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I know that as the little ditzy toys you and your wife is being all 'huggy-wuggy' and 'lovey-dovey' or whatever her name is, it may be okay to be stupid, but no one who is trying to upstage me will ever put fire near my gosh darn face and try to MELT IT!!!!!!
—A furious Mommy Long Legs after Huggy Wuggy activates a lighter near her face.

Mommy Long Legs, also referred to as Experiment 1222 or Marie Payne (real name) is a character in the fan fictional show Poppy Playtime: Break Time. She is a toy produced by Playtime Co. and was formerly known as Marie Payne before experimentation. She is the "Alpha Female", or "Bully" of the factory to other toys.


Mommy Long Legs is a stretchy pink spider toy made out of elastic plastic that can be melted easily. Despite resembling a spider, she only has four expandable limbs. She has a pink complexion, an absent nose, hot pink hair with side-swept bangs that is swirled up with a tangled-up noodle-like side ponytail on the opposite side of her head using a baby-blue hair tie. He has hot pink blush and lipstick applied to her face, bright-green eyes (that also have the tendency to glow when she's angry) framed with three top and lower lashes on each eye along with black eyebrows. Unlike her game counterpart, she has teeth and a tongue inside of her mouth.

Her casual attire consists of a baby-blue pearl choker, gloves with pink cuffs, an angular body with the print of an article of clothing akin to a hot pink sweetheart-bodice dress, and hot pink boots with baby-blue soles and socks that look like cuffs.


Mommy Long Legs is a bossy, vain, spoiled, self-centered, arrogant and superficial spider who craves limelight and seeks pleasure in bullying others and making their lives miserable, especially Huggy Wuggy's and Kissy Missy's, who she is jealous of and even calls Kissy Missy by the wrong names, calling her "Lovey Dovey" and even insults her and calls her a "child predator" for kissing children as a purpose. She believes that she and her popularity is the most important thing in the world and everyone adores her, fitting into the Alpha Female trope. This is especially shown in "What's the time? Break time.", when she first sees Huggy Wuggy's stretchy abilities and attacks him, shouting that it is unbelievable and that only she should be the most greatest elastic toy around in Playtime Co..

Mommy's comical meltdown

Being unpleasant and conniving, if there is something that she wants, like attention or revenge, Mommy Long Legs will do anything for it. This includes underhanded or dangerous actions in order to succeed. She rarely treats any of her peers respectfully, unless it is any other mascot besides Huggy Wuggy or Kissy Missy, along with children. She is more protective of and kind to those mascots and children.

Mommy is also known to be bossy and overbearing, but not as much to Poppy Playtime as she seems to like her own spoiled brattiness, except for the loud screaming and tantrums that she throws. When first meeting Poppy in the first episode, she is mesmerized by Poppy's organic existence and even expresses how much she loved her as a toy in her childhood. In some episodes, she laughs whenever Poppy acts like a jerk to her peers, often offending the person who Poppy treated rudely.

Her sour attitude comes across openly to whatever and whoever she despises, but will sometimes pretend to be innocent and act emotionally distressed to manipulate others in front of the employees, children and other visitors (though she will sometimes act hostile towards the employees, she mostly tries to make a good impression on them). She especially loves kids, as she constantly boasts about their love for her and how they always called her "Mommy".



In 1991, the Mommy Long Legs toy was created. Her unique, stretchable plastic features were advertised and was described as the greatest toy around.


Ever since Marie was little, she was always fascinated by arachnids, and her favorite ones were spiders. Because of her interest in spiders and other members of the Arachnida family, she had a very polarized reputation from others and was made fun a lot from the other people who thought she was weird. When her family found this out, they tried getting her mind off of it, by distracting her with other animal related education and interests that other kids would like excluding spiders. However, this would never work for her. Marie also loved Playtime Co.'s Poppy Playtime doll, who she believed boosted up her self-esteem.


