Chief of Staff is a high-ranking position in the Maryland government prominantly featured in the Jurassic Park fanfiction Corruption and it's sequels.

Job Description

The main job of a chief of staff is to advise the execute in day-to-day business and make sure that the government is running smoothly. Sometimes, the Chief of Staff will take over gubernatorial duties if the Governor or Lieutentant Governor are unable to do it.

Chiefs of Staff

Name Story Status
Kevin Davenport Corruption Deceased
Kevin Davenport was the chief of staff under Henry Gibson. He was portayed as ruthless who would go to any mean to make sure that he wound up with the better deal once the conspiracy was finished. He followed Scott Green to Isla Sorna where, after a series of painful attacks, he was killed by a dilophosaur.
Mark Ramirez Before Dinosaur Liberation Association Alive
Once Stephanie Maximoff became governor, she needed a chief of staff, and since her original choice had been killed, she decided to pick one of Benji's old friends Mark Ramirez. He proved to be very incompatent and was quickly fired.
Erik Maximoff Dinosaur Liberation Association Alive
During Mark Ramirez's tenure as chief of staff, Stephanie realized that most of her good advice came from her husband. Erik was promptly given the position, which he still retains.