"Memories" is a Family Guy fanfiction written by hopeless-romance45, and later by DecaTilde. It is a sequel to "Goodbye, Brian My Love".


Characters with a superscripted heart in front of their name indicates that they're OCs created by hopeless-romance45. Characters with their names written in red and italicized are deleted from the fanfic.

  • Peter Griffin
  • Lois Griffin
  • Meg Griffin
  • Chris Griffin
  • Stewie Griffin
  • Vinny Griffin
  • Barbara Griffin
  • Briana Griffin
  • Ollie Griffin
  • Jenny Griffin
  • Marcus Griffin
  • Arnie
  • Glenn Quagmire


Original Ending

In the original ending, Barbara does begin her fight with Vinny while the puppies are playing in the park. Jenny sits alone on the swing set and thinks she sees Brian in the clouds and tries to reach up to him. The clouds disappate and she breaks down into tears. The puppies return home and witness Barbara and Vinny fighting in the backyard. Barbara manages to win the fight, but has a heart attack and collapses as she was about to go back into the house. Vinny and the puppies become frightened and inform the rest of the Griffins. They take her to the Veterinary Clinic, where she succumbs to her heart attack. Vinny kisses her on the lips sadly, and informs the family that she has died. Even at the funeral, the puppies still wouldn't allow Vinny into the family, even as their foster father. Marcus declares that he should bring his parents back, one way or another, and Jenny joins him on his mission.


  • Because Revival 'BBBOJM' had to be retconned out (thanks to Brian4life), this marks the official debut of Arnie in the Brian and Barbara fanfics.
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