In her teenage years, Marie started to slowly lose her interest in spiders. She attended a ballet dancing school with her twin brother, who she was overprotective of. She was known to have a very flexible body in the class, but she was not a person to be messed with. One day, while learning a dance, her older brother got hit in the face on accident by one of the female students. She apologized and he accepted it, but Marie became deranged from this act and believed it was on purpose, when it wasn't. Out of fury, she ran to the girl and pounced on her, beating her up and scratching her face. She felt remorse for what she did shortly after the girl begged not to hurt her anymore, leaving her crying all over the girl and being kicked out of the dance school.


Finally, as Marie reached adulthood, she lost her interest in spiders but was still fascinated by any type of animal but insects. In college, she studied zoology but later got expelled for her sexual promiscuity.


One day, Marie was listed as a test subject, otherwise known as Experiment 1222 under the custody of Playtime Co.. Once the experiment was complete, she became the living counterpart of the Mommy Long Legs toys. This made her hostile to the scientists and personnel, but tried to make good impressions on them from time-to-time so they won't do something to her.

Similarities and differences to her original counterpart[]


  • The color scheme and design is mostly the same to her game and artwork counterpart
  • Both are voiced by Elsie Lovelock
  • Both are hostile towards the employees
  • Both love children
  • Both love attention given to them
  • Both are pretty dramatic


  • There are some minor changes to this character's appearance, like colored shoe soles, glove cuffs, eyebrows, and a tongue and teeth added.
  • This version tries to at least make a good move on employees but is still hostile to them, while her original game counterpart is always hostile to them.
  • Her game counterpart is very protective of other experiments, like Huggy Wuggy. This fan fiction version of the character is rude to experiments like Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy, but she is protective of other mascots that are possible experiments.
  • Her game counterpart holds Poppy hostage and tortures her, revealing that she hates her. But this version of her seems to like her but is also slightly annoyed by her.



"Grr! UNBELIEVABLE! ONLY I CAN BE THE GREATEST ELASTIC TOY AROUND IN THIS COMPANY! NO ONE WILL EVER UPSTAGE ME!!!!!!" - Mommy Long Legs' first line, screaming at Huggy Wuggy out of jealousy for his elastic features and about to attack him.

"See 'ya around, showoff." - Calling Huggy a showoff after Leith Pierre tells her to knock it off.

"It's okay, Bunzo. Elliot and Leith will catch you. Grow some clappin' symbols!" - Mommy Long Legs telling Bunzo Bunny that he'll be safe as long as Elliot Ludwig and Leith Pierre catches him.

"Huh?! What the--" - After Huggy Wuggy intrudes.

"I know that as the little ditzy toys you and your wife is being all 'huggy-wuggy' and 'lovey-dovey' or whatever her name is, it may be okay to be stupid, but no one who is trying to upstage me will ever put fire near my gosh darn face and try to MELT IT!!!!!!" - A furious Mommy Long Legs after Huggy Wuggy activates a lighter near her face.

"Anyways, thanks for visiting the session! Come back: NEVER!" - Forcing Huggy Wuggy to leave.

"Out of my way, losers! I'm too pretty to be rejected!" - Huggy Wuggy's imagination of Mommy Long Legs' concept designs for the toys on the blueprint files.

"Break time." - When it's break time.


  • Mommy Long Legs' nickname for Kissy Missy, "Lovey Dovey", is a reference to what fans used to call her before MOB Games confirmed "Kissy Missy" as her real name.
  • Her French voice actor coincidentally shares the same first name with her human name (Marie Payne, Marie Chevalot).
  • Marie MonCherry-Dupain.png
    CourtneyTotalDrama9000 made a ballerina based off of her.
  • Kissy Missy calls Mommy Long Legs a "Arachnid-cursed Betty Spaghetty who harasses children and buys makeup from Home Depot". The reference to Betty Spaghetty is in fact the inspiration for the original Mommy Long Legs, and the buying makeup from Home Depot references how she is made up of paint, including her lipstick and blush adorning her face.