You two are the bravest kids we've ever met."

(He gives them a fist bump and they run back to their mothers, who all hugged them.)

"Well done Y/N. You praised those two kids for their bravery. A sign of a true hero." said a proud All Might.

(However, Y/N is lifted in the air by Goodwitch to unfairly punish him.)

All the good students complain about that and the teachers were not happy.

"Miss Goodwitch, I don't appreciate unfair punishments." said a glaring Ozpin.

"But Headmaster Ozpin, you must think about what he did to Issei." said a persisting Glynda, wanting Y/N to get in trouble.

"Issei has been harassing the girls in the school and that is against the rules." said a disappointed Ozpin, not liking Glynda's attitude.

(His harem and friends glare at her because she hates Y/N for no reason other than that he's powerless and thinks that he should only serve the corrupt heroes. However, Ozpin manages to save Y/N and glares at Glynda.)

  • Ozpin: (glaring) "Miss Goodwitch, go into my office now. (she goes but still glares at Y/N in hatred. Ozpin then glares at the bullies, who just woke up and are wincing at their injuries) Same goes for you punks. I don't tolerate bullying or racism."

(The bullies angrily goes to the office.)

"Glynda, I've had enough of you. You're fired." said a glaring Ozpin.

Glynda was shocked by this.

(Ozpin then smiled at Y/N and his friends.)

  • Ozpin: (smiling) "Well done, Mr. L/N. We'll deal with those trouble makers. You did the right thing."

(Y/N gave a grin and thumb up, making Naruto chuckle at this.)

"I agree, Ozpin. He was doing the right thing." said an agreeing All Might.

(Y/N then also glared at the neutral people and his cheating exes for not helping.)

  • Y/N: (disgusted) "Some heroes you turned out to be. You're supposed to be defending her, not just sitting by and letting this blow over. This is why I have no respect for you, you don't defend me and her from bullies."

(They looked down in guilt for just sitting by and watching it happen.)

"He's right, I'm very ashamed of you students." said a disappointed Ozpin.

"If you want to be heroes, you have to defend your classmates." said an also disappointed All Might.

The neutral students looked down in shame.

(Y/N then turns to the Rejecting Girls and Admirers.)

  • Y/N: (smiling) "But thank you girls for trying to stop them."

(They smile at this and nodded.)

The girls smiled at his appreciation.

(Y/N then turned to Leone and Kokichi with a smile.)

  • Y/N: (smiling) "And thank you for not participating."

(Leone and Kokichi smiled at his appreciation.)

Leone smiled too.

(Velvet went to Y/N and hugged him while sheading tears.)

  • Velvet: (crying) "Thank you."
  • Y/N: (smiling) "Your welcome, my little bunny. You were brave and I'm proud of you."

(He rubbed her ears, making her smile.)

Velvet was also grateful.

(The bullies are being punished by Ozpin, Nezu, and Hiruzen for racism and bullying.)

"That's what they deserve." said an annoyed Ruby.

"Indeed, they are expelled for life and will never join a hero school again." said a disappointed Ozpin.

The bullies were angered by that.

"Except for Leone and Kokichi, they at least tried to warn them to stop." said a smiling Nezu.

(They then had Qrow Branwen, Doctor Obeleck, and Summer Rose. They like Y/N because he pays attention in class while Qrow and Summer are also grateful towards Y/N for being a loving boyfriend to Ruby.)

"Yes, welcome to the family." said a smiling Summer.

(Professor Port got fired for his boring stories and being a pedophile because Y/N caught him winking at the girls in class and had to be restrained from killing him.)

All girls were disgusted by Port.

All the parents in the room wanted to kill Port.

"I don't care if Port was fired, I'm gonna kill him." said a growling Qrow.

"I don't get why he does that." said a creeped out Leone.

(Glynda was also replaced because of her unfair favoritism towards the bullies.)

Ozpin nodded at that.

(Ozpin gave an apology to Y/N for Port and Glynda's behaviors but was reassured that those two are in control of their own behavior.)

Ozpin smiled at Y/N's kindness.

(He knows that Y/N doesn't trust corrupt heroes because Ironwood sees Y/N as a disposable weapon against Salem but Y/N wants nothing to do with a stupid war against her because he knows that Salem can't be killed and that a war against her is a waste of time.)

"James, you know that Y/N has a point. The war is a waste of his time." said an understanding Ozpin.

"But Ozpin, he's being a coward." said an angry Ironwood.

"The only coward I see is you for only seeing him as a disposable weapon. If you touch him or capture him, I will have you executed for treason." said a threatening Ozpin.

