Mighty Morphin Myth Rangers


Location St. Hugo, California
Led by Reese Ramirez
And later by William Robinson
Mentor Theodore

The Mighty Morphin Myth Rangers, are "teenagers with attitude" that Theodore recruited to battle Lady Xanthia using the power that they wield with their Power Morphers and Power Coins. They developed a strong sense of unity, but whenever one had to move on with his or her life, Theodore appointed new ones to take over.


Color Role Actor
Tyrannosaurus/Ape Reese RamirezDavid Rogers Jake T. Austin ► Matthias Oliver
Mammoth/Frog Seamus BuellerJoey Briggs Shawn Patterson ► Michael Minarik
Triceratops/Wolf Baron Price Reyn Robinson
Sabertooth Tiger/Bear Kelly AdamsAlexis Campbell Mandy Wiberg ► Sicily Sewell
Pteradactyl/Crane Lizzie Di Stefano ► Anna Pearce Emily Nicole Victor ► Kaylee Plumb
Dragon William RobinsonTom Robinson Alex David West
White Tiger/Falcon William Robinson Alex David West

Other Heroes

Monster Hunter AndreVirginia
Techron Joey Briggs (costume)
Ginetsu Reese Ramirez (costume)
Ninjor Ninjor


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