Millennium Age Old Queen Of The Moon Kingdom & The True Heirs of The Solar System--Neo Sailor Moon Crystal Star Galaxy Of Infinity / Supreme Primordial Supernatural Bestial Godlike Entity Millennium Revolution DX-Zero Surge is a fan fictional series based on The Sailor Moon Anime.

This is a remake / retelling of The anime.

This is also a multi crossover series as well.

The Neo Soldiers are the main heroines of the series, they will be teaming up other heroes. The Neo Soldiers are the true heirs of The Solar System.

The Sailor Scouts are from noble families in this series.


The Silver Millennium, a once peaceful empire run by King Chaos & Queen Selenity, has fallen by the traitorous Sailor Scouts, now called The Dark Scouts, who manipulated Queen Beryl to destroy The Moon Kingdom & The Planetary Kingdoms. They have brought a wonderous age of peace into ruin. Princess Serenity is now the new Queen Of The Moon Kingdom & Empress Of The Silver Millennium after her parents & the destruction of Her family's kingdom.

She and The Neo Soldiers took care of the traitors & have decided to take refuge on Earth after Queen Selenity sacrifices herself to give the people of The Moon a second chance to be reborn on Earth.

Neo Soldiers


Battle Brawlers


Winx Club

Pretty Cures

Keyblade Warriors




  • The Dark Scouts are killed by The Neo Soldiers, they were reborn as well. They are jealous of The Neo Soldiers getting everything they want becuase tey are princess.
  • The Neo Soldiers took up human identities to blend in with humanity. They all live in Los Angeles, California.
  • The Neo Soldiers have a falcon for an advisor named Raiku.
  • The Neo Soldiers have gained new additions to their rouster, Queen Kida / Neo Atlantis, Queen Ariastra / Neo Comet, Princess Nyx / Neo Nemesis, Queen Erza / Neo Titania, & Queen Hibiki / Neo Deminos, Princess Vega / Neo Vegeta, & Queen Kazarina / Neo Xeres.
  • While training for the return of The Dark Scouts, The Neo Soldiers traveled the entire world, learning other cultures.
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