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Max Wolf Revolutions is a parody/homage of another fanfic, called Christian Humber Reloaded , being written in a very similar style and featuring a similar main character. The story was written by the Fanfiction. net user beresfordjd , initially based on the Pokémon franchise, but as the story advances, it includes elements from other fictional works like Avatar , Darkstalkers (The American cartoon series, not the games) and The Incredible Hulk 

The story is written in a deliberate over-the-top manner, including lots of gratuitous profanities, absurd levels of violence and randoms events happening all the time, in order to give it a similar feeling to the original Christian Humber Reloaded fic.


The story is divided in seven parts, each one of them divided in several short chapters. The main character starts being an ordinary Poochyena who lived with his family in the route 101 from Hoenn, who is eventually captured by humans and then being involved in some sort of experiments which transform him into a murderous monster.

From that point, the main character starts having many violent and bizarre adventures, which take him to many different worlds: In one of them, he transforms into a human, and receives the name "Max Wolf", which he continues using for the rest of the story.


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