Marian Mouse is a female mouse who is a Sprite who lived somewhere in the 100 Acre Wood. She starred in her own story such as a prequel to the 100 acre wood series.


Many years ago - Marian starts off as a young orphaned mouse who is one of the very first Mice that discovered the Hundred Acre Wood. Marian became the Leader of her group and they build themselves a Castle deep in the woods. They call it The Stone Aged Castle.

As the Ruler of the 100 Acre Wood

Marian grew and grew into a bright beautiful mouse. Over the years She ruled the castle and the entire hundred acre woods. One day Marian Mouse is spending time in the woods by herself and she befriended some of the creatures who lived there. Marian sings to her new friends about Searching for a Dream. It tells them that the hundred acre wood is such a wonderful place to live in. But One night - an Army of vicious Rodents came to the stone aged castle and nearly broke it a part with their powerful weapons. Marian escaped the invasion and was saved by Jedi Master Yoda. Marian moved in with Yoda in his swamp home - where the little jedi used his powers to transformed Marian into a Forest Sprite. As a Sprite She will make the forest grew beautiful again.


One day as Spring arrives - Marian befriended Woody the Cowboy doll and she gave him a guided tour in the woods. That evening - Woody taught Marian how to dance. However Marian is in love with him.

The next day - Marian changed herself magically into a real mouse and dressed up in a blue skirt and wears a yellow Flower. So She visits Woody at Bonnie's house. Woody told her that he is already dating with his new friend Dolly. When Marian hears this - she gets upset and storms out. Woody tried to catch up with her. but she left. Meanwhile the Rodents sneaked up and captured Marian. Woody sensed that Marian is in trouble and he ran to her aid. He strike down the vicious rodents with his Sword and the rest of them ran away. Marian apologized that she walked out on him. But Woody told her that she has been such a great friend all along. Marian gaved him a thank you kiss and was back into her Sprite Form.

Marian gets her own magic powers. She can make Sparkling Rainbows raining down on Tree Hill.


  • Marian Mouse is never seen or mentioned throughout the 100 Acre Wood franchise. But the only thing known about the Mouse Sprite is she creates the Sparkling Rainbows on top of Tree Hill (Off-Screen).
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