Mermaids are a species that appears in the Carddass Mermaid manga. Mermaids are fish people that live anywhere in the sea.


Millennia ago, the city of Atlantis sank beneath the surface due to an earthquake. Out of pity, Poseidon uses his powers to change the inhabitants into Mermaids (human above the waist, fish below). Using science and sorcery to adapt to life on the ocean floor, the population increased and some even left to begin other kingdoms. Over millennia, Mermaids evolved further due to the use of magic and sorcery, to the point where Mermaids sorcerers and scientists, in a attempt to adapt even more to the ocean, unknowingly turning a portion of the Mermaid population into Mer-Beasts, with the heads and torsos of anthropomorphic animals and the tails of fish. Mer-Beasts have traits of the animals they are based on. As Mer-Beasts were one human Mermaids transformed prementily by the experiments, they are viewed as equals by the human Mermaids, to the point of being in a counsel and even Kings and Queens.


Mermaids lives in kingdoms that are ruled by a royal family. While there are underwater kingdoms, they also flourishing and modern, with a big city or capital with huge buildings and very active businesses and modern amenities like phones and laptops. Some kingdoms are based on different counties on land. Mermaids have schools they teach kids about magic and how to use it.

Mermaids are more kinder than the surface dawlers. While there are some conflicts like gang wars, some like arguments being settled quite quickly.

Mermaids are mammals and give birth to live young after a 9-month pregnancy period. Reproductive organs are similar to dolphins. Mermaids are born with their tails.

Mermaids have their own language called Mermish, which was originally Ancient Greek, but have since evoluted into a hybrid of English, French, Latin and Japanese. In addition, they can also use their arms, hands and tails to do sign language.

Mermaids can transform humans into Mermaids or Mer-Beasts through magic, as well as make it temporary or preament. When humans gets transformed for the first time, their gills would need time to function, thus they still need to breathe air and must seek out an air reservoir scattered in designated areas around the undersea kingdoms or buddy breathe with another Mermaid.


Mermaids and Mer-Beasts are generally depicted as human and/or an anthropomorphized variant of any animal species from the middle of the body and up, while a fish tail replaces the lower body. Mermaids have gills on their necks. The child of either a Mer-Beast and a Mermaid or two different types of Mer-Beasts can only inherit one of their parents' forms. Mermaids' tails varies in color and appearances from one of five types of aquatic animals (Fish, Sharks, Whales, Dolphins, Seals).

Mermaids can choose to wear cloths or not, though all Mermaids wears swim trucks that can merge with the fish tail. All female Mermaids wear seashell bra made from waterproof fabric.

Powers and Abilities

  • Aquatic Habitation - Mermaids can survive and adapt to underwater environments such as high water pressure, the effects of freezing and extreme water temperatures.
  • Cryokinesis - Mermaids have the ability to freeze water as well as freely create and control solid ice, snow and frost underwater.
  • Endurance - Mermaids are able to swim for days without exhaustion, something which no human has the stamina to do. They can dive at depths no human could withstand, even with submarines or the most expensive dive equipment.
  • Enhanced Senses - Just like sea lions, whales and dolphins, mermaids, due to living in the sea, can hear sounds far off the ultrasonic frequency. They also have enhanced night vision.
  • Electrokinesis - the ability to generate and control pure lightning and electricity.
  • Enhanced Strength - Mermaids are physically much stronger than humans.
  • Hydro-Thermokinesis - Mermaid have the ability to heat and boil the water.
  • Sound Waves - Mermaids can use echolocation like dolphins and whales.
  • Speed Swimming - Mermaids can swim for an entirety without fatigue. Mermaids are also able to swim at 600 km per hour for long periods of time as well jump over the water like dolphins.
  • Transformation - Mermaids can changes their fish tails to legs and back again on both land and water. Seal-tailed Mermaids, also know as Sealkies, have the ability to turn into a seal.
  • Underwater Breathing - In order to live underwater, Mermaids have the ability to metabolize oxygen from the water due to the gills on their necks, which negates the need to surface to breathe air. However, they are also capable of breathing air outside of the water. It was also shown that Mermaids can hold their breath for an unlimited almost of time with no difficulty or discomfort. Mermaids' lungs are more stretchable than humans and can use all the oxygen they store. Extra oxygen is absorbed through the tail and can be transfer to the lungs.

Known Kingdoms

  • Mu
    • Atlantis
    • Neptune
    • Lemuria
    • Neptune
    • Poseidon
    • Triton
    • Aqua
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