"Well I'm glad Young L/N doesn't bother me." said a relieved Salem.

(He also hates Raven and Jacques because of how they treat their respective daughters. He is disgusted by Jacques' racist behavior and doesn't agree with Raven's rule of the whole strong survive and weak die thing.)

"I agree. Raven and Jacques are hated across the multiverse for their crimes." said an agreeing A.

Raven didn't like how the boy didn't agree with her. She swears to take him to the tribe and to show him what is the right path. She doesn't hate him but thinks he's misguided.

Jacques is angered that he is hated for what he's done. He swears to have the boy killed.

(He also doesn't trust Jiraiya and Tsunade for abandoning the Uzumaki-Namikaze siblings and having pathetic reasons to do it.)

They didn't like to be hated.

"However, Tsunade does still care and tries to let Naruto see her point of view but Jiraiya hates Naruto for being a jinchuriki and uses the spy program as an excuse to neglect his duties as a godfather and to spy on women." said a disgusted Y/N, having hatred for Jiraiya.

Tsunade admits that she does care but thought that they would do find on their own.

(However, he trusts Hiruzen and Kakashi because the former is like a grandfather to the students and the latter is only late because he wanted time to visit his late friends' graves.)

Everyone felt bad for Kakashi because they know that he misses Obito and Rin.

(He sadly doesn't trust any older heroes because they never defended him or gave him hope. He only trusts the teachers that do something about the bullying or corruption.)

The neutral teachers looked saddened about not being trusted.

(Despite this, he does show kindness to his adoptive children and their pets.)

Civilians were happy to hear that he is a loving father.

(His adopted children are Eri, Kota, Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inari, and the Warriors of Hope.)

The kids were happy about being mentioned.

(His pets are Akamatsu, Zwei, Mushu, and Precious.)

They were happy to be with Y/N.

(He also hired Klein Sieben and Kirumi Tojo.)

They were happy to serve Y/N.

(Kirumi is also a good nanny to the kids and they behave for her. However, they did make her upset but they then cleaned up for her and apologized, which she forgiven them for.)

Y/N sighed at that.

The said kids looked ashamed of how they acted.

(Y/N was even named the Blue Dragon Emperor of his peerage with Ruby as his empress.)

Rias was sad that Y/N is making a peerage without her and she feels betrayed by this.

(Issei was once jealous and nearly hurt innocent people trying to kill Y/N but our protagonist beat that pervert's ass and got Ddreig, who was happy to leave the pervert.)

Rias was upset at this.

(He then decides to do the multiverse and wonder how he'll do.)

Everyone was interested.

Chapter 1: Jedi Y/N

They were shocked to hear that he would be a Jedi.

The Jedi decided to see his actions.

(On a Republic Cruiser, a younger Y/N is seen as a Padawan with the braid and had just meditated until he is called to training. He was nearly a youngling a few moments ago but became a Padawan to Shota Aizawa after helping Jedi Knight Nemuri Kayama defeat the Sith Lady Raven Branwen.)

All females found him cute.

Nemuri was proud of the Padawan.

(He shudders at how Raven keeps on talking with him in a possible flirty tone.)

Obi-Wan gives Y/N a sympathetic look, having been flirted with by Ventress.

(However, he must get to training or else suffer the boot camp one by Jedi Brute Sekijiro Kan, who acts as a drill instructor.)

Anakin, Ahsoka, and the other young Jedi give sympathy looks, knowing how scary a Jedi Brute can be.

However, Mace Windu nods in approval.

(At least it isn't Pong Krell, who Y/N dislikes for putting his men in danger, not even caring for the troop's lives, and even threatening Y/N for failing.)

"Who's Pong Krell?" asked an angry Arthur.

"One of the worst Jedi Generals in the galaxy. He's a disgrace to the order and has a high clone causality rate on him." said an angry A, not liking that traitor.

The Jedi frown, having always been informed of how Krell is disliked.

The Clones agreed, still hating that traitor.

(Fortunately, that traitor is dead. He was executed for treason against the Jedi Order and the Republic.)

A showed them everything and they were all disgusted by that monster.

"Deal with him, we will." said a frowning Yoda.

"I never liked him anyway." said a glaring Anakin.

(However, Kan had also hated Krell and is nothing like him. He is sometimes kind-hearted and shows concern for an ally's well being.)

"Indeed, I don't like a traitor who was already bad from the start." said an agreeing Vlad King.

(As he's going to training, he has a good talk with ARC Trooper Commander Jaune of the 501st Legion.)

