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Maximum Force is a 1993 action film about two special officers who must protect a cargo of specialty stuff from being stolen or being damaged by a criminal mastermind who plans on destroying it, and does whatever he can to get his hands on it. Knowing that the authorities are on to him, his army of terrorists are sent to eliminate them and stop them from meddling with his plot. A light gun arcade game adaption developed by Atari Games was released for the arcade later that year, the version for the Sony Playstation was released on November 17, 1993 while the version for the Sega Saturn was released on March 1, 1994.

Maximum Force

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Directed by
Mike Dunsley

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Produced by
Mike Dunsley
Jim Fargo

{{#if: Starring|

Greg Kinnear

Jason Lee
Dan Castellaneta
Terry McGovern

Morgan Freeman

{{#if: Music by|

Music by
Steve Perry

{{#if: Studio|

Topple Cinema

{{#if: Distributed by|

Distributed by
Paramount Pictures

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Release Date
January 22, 1993

{{#if: Running time|

Running time
89 minutes

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United States

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Rated PG-13

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