200px-Panoramic Metropolis

The Metropolis.

200px-Fitness Course

Ratchet using Qwark's fitness course.

200px-Planetary Defense Center

The Planetary defense center.

200px-Tower of Babel

The tower of Babel in a film in 1927.




Metropolis in a invasion.


Metropolis in season 3.

180px-Ratchet Being Attacked

Season 7 attack.

Metropolis is the capital city of Kerwan and home of Captain Copernicus Leslie Quark.


Ratchet and Clank: The televison series

It appeared as the only place Ratchet and Clank visit during season one, three, seven, and possibly eight and nine or just nine.

The Darkland future chronicles: The Bad City of Metropolis

In T.D.f.c:T.B.C.o.M., Rob Bob and his friends and their parents go into the future of what use to be Metrotown, is now the Capital of North America called Metropolis. This is also the main city the 6 pairs of duos go to. It is also home to MEGAtron and The mayor of the world.

The Darkland future chronicles: The new era of Earth

The town has been ruined due to the Galactic War 1. The Emperor has turned it half normal due to the order of President Wizzyfidget during 2067. It was helped out when Chris Clugnut and his friends came to help out. It was a good city to live before 2064. It was ruined by Kyle Nomicon and other villains. The whole continent went out when the 2 pairs of duos came along.


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