  • Jaune (voice): (smiling) "On your way to training, Y/N?"
  • Y/N: (smiling) "Always."
  • Jaune (voice): (chuckling) "You got this, kid."

(They high five.)

The Jedi smile at the bond they have with the clones.

"Hey wait, Arc is Jaune's last name." said a shocked Ruby.

"Oh yeah, he earned the promotion by being a good soldier. Him and his four classmates might've struggled with the final test but they ended up passing together and a mission had showed their loyalty. However, his clone superior was killed by a Sith but Jaune managed to take his place as a commander to honor him." said a half smiling half sad A.

Jaune looked down in sadness at the death of his superior.

All Clones were also saddened by the death of one of their brothers.

(At training, the four Jedi's are overseeing his training. The fourth one is a Jedi Sniper named Hizashi Yamada. Y/N was doing good with his training, despite his nervousness.)

"Despite him being bullied by bad students and hated by bad teachers, he is still a good student with good grades." said an impressed Ozpin.

"Wait, bullied?" asked a worried Anakin.

Ahsoka and Serra told them everything and they were not happy.

"Those students won't be heroes with that kind of behavior." said a disappointed Obi-Wan.

Even Mace didn't like bullying. He drew the line at that.

(They then get contact with Grand Master Yoda and Master Mace Windu.)

All Jedi smile at seeing Yoda.

Y/N was more happy to see a wise teacher.

(Y/N likes Yoda but has problems with Windu because of how strict he is with the Jedi Code and not lightening up.)

"Such a depressing person, he is." said an annoyed Y/N.

Mace sighed because he and Y/N do have problems with each other.

(Ahsoka and Serra also appear on hologram and wave at Y/N, who blushes and waves back.)

Anakin and Cin smile in approval.

Mace frowned but let this slide since he has been informed of Y/N's heroics.

Chapter 2: Darth Y/N

Chapter 3: Spider Y/N

Everyone decided to view him as a spider-themed hero.

"Let's see. No, the Electro battle is too tragic and misunderstanding. No, the Ultimate Deadpool battle is too annoying. No, the Batman battle is too brutal. Yes, the Kingpin battle will do." said a smiling A.

"Why not the Electro battle?" asked a concerned Peter.

"Because the Electro in that one is tragic and misunderstood." said a sympathetic A.

Chapter 4: Bat Y/N

Chapter 5: Five Nights At Freddy's

Everyone recognized the title and either cheered, shivered in fear, or groaned in annoyance.

"I love that game." said a happy Izuku.

"I know right." said an agreeing Jaune.

"Dude, that game's overrated." said a disappointed Russel.

"What's Five Nights At Freddy's?" asked a confused Y/N.

Chiaki explains to him what it is and he went eye wide in fear, not being a fan of horror games.

"It's alright Y/N, your character will have anything that he needs for survival." said a half-truthful A.

(It all started on a Monday, Y/N is behind on money because those stupid bullies and cheating exes kept stealing his money for their own needs. They are fortunately reported for stealing but he still needs a job. He then finds a job location at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria and it's in need of a night guard.)

The nice people were worried but are confident that he can make it.

(The animatronics are a bear called Freddy Fazbear, a bunny named Bonnie, a chicken named Chica, and a fox named Foxy.)

Everyone found those things creepy.

(At 11:50 P.M., he packs the things he needs and heads there. The day guard seemed more than happy to get out of there but Y/N shrugged this off and prepared the office.)

"Let's see what he brought." said an interested Ozpin.

(He's got three monitors (one for video call or T.V., the second is for the cameras, and the third is to check how much time is left or how much power he has left), paperwork for school, a root beer in a cup from Quickshop to make sure he doesn't get thirsty, three pizza boxes to make sure he doesn't get hungry, hot chocolate to keep him awake, napkins, plate, a radio, posters, drawings from his adopted kids, a toy cupcake with eyes and a candle, rolled up balls of paper, two doors on each side of the office, and lights for the hallway.)

Everyone nodded in approval.

"It is good that he's studying." said a proud Ozpin.

"No wonder he's one of the top students in the school." said a smiling Nezu.

All nice teachers and heroes were proud of him.

"That looks like paperwork from all our classes. Students, I hoped you've been studying." said a stern Midnight.

All students rubbed their heads in embarrassment.

Y/N, the parents, and the teachers all facepalm.

"I've expected better from any student that at least studies." said a disappointed Y/N.

They looked down in shame, even the bullies looked sheepish.

