Fan Fiction

Short Synopsis[]

When the threat of the devil destroying life as we know it arises once more, God summons five teenagers with extraordinary hidden powers to rid the world of the devil and his evil armies!!!



Satoshi Kanai Mimi Airo Hajime Helios Speed Solar Warrior,weapon:Beam Rod and Solar Blade Flash Solar Ball,Solar of Speed,Speed solar warrior
Character Ranger Designation Symbol Element Rank
Speed Red,weapon:Blazing Saber
Justice speed,Speed Red

Koichirou Keiji

Speed Blue,weapon;Bomber Launcher

Correct 0f speed,Speed Blue bgcolor-"Blue

Shou Dokusha

Speed Green,weapon Big axe

Doki of Speed,Speed Green
Speed Yellow,weapon;Bullet car Angel of speed,Speed Yellow
Gun Kazou Speed Black,weapon;Two Cowboy Laser Capital V v Dynamic of speed,Speed Black )Bgcolor"Black