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Megan The Hedgehog Who's Real Name Is Lynn Stephanie Amber Megan The Hedgehog Is An Happy Female Hedgehog She Has Light Blue And Dark Pink Hair Her Hair Is In An Ponytail She Has Aqua Blue Eyes Dark Pink And Yellow Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs And Stomach Dark Pink Belt Dark Blue Pants And Black Sandals Her Best Friends Are Skylet The Hedgehog, Seeri The Hedgehog, Allure The Hedgehog, Shimara The Hedgehog, Anisha The Hedgehog And Aqua The Hedgehog And Aby The Hedgehog And Solar The Hedgehog Her Friends Color Descriptions As Follows Note: Megan Mentions That They Came From Tropical Jungle Megan Also States That They Are Her Sisters Which Was Confirmed By Aby Herself Who Also Mentions That Solar Is Their Honorary Family Member Along With Pandora The Hedgehog Megan Also Says That Tropical Jungle Is Where They Live And Reside In Her Big Remodeled And Upgraded/Updated Mansion

Aqua The Hedgehog-Light Blue Female Hedgehog

Skylet The Hedgehog-Light Brown Female Hedgehog

Aby The Hedgehog-Light Blue And Black With Light Blue And Black Wavy Hair And Black Hair Black/Light Blue Arms Wears Light Purple Tanktop Which Shows Her Belly Blue Belt Black Eyelashes Light Purple Towel Around Her Waist Blue Socks Blue Gloves And Blue Boots

Seeri The Hedgehog-Dark Pink Female Hedgehog

Allure The Hedgehog-Light Blue Female Hedgehog

Anisha The Hedgehog-Yellow Female Hedgehog With Aqua Blue Eyes

Solar The Hedgehog-Medium Pink Female Hedgehog With Aqua Blue Eyes And Different Hair Style

Shimara The Hedgehog-Dark Brown Female Hedgehog With Purple Eyes

Pandora The Hedgehog-Pandora Is An Black/Red Female Hedgehog With Light Blue Eyes

Melody The Husky-Black And White Female Husky

Ashley The Wolf-White Female Wolf

Chloe The Skunk-Dark Purple And White Female Skunk Who Wears An Medium Blue Tubetop Which Shows Her Boobs And Stomach Dark Red Jacket Grey Belt Dark Red Shorts And Dark Red And White Boots Dark Pink Eyes

Forming Team Megan

In Tropical Jungle Megan The Hedgehog Met Her Happy Female Hedgehog Friends/Sisters Megan Asked Them If They Wanted To Form Team Megan To Which Skylet And Friends Happily Agreed And That Was How Team Megan Was Formed

Stopping The Suppression Squad From Occupying Freedom HQ

Megan With An Strong Team Decided To Sit In Megan's Mansion In Tropical Jungle Until Megan's Wristwatch Beeps Signaling An Warning Which Tells The Female Hedgehogs To Skate Off To Which They Did They Arrived On Mobius Megan Signals Her Sisters To Kick Down The Door To Freedom HQ In Which They Did They Would Later Storm The Base And Fight With The Suppression Squad To Which They Won Megan Then Changes The Name To The Female Hedgehog Fighters And They Fight Alongside Each Other To Defend Mobius From Evil

Involvement In The Xorda War

Megan And Her Fellow Female Hedgehogs Got Locked In A Battle For Survival Against The Xorda In Which The Mobians Get Injured In The Explosion While The Female Hedgehog Fighters Fought On Pandora The Hedgehog Looked On With Concern And Decides To Help Them By Placing An Bomb On The Xorda In Which They Escape It Blows Up Which Made Pandora Their Family Member Pandora Proves To Be Very Useful In Situations When She Is Called Upon Pandora's Best Skill Is Hacking Into Computers Which Makes Her Valuable

The Female Hedgehog Fighters Vs. The Prelates

Enerjak Was Already Dead So They Fought The Prelates With Pandora Using Her Disc Bombs Which Were Stuck Onto The Prelates Which Exploded Killing Them Three New Members Join Them Chloe The Skunk And Ashley The Wolf And An Third Member Melody The Husky Joins Them Giving Them Size And Strength Upfront While Ashley The Wolf Gives Them Attacking Power And Chloe Uses Her Spraying Abilities To Distract The Enemies


Megan The Hedgehog (Fanfic)

Appearances In Comics

In 1993 Archie Devoted Their Resources To Make Megan Happy By Publishing Megan The Hedgehog In 1993 It Lasted Up To Issue # 300 (2013-14) In The Sequel Megan The Hedgehog Time Travel Which Was Published In 1994 Which Explains Megan's Past And Affiliation With Team Megan Which Was The First Time Archie Introduced Time Travel It Was Certainly Not The Last As Archie Had Plans To Include Megan And Her Friends In The Sonic Universe Comics As Residents Of Tropical Jungle Of Which They Reside In Issues # 25,26,27 And 28 Megan And Her Friends Were Called Upon To Take On Enerjak And His Prelates In Megan The Hedgehog Published In 1993 By Archie Megan's Age Was Initially 10 But Her Bio Card States That Megan Is Actually 18 Which Was Confirmed By Ian Flynn Her Friends Were 13,14,15,16 And 17 Respectively In That Series Robotnik Has Taken Control Of Mobius Or So He Thought Until We See Our Titacular Character Megan The Hedgehog And Her Friends Stop Him From Doing So