"Y/N, please tutor them and have the teachers be with you." said an annoyed Aizawa.

"Yes sir. This will involve the harem, friends, rejecting girls, bullies, cheating exes, admirers, and neutral students." said a nodding Y/N.

"Y/N's too nice to be stern." said an arrogant Yang.

"No Yang, he's much more serious when he acts like a teacher." said a scared Ruby.

"Indeed, you will be given 7 months of night studies, 6 months of night work outs, and 5 months of cleaning up the training rooms after you're done." said a smirking Y/N, earning equal smirks from the teachers.

Raven and her tribe were smirking at him for doing that.

The parents or legal guardians nodded in approval

The students gave horrified anime looks at this.

"WHAT?!" yelled the horrified students.

"Hey, not everybody is an Albert Einstein, you know." said an angry Yang.

"Yeah, this is torture. I want some chill time, come on." said a bratty Leone.

"Oh don't even, I'll be strict as I was once generous. From this day forth, you'll will not have free time or anything until you complete all the studying for your test or assignments." said a stern Y/N.

"No fair." said the angry students.

"Well I don't mind the change, studying is quite fun." said a smiling Penny, earning a head rub from Y/N.

"This is indeed a good idea." said an also smiling Weiss.

"What a splendid idea, darling." said an also smiling Sonia, earning a kiss on the cheek from Y/N.

"Indeed, this is a good idea. I'll supervise." said an also smiling Iida.

"Very well, Iida." said a nodding Y/N, with the teachers agreeing.

"Thank you Y/N, we could never get Yang to study." said a grateful Raven.

"No problem, Mrs. Branwen." said a smiling Y/N.

"Please, call me Raven, sweetie." said an also smiling Raven.

"Okay, Raven sweetie." said a joking Y/N.

Raven blushed at this but then laughed at this.

Yang glared at this.

"Still though, I didn't know that the loser would be so brutal." said a scared Issei.

"You said it, Issei." said an agreeing Katsuki.

"Also, you bullies will not cheat or I will have you do summer school, got it?" asked a stern Y/N.

"Yes sir." said the scared bullies.

(He had also brought a cell phone, a wallet, a flashlight, pepper spray, a stun gun, keys, a baton, and a nightstick.)

They also nod in agreement to needing that.

Those who don't play the game are worried.

(At 11:58 P.M., he changed into his night shift uniform.)

"I sure do love a man in uniform." said a blushing Ruby.

The harem loved seeing their man in a uniform.

Leone just blushed at seeing her crush in a uniform.

(At 12:00 P.M., the job began but he had to listen to a guy on the phone talking about the job.)

A lot of people groaned.

(During the phone call, it's revealed that the place was shut down because of the Bite of 87 and the animatronics are presumably possessed by murdered children who seek revenge on all night guards for their deaths but the true murderer was the owner William Afton. Fortunately, William is dead and is stuck inside a Spring Bonnie suit.)

Everyone felt bad for those poor children.

Even the bullies and villains were horrified.

"Wow, William must've been pure evil." said a disgusted Salem.

"Wait, you don't murder children?" asked a confused Ruby.

"Of course not, that's too evil." said an also disgusted All For One.

They were really learning new things about the villains.

Even the bullies were horrified by the backstory.

"Poor little bastards." said a sympathetic Katsuki.

"Even we can't harm kids." said an agreeing Monoma.

The animatronics were saddened about their past and felt bad for targeting innocent night guards.

(At 1:00 A.M., he gets another phone call but it's from Freddy, who reveals plans to come after him and sadistically tells him to have fun. Y/N doesn't care and continues working at that place.)

Everyone was scared by Freddy's voice.

(At 2:00 A.M, he sees something in the dining area and checks it out. At that area, he encounters Foxy, who evily smirks.)

  • Foxy: (smirking) "I'm gonna feast on your face."

(They then start fighting and Y/N is now suspecting him of causing the Bite of 87.)

Foxy denies that and was actually out of order during that.

(Foxy manages to scratch Y/N's left cheek. Y/N is not fazed and just brushes the bloody wound. He then takes out a baton, making Foxy's eyes go wide and silently saying "Oh Shit.")

Everyone went eye wide as well, even the bullies.

However, Y/N's friends, family, and teachers smirked.

(Foxy continues to try and kill him but Y/N keeps managing to hit Foxy until he knocks him to the floor. He then starts beating Foxy to death until Foxy starts bleeding. He then rips out Foxy's hook arm, used it to remove Foxy's heart, then crushes the heart, and throws it into the garbage bin.)

