(Theme Song)

It’s the next generation in LazyTown, New tasks every day, Things are upside down here in LazyTown, Adventures just a minute away!

(LazyTown: The Next Generation Logo Appears In the screen)

Stephanie Narrating: “Mission to Mars”

(Cuts to Pixel’s house)

(Pixel Plays his Handheld video game)

(Pixel Loses)

Pixel: Oh Man!

(Valerie Enters Pixel’s house)

Valerie: Pixel?

Pixel: Yes Valerie?

Valerie: I have an assignment on The Planet Mars. I have to write an essay due Monday. And I heard you have a rocket ship to take me there. Can you take me to Mars to study the planet?

Pixel: I am Happy to help! Let me get Project X ready. But first, let me get the others.

(Cuts to Stephanie’s house)

Stephanie: There! I’m done cleaning my room!

(Dancing on the Moon ringtone Plays)

(Stephanie picks up her phone)

Stephanie: Hello?

Valerie: Come to Pixel’s house. And bring your sportometer too.

Stephanie: Sportometer?

(Cuts to Robbie Rotten)

Robbie Rotten: I need a vacation from this town! I was alone from LazyTown, I try to go to the moon, I went to Japan with them, where should I go! Wait, the book has answers!

(Robbie touches his spell book)

Robbie Rotten: Oh, Spirits of the Cursed spell book! Where should I hide?

(The Spell book creates a hologram of Mars)

Robbie Rotten: The 4th planet from the sun. Of course. Thank goodness I upgraded my rocket ship to a starship! So, It will be enough to take me to Mars! I’m gonna live on Mars, Forever!

(Cuts to Pixel’s house)

Stingy: So, what do you have for us Pixel?

Pixel: We’re going outer space again.

Ziggy: Please don’t, last time there is an alien.

Valerie: Don’t be a chicken. Aliens aren’t real! Anyways, I’m gonna study the Planet Mars…

(Ziggy Screams)

Ziggy: Alien Planet!

Valerie: Shut up!

Trixie: Just ignore that!

Valerie: Good Idea. Anyways, we may not have the speed to reach to Mars. So, I’m resorting to upgrade Project X to Starship Z.

Stephanie: Starship Z?

Valerie: Starship Z! We just need the crystals from the dungeons of LazyTown. The crystals are called Trinitite. It is also known for the activation crystal. Who is gonna get it with me?

Stephanie: Me!

Valerie: Of course, you Stephanie!

Stephanie: My uncle has a crystal in his office. He told me he found it when He first came in LazyTown as a candidate.

Valerie: I don’t think we’re allowed in our uncle’s office like that. Why don’t we just go underground.

(Cuts to the LazyTown Dungeon Mines)

Valerie: Remember, No powers. If any crystal contacts our power, it will create a huge reaction and we die! That’s why I brought a lantern! You know, I should study these crystals.

Stephanie: So, how many crystals should I collect? I mean, there is millions of crystals in this dungeon.

Valerie: 50. I needed 2 though to study the crystal.

Stephanie: Don’t worry. I’ll get this done in no time. I’ll use my super speed and super cyclone to…

Valerie: No! I told you, No elements!

Stephanie: Fine, I will just pull out the crystals with my strength. Strength? I can use a sportscandy!

(Stephanie pulls out an apple)

(Cuts to Robbie’s Starship)

Robbie Rotten: Well, this is better than my old one. Okay! Time to do your thing starship! Set course for Mars!

(Robbie’s Starship takes off)

(Starship flies to Mars)

(Cuts to Pixel’s house)

Pixel: You got all 48?

Valerie: Yes. I got 2 extra to study these crystals.

Pixel: Okay. One more thing. I have an extra sportometer saved here.

(Throws sportometer at Valerie)

(Valerie catches the sportometer)

Valerie: Thanks!

(Valerie wears the sportometer)

(Valerie moves around and gets steps on her sportometer)

Pixel: Okay, I think we’re ready to Upgrade Project X.

(Pixel goes on his computer and upgrades Project X)

Pixel: Upgrade Complete!

(Starship Z Appears in Pixel’s Backyard)

Pixel: Now we need someone to launch us.