Everyone were impressed.

The bullies were also impressed, they might still be bullies but they have to admire his strength.

"That was kinda hot." said a smirking Leone, not caring that she said that out loud.

Y/N blushed at that.

The harem glared at her.

Foxy had no hard feelings.

(He then places Foxy in a trash bag and throws him into the dumpster. He then thinks, 'One down, three to go.')

Everyone nodded in agreement.

(However, he felt bad for him because Foxy is not being missed by the others and he promises to give those bullies pain.)

"You guys should treat Foxy right or he'll turn against you." said a scolding Y/N.

They nodded in agreement, feeling bad for how they treated Foxy.

(At 3:00 A.M., Y/N continues working but then hears noises in the kitchen and since there's no cameras in there, he's going to have to check in there.)

"Why aren't there cameras in the kitchen?" asked an annoyed Ruby.

"Because William is an idiot." said a scowling Freddy.

The other animatronics nodded in agreement.

(However, Chica is in there and smirks.)

  • Chica: (smirking) "Let's eat, bitch."

(They then start fighting but Y/N breaks her hands, making her scream in pain. He then knocks her to the ground and then breaks her jaw with a pipe wrench, killing her.)

Chica rubs her jaw in phantom pain.

(He then puts her body in a trash bag and throws it into the dumpster. He then thinks, 'Two down, two to go.')

Everyone was getting impressed.

(At 4:00 A.M., he hears noises from the bathroom but was relieved that the owners didn't put cameras in the restroom.)

"At least William's not a pervert." said a relieved Y/N.

"Yeah, he knows privacy when he sees it." said an agreeing Freddy.

"If Issei was in charge, he would've put cameras in the bathroom." said an annoyed Iida, knowing that pervert's antics.

Chapter 6: Suction Cup Man

Y/N, Ilia, and the boys laughed at the title while Iida, the girls, teachers, and even bad people sighed, remembering that.

"Oh yeah, that's where he was trying to be a jerk to a rich guy because he thought it was funny." said a sighing Ruby.

"I'm surprised he didn't get arrested for it." said an also sighing Junko.

"Oh come on, it was funny." said a laughing Y/N.

"Yeah, it was." said an agreeing Ilia.

"Why is it funny?" asked a curious Sienna.

"You're about to find out." said a snickering Ilia.

(The video starts with Jacques Schnee hearing some sucking noises before he looks out the window and looks annoyed.)

Jacques growled, remembering that time.

The White Fang smirked, having a good feeling what's happening.

(He then goes to the open window and yells at Y/N.)

  • Jacques: (angry) "Hey, stop climbing my tower with suction cups!"
  • Y/N: (glaring) "Fuck you, I'm climbing your tower with suction cups!"

(Y/N is climbing the SDC with suction cups and he's wearing a purple hoodie with rolled up sleeves, blue jeans, black shoes, and a blue safety helmet.)

Everyone was amazed.

"Outstanding." said an amazed Ozpin.

"What's so outstanding about this?" asked an irritated Jacques.

"That he's using suction cups without rope or equipment." said a smirking Raven, feeling proud by this and found it amusing.

"However, that's illegal for him to do." said a scolding Iida, not happy about what his best friend is doing.

"And he can get into trouble." said an agreeing Sonia, worried for her boyfriend.

"But considering this is Jacques Schnee, we'll make an exception." said a grinning Aizawa.

"And plus, he didn't file a report on it either." said an agreeing Vlad King.

The White Fang enjoyed the look on Jacques' face.

"You're right, Ilia. It is funny." said a snickering Sienna.

"I know right." said an also snickering Ilia, who patted Y/N's head.

(Jacques was getting angry.)

  • Jacques: (angry) "Why my tower?!"
  • Y/N: (glaring) "Why not your tower?!"
  • Jacques: (irritated) "You're smudging my windows, asshole!"
  • Y/N: (brave) "I'll smudge your windows all I want, look at me go!"

(Due to knowing about Jacques' reputation, Y/N is deciding to piss him off.)

The White Fang laughed and cheered at Y/N.

"You tell him, young man." said a grinning Sienna.

"Yeah, you go, honey." said an agreeing Ilia, cheering her boyfriend on.

"Ilia, you're encouraging him?" asked a shocked Neon.

"Can't blame her, I also hate Jacques." said a shrugging Flynt.

"Why do you hate Jacques Schnee so much?" asked a worried Velvet, who also hates Jacques.

"Because that rich bastard sold a work shop out of business and it happens to belong to Flynt's dad." said a glaring Mercury.

Those who know Flynt are angry and now want to anger Jacques.

(Jacques was losing his patience.)

  • Jacques: (irritated) "Go suction cup someone else's tower!"
  • Y/N: (sarcastically) "That sounds very suggestive!"
  • Jacques: (annoyed) "Suck my dick, get off my tower!"
  • Y/N: (joking) "What, are you gay?!"
  • Jacques: (embarrassed) "It's an expression! (then he gets angry) Get the fuck off my tower!"

(If this boy doesn't get off his tower, he will do something about it.)

Y/N's friends, family, servants, and harem were just laughing at this.

The teachers were snickering, not liking Jacques Schnee that much. Yes, Y/N's cussing is not accepted by them but they are letting this slide since he is messing with Jacques.

Raven and her tribe couldn't stop laughing. He certainly is husband material for her and makes her laugh.

Sienna, Ilia, and the White Fang were full on laughing.

The Cheating Exes were giggling, missing his antics. Weiss and Winter were mostly enjoying this.

Even the bullies were laughing. They might hate him and make his life bad but they still find this funny.

Jacques was getting angry at this insolent child. He will have his head for this.

(Y/N refused.)

  • Y/N: (refusing) "No, fuck you!"
  • Jacques: (annoyed) "Fuck you, what's your name?!"
  • Y/N: (proudly) "SUCTION CUP MAN!"
  • Jacques: (annoyed) "My ass! What's your name?!"
  • Y/N: (singing) "Da da da da, suction cup man! Look at me go!"

(Y/N was enjoying Jacques' anger and the short part of the temporary theme song.)

"Wow, he's not giving away his name." said a proud Raven.

"It's fitting." said an agreeing Vernal.

(Jacques was getting irritated by this brat.)

  • Jacques: (irritated) "Get off my goddamn tower, this instant!"
  • Y/N: (annoyed) "I can't!"
  • Jacques: (irritated) "Why the hell not!"
  • Y/N: (explaining) "Can't go down, dumbass! I could only go up!"

(This makes sense because of gravity.)

"That does make sense. If he tries to climb down, he'll fall." said an understanding Izuku.

"He shouldn't be doing this in the first place." said an annoyed Ayano.

"Yeah, he's gonna get in trouble." said an agreeing Cana.

(Jacques was confused by this.)

  • Jacques: (confused) "WHAT?!"
  • Y/N: (explaining) "I gotta reach the top and go back down!"
  • Jacques: (annoyed) "You can't just turn around!"
  • Y/N: (annoyed) "Of course, I fucking can't! What are you, stupid?!"
  • Jacques: (not caring) "It can't be that hard!"

(Despite how much Jacques' anger entertains him, Y/N is annoyed with this dumbass' stupidity.)

"Yeah, it's really hard and Jacques' just a dumbass." said an annoyed Jaune.

"How would he know about climbing a tower with suction cups?" asked an annoyed Nebula.

"He doesn't know shit about climbing that tower with suction cups." said an annoyed Revy.

(Jacques gave a deep frown and went over somewhere.)

  • Jacques: (frowning) "Give me a minute."
  • Y/N: (confused) "What're you doing?!"

(He has the feeling that Jacques is gonna do something stupid.)

"What's he doing?" asked a confused Aoi.

"Just watch." said an annoyed Y/N.

The Schnee Family were also annoyed, having remembered this.

(Jacques came back with plungers.)

  • Jacques: (arrogant) "I have plungers!"

(However, he doesn't realize that the idea is pretty dumb.)

Everyone facepalmed, even the bad people.

"Dude, just call the cops." said an irritated Taro.

"No way, that brat must learn a lesson from me." said an arrogant Jacques.

"But you can't do that, dumbass. Only I could." said an annoyed Raven, who would have gotten after the kid but only use her raven abilities and take him into her camp for punishment so he won't do that again. She still grinned at the thought of him in her tribe as a husband for her and Vernal.

"Also, his suction cups look stable enough while the plungers won't last long." said an also annoyed Tsunade.

(Y/N was shocked by this.)

  • Y/N: (shocked) "Oh, this is getting real!"
  • Jacques: (arrogant) "I'm coming for you, bitch!"
  • Y/N: (warning) "You are going to kill yourself!"
  • Jacques: (glaring) "Fuck you, watch me!"

(He then jumps through and manages to get one of the plungers on the window but let go of it and starts falling.)

Everyone shook their heads at him for his stupidity.

"Anything that happens to him will not be on me." said a sighing Y/N.