Valerie: Who says? I have a spell book that can help!

Pixel: Hehe!

(Cuts to Robbie landing safely)

Robbie Rotten: Ahh. Planet Mars!

(Robbie Opens his helmet and chokes)

(Robbie closes his helmet)

Robbie Rotten: Worse breathing than the moon.

(Cuts near Starship Z)

(Stephanie, Valerie, Pixel, Ziggy, Stingy, and Trixie walks in slow motion)

(Stephanie, Valerie, Pixel, Ziggy, Stingy, and Trixie gets in Starship Z)

Valerie: This ship has a refrigerator, a stepmaster and Wi-Fi.

Pixel: Now let’s launch this thing!

Valerie: 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Blast Off!

(Valerie touches her spell book and pushes the button using the spell book)

(Starship Z takes off)

(Stephanie, Valerie, Pixel, Ziggy, Stingy, and Trixie uses the stepmaster to fly)

(Field Trip to Mars plays and Stephanie and Valerie are singing it)

Valerie: Mars, the 4th planet from the sun. Mars Has 2 moons. The gravity is twice as the moon. Mount Olympus is bigger than Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Life on Mars is difficult. I should study more what happened to Mars.

(Valerie wrote what she said in her notes)

Valerie: I’m totally getting an A!

Stephanie: Try Jumping.

Valerie: Watch this!

(Valerie does a flip)

Valerie: Sportometer. 155.

Ziggy: Don’t worry! You’ll get more! I’ll show you how it’s done.

(Ziggy Jumps until he sees Robbie Rotten)

Robbie Rotten: Not again!

(Robbie Wakes Up)

Ziggy: Alien! Alien!

Valerie: I told you, Aliens aren’t real. That’s Robbie Rotten.

Robbie Rotten: Busted!

(Robbie Rotten goes to his starship and flies)

Valerie: That will teach you a lesson not to mess with Ziggy.

(Cuts to the asteroid belt)

Robbie Rotten: Those kids will taste my fury. Because I will push this asteroid causing a collision course to Mars. I can’t wait to see those kids disappear, forever! Now, I know my ship has a laser. Oh! There it is.

(Robbie pushes the laser button)

(Asteroid gets hit and flies to Mars)

Stephanie: Which outer space trip do you like better? The moon or here?

Valerie: Emergency!

Stephanie: That’s not an option.

Valerie: An asteroid is gonna hit us.

Trixie: Oh No! What are we gonna do?

Ziggy: Sportacus Of Course!

Stingy: Sportacus’s ship is weak.

Pixel: Don’t say that!

Valerie: I have an extra crystal.

Stephanie: Valerie, pass the crystal to me.

Valerie: Um, Okay.

(Valerie gives the crystal to Stephanie)

(Stephanie uses her powers and crystal to destroy the asteroid)

Stephanie: Hey, it worked.

Valerie: Now let’s go back to Earth before more bad things happen. I finished studying!

(Stephanie, Valerie, Pixel, Ziggy, Stingy, and Trixie runs to Starship Z)

Pixel: Set course for LazyTown on Earth.

(Starship Z flies to Earth)

Valerie: Aim for LazyTown!

(Starship Z lands safely)

(Stephanie, Valerie, Pixel, Ziggy, Stingy, and Trixie exits Starship Z)

Valerie: That was a great trip!

Sportacus: Kids. Thank goodness you’re alive. There was an asteroid heading towards you. Are you Okay.

Stephanie: Yes. We’re safe.

Sportacus: Why did you go to Mars?

Valerie: I wanted to study the planet!

Sportacus: Seems right.

(Bing Bang starts)

Stephanie: “Bing Bang Digerigerdong! Funny words I say when I am Dancing! Bing Bang Digerigerdong! Silly words that can mean anything! Get on up it’s time to dance yeah! It’s so much fun being up on the feet! So, we go up, up, Do the jump! Move around and clap your hands together! Down, down, Turn around! Having fun is what it’s all about!”

(Cuts to Robbie Rotten)

(Crash-lands in Pluto)

Robbie Rotten: Ouch!

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