"You did try to warn him, so that's fair." said a nodding Jaune.

"Besides, he's choosing not to call the police." said an understanding Kakashi.

(Y/N looked surprised but then looked annoyed at this.)

  • Y/N: (annoyed) "For a guy in a suit, you're pretty fucking stupid!"

(However, he decided not to save Jacques and instead watches the long waited karma.)

"Yeah, that was pretty dumb." said an annoyed Jaune.

However, the White Fang was in anticipation.

"Here it comes." said a grinning Sienna.

(While Jacques is falling, he throws his other plunger in anger and shouts back at Y/N.)

  • Jacques: (falling) "Fuck you! I didn't become a billionaire by being an idiot! I have 4 degrees in-"

(He lands on a police car.)

Everyone went "OOF".

However, the White Fang cheered at this.

"You picked the right one, young Ilia." said a happy Sienna, approving of Y/N.

"Yes I did, mistress Khan. Yes I did." said a proud Ilia, happy to be with Y/N.

Y/N and Flynt high fived.

Jacques winced, he was in the hospital for 2 months.

(Officers Flannigan and Smith stop what they were doing and Flannigan was shocked by the damage to their car.)

Everyone frowned, recognizing those two.

"Those two are corrupt policemen who are on a criminal's payroll." said a disappointed Y/N.

"However, you caused Jacques to damage their car." said an amused Mondo.

(They then hear the plunger land and looked up to see Y/N on the tower, so did the students, teachers, and civilians. Flannigan threw away his donut onto the ground and took out his megaphone.)

"That's littering." said a glaring Uekiya and Ibara.

"He's a dirty cop, what you'd expect." said a shrugging Mukuro.

(He then starts talking with Y/N.)

  • Flannigan (on the megaphone): (glaring) "Hey, get the fuck down!"
  • Y/N (off-screen): (annoyed) "SUCK MY DICK!"

(They looked shocked by his response.)

Everyone looked shocked that Y/N cussed at a police officer, despite said officer being corrupt.

Raven and her tribe laugh at this, feeling proud of him.

"Y/N, that is an officer of the law." said a scolding Iida.

"Didn't we tell you that he's corrupt?" asked an annoyed Y/N.

(Flannigan glared at him.)

  • Flannigan (on the megaphone): (glaring) "This is illegal!"
  • Y/N: (not caring) "I know that but fuck you anyway!"
  • Flannigan (on the megaphone): (arguing) "Fuck you!"
  • Y/N: (arguing) "Fuck you!"
  • Flannigan (on the megaphone): (arguing) "Fuck you!"

(The students were laughing at the F off.)

Y/N's friends were laughing at this too.

The teachers sighed at this.

(Then Y/N took out his Bass.)

  • Y/N: (smirking) "Hey, I wrote you a song!"

(Everyone was confused.)

So were the audience.

"Wait what?" asked a confused Leone.

(Flannigan asked the unasked question.)

  • Flannigan (on the megaphone): (confused) "What?!"
  • Y/N: (smirking) "It goes a little something like this! (he then plays a few notes before then pulling out the finger) Fuck you!"

(Flannigan went eye wide and the students were all laughing at this.)

The students were all laughing up a storm.

The criminals were also laughing at this.

(Flannigan then glares in anger.)

  • Flannigan: (glaring) "Take him down."

(Smith takes out his pistol and shoots at Y/N, causing him to fall on the ground and everyone to wince.)

Everyone winced at that.

"Y/N!" yelled the worried adults.

"Ha finally! Now I get to have the harem to myself!" said a smirking Issei, earning glares from everyone.

"Uh, he's still here, dumbass." said an annoyed Leone.

Issei noticed and went eye-wide.

(However, he got up and wasn't hurt at all.)

  • Y/N: (cheering) "Fuck you, you can't kill Suction Cup Man, look at me go!"

(He then ran away and high fived the popular students, who cheered him on.)

Everyone was shocked.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" yelled the shocked bullies.

"How did he survive that?" asked a shocked Rias.

"Jaune gave him aura, just in case." said a smiling A.

Y/N high fived Jaune for that but still winced.

"Falling is still not cool." said a wincing Y/N.

(The two dirty cops were shocked but honest officers Gordon and Bullock were impressed.)

  • Gordon: (impressed) "Well, son of a bitch."

(Gordon snapped his fingers while saying this as Jacques' crippled body is last seen before the video ends.)

After that, everyone liked it because of the hilarious arguing and Y/N's incredible skills.

(Y/N's theme song in the ending.)

Everyone sighed at the song but seemed to like it.

I'm not gonna do the second part because it might cause a war.

Chapter 7: Total Drama

Everyone read the title and recognized it.

(On the show, some of the students are on it but Y/N quitted early because he suffered a break up from an abusive girlfriend and no one stood up for him, not even his friends or family. However, his fans support him and show their sympathy while wanting to call out others for their cruelty towards him. His loyal fans are The Drama Brothers, Dave from Pahkitew Island, Ezekiel from the first season, and etc. He's become a fan favorite that the host Chris McLean asks for someone to look out for any sign of him and to bring him back to the show.)

Everyone was worried for Y/N and felt bad for what happened.

(The ex-girlfriend was Revy and she had became cruel towards Y/N because of his work time but then got horrified and remorseful when she realized how horrible she was. She asks Y/N to give her another chance but he avoids her, making her sad.)

Revy cries at this and promises to make it up to him because she has been insulting him lately.

She hugs him.

"Don't worry, my little hope. I will never do that to you. I promise." said a crying Revy.

(Maki Harukawa hated Revy for that and swore to kill her for breaking Y/N's heart while getting mad at Kaito for laughing at it.)

"Dude, my other self is such a dick for doing that." said a disgusted Kaito.

(The reason for that is because Y/N is like her little brother and she can't stand the thought of someone hurting him.)

"Damn straight. And if I catch his harem hurting him too, their asses are mine." said a threatening Maki.

They nod in fear.

(Those who laughed felt remorse for doing it because they now realized how very unhealthy the mistreatment was. They hoped to find their friend and show him that he's not alone. Revy wants to make it up to him and to show that the nice version is back. She didn't know why she acted like a monster to him.)

When it was shown how she acted in the second season, Revy was appalled by this and wanted to slap her other self silly before calling her out for her behavior.

(All fans wanted him back on the show and to let him know that everyone's supporting him now. They pressed charges against Revy for abusing him but she fortunately took therapy sessions and anger management classes. Y/N had spent a time in a hospital because of her going too far.)

When a picture was shown, Revy cried at this and couldn't believe she put Y/N through that.

(Y/N had been brought back on by Shuichi and Kaito, which they apologized for. In the confessional, Revy was mad about one of her friends being voted off and having to wear a Slave Leia outfit as punishment for losing.)

  • Revy: (glaring) "I will get you Issei for voting off my valuable teammate and causing me to wear this degrading outfit. (However, the door opens and Y/N comes in, much to Revy's surprise.) What the fuck? I thought I locked that fucking door."
  • Y/N: (pointing at the door) "Sorry but the lock's busted."
  • Revy: (curious) "What the fuck are you doing here anyway?"
  • Y/N: (serious) "Give me your red hand. (She nervously gave him her red hand but then winced when he squeezed it and she covered her mouth to avoid screaming.) That's for breaking up with me. Don't ever do it again, got it? (She muffles a yes sir. He lets go but surprisingly holds her, making her blush.) And this is for changing into a good girl."

(He kissed her on the lips, making her muffle in surprise but she became happy and kissed him back, unaware that Kokichi is watching this in shock but decided to leave.)

Everyone was surprised but Revy smiled and mentally agreed to wear that outfit in her private times with Y/N, which she giggled pervertedly at.

She decided to put Y/N in her lap and hug him closer.

(However, he hears the door close and some moaning, making him facepalm.)

  • Kokichi: (annoyed) "Really? They're having sex on this show?"

(Despite this, he agrees not to tell.)

Y/N blushes at this.

Revy was enjoying this and plans to do that with Y/N.

"You know we should do that and I agree to wear that outfit for your pleasure." whispered a seductive Revy, making Y/N blush even more.

(However, Issei also found out and plans to expose it for evil purposes.)

Revy glares at this and swears to kill Issei one day.

(In the next challenge, Kokichi told Y/N and Revy about what he saw and that he promised not to tell but warns them that Issei found out on his own and plans to expose them, much to their anger. However, Issei ends up ratting them out and everyone was shocked but Revy smugly admits it and holds Y/N close to her while warning others that he is hers.)

Revy smirks smugly as she still holds Y/N.

(Of course, Y/N angrily punched Issei for revealing it but then was hugged by Revy for doing that and he admits to being happy with her. This time, she is still nice and has made up for what she did.)

"Don't worry, babe. You're one of the only people I'm nice to." said a smiling Revy.

Chapter 8: Yandere Simulator

Lemon Special

A sequel is made and it's called Male Reader Multiverse (Lemon).